Peptalk from Baybasin to Wim

Begin juni zond ik Baybasin weer een mailtje via Zoals altijd belt hij me dan een dag of twee later. Hier volgt een transscript van dat gesprek.  Deel dit AUB zoveel mogelijk want Baybasin vat hier samen hoe rot ons justice system is. Dit is de onbekende Nelson Mandela of  The Netherlands! De enige politieke gevangene van Nederland.

9 juni 2020

Baybasin: Unfortunately it is like that, yes, it is painful, it is unbelievable, but it is like that. But I was asking if you are okay, if your health is all right?

Wim: My health is all right, but eh, well, you know…physically I am all right. But mentally I am kind of down… but maybe I shouldn’t be because it’s nothing compared to your situation.

Baybasin: I think Demmink kind of dirty people should be feeling down, not real human, good men like you … should never feel down. So why would you feel down? Have you done something dirty, something wrong? Have you raped little kids?

Wim: Well, I will try to keep my spirits, but eh, the Hoge Raad, how do you call it, the supreme justice court has rejected my appeal in my case. So that means that …

Baybasin: So that should be good reason for you to be stronger, because they are really controlled by the pedophiles, by the dirty people. Théy should put their heads down. That is exactly the same things that were happening during the second world war. They were taking side of the Nazi’s and they were called NSB. This is the mentality that is ruling the supreme court. It is reason for you to be stronger.

Wim: Well you know, I am reinforced in my opinion that the system in The Netherlands is more corrupt than I ever could imagine.

Baybasin:  You are welcome to the club! (laughing).

Wim: Yes.

Baybasin: To go back to your point, I think you have to keep your spirit and head up, because you have all the reason to do so. You do not have any reason to put your head down. If you do something very good to your brother, your wife, your family members, your close friends and they betray you, you feel sad. It’s okay, but down… never! These people who are in charge in your country, unfortunately they are dirty people. When courageous people like you put their heads down, that’s what they want. Then they are gonna win. Don’t do that! That is my advice to you.

Wim: Well, that is easier said than done because ….

Baybasin: I believe it, I don’t say it’s easy. I think the other way is easy. To put your head down is easy.

Wim: Because maybe you have forgotten that they have also taken away all my money, more than a million.

Baybasin: Well, they took all of my wealth, my family member’s wealth, and they took my life away as well. Maybe they took from you more than they took from me, but they couldn’t take more from me because there is nothing left (laughing).

Wim: Well, I have nothing left either. But in order to keep the fight going on, you dó need money! You know? Lawyers cost money…. even if…

Baybasin: Wim, be creative. Find those who will participate with you in your fight. Organize the good people and continue your fight.

Wim: Yeah. Well, this last arrest means that the conviction for three months jail is now final. You know, so they could in theory pick me up any day, and from prison I can do nothing, at least not for three months that I am there.

Baybasin: I think you should prepare yourself to do what you want to do from prison as well. And if that’s final, if you don’t want to go to prison, that’s something else. But if you want to go to prison, you can make negotiations and come here and be my guest for three months.

Wim: Well, if I have to go to prison for three months I will certainly ask to put me in the prison where you are. Then I would really have a friend at least.

Baybasin: If they arrest you, then they will sent you to the prison where they arrested you. But if you make arrangements via your lawyer before they arrest you, then it is possible to go the prison you want to go. That’s the way they do it. Because many people come in here in and out.

Wim: Well, it is really an outrageous verdict, because they don’t motivate it at all. They just call upon an article of the law for judicial judgement that they can make a verdict without motivating it. And that is really ….

Baybasin: There is no condition based on motivation. They say: The defense said so and so, and also the defense brought the report that the telephone conversations were not genuine, because the number was not known, the conversations themselves were not found, ‘niet gevonden’, and when we listen and read what the police wrote down, it is more likely that the police is correct than that Baybasin’s defense is correct. That’s the reason I got into a lifelong sentence (laughs). You are living in Holland, there is no law. It’s on  paper only.

Wim: Yeah, it is really only on paper, not in practice.

Baybasin: Is it a good motivation? They say: Probably he is guilty. And then I got a lifelong sentence, because the police said so (laughs).

Wim: Yeah, you know I feel like a Jew in World War II. You know? No rights, you can complain what you want but they won’t listen.

Baybasin: Well, find a way and make your voice to be heard. And recently … by the way, I answer your question first, so I have to tell you what I think about your feeling, then I have to answer your question in your email if there is anything new in my case?

Wim: Right!

Baybasin: Wim, I don’t have a case. I am a hostage. So when somebody would be kidnapped by ISIS … would they have a case? So they kill them, they behead them, ISIS and other criminal terrorist organisations like them. But Holland is killing me every day, bit by bit, with the same mentality of ISIS. For me they are not different. They are a criminal organisation! I don’t have a case. I am hostage. So no matter what would be new in my case, there would be no value in it, because I have no case.

Wim: But what does …..

Baybasin: I am held hostage on Turkish orders to the Dutch state. So Demmink is an instrumental element in it. And recently a Kurdish TV, named Net TV, so Kurdish TV, made a request to interview me, and they recorded it, and they used stupid excuses. They say because he is a leader of a criminal organisation …… (inaudible).

Wim: Okay, so they refused your interview because you are supposedly a member of a criminal organisation?

Baybasin: Allow me to explain. One of the reasons is they said: Because he is a leader of a criminal organisation, and because the victim’s families will be hurt. So first of all, there is no victim in my case. I asked the director when she gave me the decision: Can you be so kind and give me the names of the victims? Or the names of their families? If it is true what you are saying? And another one: When they say he is the leader of a criminal organisation? Can you give me the name of that organisation or the names of members of my criminal organisation? Do you have that? She said: Okay! I said: No, it’s not okay. You claim in this! And the third reason is…. it says: If Baybasin will be speaking on Kurdish TV, Turkish and Holland’s relations will be damaged. Can you believe that? (laughing).

Wim: Devastated!

Baybasin: I told her: This is a political statement and partly a lie.  And you and your superiors do not have rights to refuse the media organisation’s request, based on political statements. You don’t have such authority. This is disgraceful. However, I am glad that you and your superiors have admitted this is a political case and that I am in custody for political reasons. And I also told her: I don’t think you wrote this letter, this decision, I believe your superiors wrote it down and you signed it. That is the way you are working on my case. And now I heard from lawyers that they appointed a State lawyer, a lawyer that represents the Dutch State, they appointed that lawyer (inaudible) and he defended that decision (laughing). So …do I have a case Wim? But anyway ……

Wim: Okay, you say you have no case, but what does Adèle think about that?

Baybasin: Well, Adèle is also furious and she says: This is not my country, and she is very angry, and she felt very very disappointed and she made it clear to them on paper with evidence that there is no case.

Wim: Yeah, well, you know, my appeal is not so elaborate as your appeal. I think your appeal was at least a hundred pages. Mine is seventeen …. but they also just rejected it without any motivation. So it is indeed very very ….

Baybasin: What motivation? They don’t need motivation! You know they ….

Wim: Well, on paper they do! On paper that is their task!

Baybasin: What motivation means is genuine motivation. They don’t have it! They just say: We say so!

Wim: Oh, exactly, now you make the point! They don’t motivate, because they cannot motivate!

Baybasin: Indeed! They say: Because we say so!

Wim: Yeah, but on paper the Hoge Raad does have to motivate its decisions. You know, that is where they are for!

Baybasin: That is the law, but they don’t know what it means, the law.

Wim: I think they know exactly what it means, but they just wipe their ass with it.

Baybasin: In my case, my conviction they based it on that someone was murdered in Turkey and it was in the newspapers and my name was never involved in it, and there was no such case against me in Turkey and that person was murdered in Turkey. They accused me of ordering two persons to murder this person. And then in Turkey they arrested them. One of them, they didn’t even question, because on the day they claim, he was in Bulgaria. And another one, they kept him in prison for eight months and they brought all the reasons that Holland accused me of, that was their only investigation, and then the prosecutors said: We have that official decision: There is not any proof of this person’s contact and connection with Baybasin. And there is not any proof of this person’s connection with this murder case either. Therefore I asked the court for acquittal of this person. He was acquitted, I am acquitted in Turkey, for this murder in Turkey.  And I am convicted for that in Holland. And in the revision case we have this decision, and as you say: we have to motivate and at least by the law they have to answer it. They did not answer about these points! They said: Nothing new! This is not new to them! I am convicted, based on ordering those persons, and they murdered that person in Turkey, that is supposed to be so. And the evidence they give to Turkey, which is that they love to to declare me as a murderer, they checked it and retranslated it and they said just that there is not even an indication of this man’s connection with Baybasin and this man’s connection with murder, not any indication, not even information or proof of Baybasin’s involvement with this murder case. And they close the case! Furthermore, his family, they gave the press release and they said: Accusation of our brother’s murder by Baybasin, is nonsense! His brother and sister gave that statement. “Our brother is murdered by dark powers inside the Turkish State.” Because this guy was also a socialist fighter in prison and so on. I had nothing to do with this guy whatsoever. By the Turkish court he has been acquitted.

Wim: Well, we are talking about the courts of The Netherlands …..

Baybasin: They did not answer that! They did not answer that and that did not motivate the rejection of my revision request after seven years. This dirty lowlife criminal Diederik Aben made 1750 pages of nothing!

Wim: I know, I know…..

Baybasin: Well, take it easy. I have to go now, and nice to talk to you. And the answer to your question: No matter what the facts are based on the truth I have for the justice system in this country, because I am not convicted based on the crimes, I am held in prison as a hostage and I am kidnapped by the Dutch minister of justice on order of the fascist state of Turkey. It’s as simple as this, so that is the answer to your email. All the  respect to you, take care, I will call you sometime.

Wim: Okay, thank you, Bye Huseyin.




The media blackout on Huseyin Baybasin

Who has ever heard of the strange case of Huseyin Baybasin? 99 % of the answers will be negative. That is very strange because mr. Baybasin is one of the very few people in the beautiful State of The Netherlands that has received a life sentence in jail. He is sitting there since 1995, now some 25 years. Strange is also that mr. Baybasin is 100% innocent. He was convicted on falsified evidence, mainly concocted telephone taps. Mr. Baybasin is nothing more than a political prisoner of Turkey and The Netherlands.  Like Nelson Mandela was in South Africa. Stranger is that no mainstream journalist of the Netherlands dares to write about this case. They all piss in their pants to write about this case. The same is true for politicians and members of our parliament. Why is that?

It has everything to do with mr. Joris Demmink. I bet most of the readers never heard about him either. Also strange, because this man has headed our justice department for over 10 years as secretary general of the ministery of justice. That is the highest position,  more powerful than the minister of justice himself. You appoint judges and procecutors in that position. He is the biggest crook we ever had in our government. I always call mr. Demmink the J. Edgar Hoover of The Netherlands. Not only was he at the helm of our justice department, he is also at the top of a peadophile network that has infested our judicial system. Assigning his corrupt friends on key posts in our justice departement. One such friend is mr. Harm Brouwer who headed our prosecution department (Openbaar Ministerie) for 8 years. They are much like the tandem J Edgar Hoover and his deputy director/fuckbuddy Clyde Tolson were.

If mr. Demmink was charged with his provable crimes, mr. Brouwer saw to it that the charges were squashed. Mr. Brouwer is now overseeing the integrity of our intelligence services as the head of the CTIVD. Mr. Demmink is now officially retired, but I assure you he is still the spider in the tangled web. Mr. Demmink is the architect of Baybasin’s conviction, because of blackmail from the then Turkish goverment, that knows everything about the crimes he committed on their soil. There is another similarity with Hoover. Mr. Hoover always denied the existence of organized crime, because the mafia (headed by Meyer Lansky) had pictures of him receiving a blow job from his second man Clyde Tolson. They were taken in the Del  Charro Lodge owned by his billionare friend Clint Murchison. Mr. Hoover was not a crime fighter, he was a crime facilitator. Most Americans now accept that he covered up the truth of the JFK assassination together with his friend and neighbour Lyndon B. Johnson. Mr. Demmink has much in common with J. Edgar Hoover.

Mr. Baybasin summarized it as folllows:

Joris Demmink made an agreement with Turkish officials to cover up his case in Turkey, where he was caught having sex with an 11 year old boy. His agreement was to find me and give me to Turkey. He did so, and when he couldn’t give me back to Turkey according to the Dutch law, he agreed with the Turkish officials to keep me silent. He kept me in EBI isolation and similar regimes for seven years. He is misusing his official power not allowing police officers, prosecutors and judges to do their job according to Dutch law. In the same way he has been misusing his power and forcing the prison directors to torture and pressure me and not to be able to defend myself. He personally came to the prison in Alphen a/d Rijn in 2007 to intimidate me and make me take the charges I presented against him back. He used to do such things to cover up the crimes he has been committing. I refused to do what he wanted me to do. He is not just a paedophile; he is a sick-minded dangerous criminal with a high level of official power. This is a shocking issue. For me it is sickening me!

At the same time mr. Demmink takes a seat in for example the Helsinki Committee, an organisation that fights human and child trafficking. Isn’t that a laugh? You want to know how corrupt the law state of The Netherlands has become? Look no further than the case of mr. Baybasin. We have the best rule of law in the world? Well, nothing is what it seems! It’s fake news! Even the best, most honest, ethical, devoted attorney of The Netherlands, mrs. Adèle van der Plas, has not (yet) succeeded to get mr. Baybasin acquitted. Despite a preponderance of evidence for his innocence and trying for 20 years.

A month ago I had the honor to be called by mr. Baybasin from prison. On my invitation. I recorded this conversation of 25 minutes (without his knowledge). Mr. Baybasin is one of the strongest personalities I ever got to know. Stronger than James Files, the grassy knoll assassin of John F. Kennedy. Here’s a snippet:

W: But is Adèle still optimistic about trying to get you free?

B: Well we have to win the case, that is what we are looking for, and in my mind I am free anyway and if they let me free tomorrow, Wim, after 20+ years, I would tell them they should go to hell. I am not interested in freedom, physical freedom anymore, I am mentally free anyway.

W: Well, that’s very good and noble of you to keep the spirits under your circumstances. A lot of people would have hung themselves in their cells.

B: Well I think that is what they would hope, but they are dirty people, Wim, and I sincerely believe that good people have more courage than dirty people.

W: Tell me about it! I know how dirty they are!

B: Yes, I believe you do.I know you have tried in many ways, maybe you need to look at the ways you are using it and if we can do anything together, I would be very happy to comprehend with you.

Journalist Fred de Brouwer warns adversaries of mr. Demmink. “I was informed by an ex-minister how far the power of D. extents and of which measures he is and was capable. Murder is included- although that is filed away under ‘accident’ or tragic circumstances”. Fred de Brouwer  died two months later in a mysterious hit and run accident in hometown in Thailand. He was scheduled to come to Holland to appear in talkshow about mr. Demmink. Maybe such coincidences instill fear for this criminal piece of shit?

The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds – JFK

History is written by the winners – Napoleon


Older articles:

Levenslang of vrijheid voor Baybasin?

Is het pure feit dat Baybasin een deal krijgt aangeboden van de minister met de belofte dat hij vrijkomt, niet het ultieme bewijs dat hij onschuldig is? Namens wie of wat werd hem deze deal buiten de rechter en de volksvertegenwoordiging om door Opstelten aangeboden? Namens de in opspraak zijnde Joris Demmink misschien? Was Joris Demmink zo arrogant om te geloven dat Baybasin op zijn aanbod in zou gaan en er verder zijn mond over te houden?

Justitie is kennelijk bereid om levenslang om te zetten in vrijheid. Dit doet toch alleen een partij met boter op zijn hoofd? Bovendien, er ligt toch een uitspraak van de rechter? Het is dus ook een bewijs dat die uitspraak niet gerespecteerd wordt door het hoogste niveau. Of beter gezegd, men weet dus dat die uitspraak onjuist is.  Er wordt dus in Nederland gewoon gekoehandeld tussen levenslang en vrijheid?

Stelt u zich even voor: Uw kind is vermoord en de dader is veroordeeld tot levenslang. En dan wordt hem plotseling aangeboden om naar een ander land te gaan waar hij vrijgelaten zal worden.  Dit accepteert toch niemand? Waarom in dit geval dan wel? De gang van zaken is zo ongrondwettelijk als het maar kan.

Is er wellicht een kamerlid te vinden om dit aan te kaarten?

Twee agenten van de afdeling Vreemdelingenzaken hebben de levenslang gestrafte Turkse Koerd Hüseyin Baybasin in zijn cel opgezocht en verzocht in te stemmen met uitzetting naar Turkije. Ze spiegelden hem voor dat hij in Turkije ‘snel’ zou vrijkomen terwijl hij in Nederland zijn leven in de cel zou moeten blijven. De agenten zeiden op te treden namens ‘de minister’. Eén en ander heeft de advocaat van Baybasin aan Crimesitelaten weten.

Door @Wim van de Pol


De procureur-generaal bij de Hoge Raad doet momenteel onderzoek naar een herzieningsverzoek van Baybasin. De twee agenten bezochten Baybasin op 26 juni jongstleden in de penitentiaire inrichting van Nieuwegein. Baybasin kreeg een kort moment de politiekaart van de twee agenten te zien. Daarna vroeg hij om een visitekaartje en op zijn verzoek schreven de twee hun namen op een papiertje. Het bleek te gaan om de heren V. en M. van de Politie Utrecht, afdeling Vreemdelingenzaken. Baybasin zag dat deze namen correspondeerden met hun identiteitsbewijzen.

Joviale toon

Volgens Adèle van der Plas, advocaat van Baybasin, begroette één van de twee Baybasin bij binnenkomst ‘op joviale toon’ in het Turks. Zij legden hem een document voor dat hij zou moeten ondertekenen. Na ondertekening zou hij naar Turkije kunnen afreizen. Volgens Van der Plas werd hem ‘op enigszins geheimzinnige toon meegedeeld’ dat hij in Turkije zou vrijkomen.


Baybasin heeft verzocht het betreffende document achter te laten zodat hij het zou kunnen bespreken met zijn advocaten maar dit werd geweigerd. Van der Plas: ‘Het ging om een directe overeenkomst tussen hem en de Minister, zo werd cliënt gezegd. Daar had een advocaat niets mee van doen. Het was met name de heer V. die het woord deed. De sfeer werd grimmig toen cliënt weigerde te tekenen. Hem werd toen gezegd, dat hij dan maar gratie aan de Koning moest vragen. Toen cliënt aangaf dat niet van plan te zijn, zeiden de heren dat de minister (ik neem aan van Veiligheid en Justitie) in ieder geval een beslissing tot ongewenstverklaring zal doen uitgaan.’

Turks voorstel

De advocaat van Baybasin in vreemdelingenzaken M. Reurs, heeft zonder succes geprobeerd in contact te komen met de heer V., tot op heden zonder succes. In 2006 is Baybasin een zelfde soort voorstel gedaan, maar dat was door een hoge Turkse overheidsfunctionaris, die hiervoor speciaal naar Nederland was afgereisd. Ook hij had de boodschap dat indien Baybasin zijn verdediging zou opgeven en instemde met terugkeer naar Turkije hij daar per onmiddellijk in vrijheid zou worden gesteld en bovendien volledig ‘gecompenseerd’.


Volgens Van der Plas zal Baybasin nooit op een dergelijk verzoek ingaan ‘omdat hij als onschuldig man de gevangenis wil verlaten.’ Baybasin heeft altijd ontkend twee opdrachten voor liquidaties te hebben gegeven. Het bewijs was alleen gebaseerd op afgeluisterde telefoongesprekken die volgens hem waren gemanipuleerd. Overigens is één liquidatie nooit uitgevoerd. De andere moord vond plaats in Turkije. de mannen aan wie Baybasin de opdracht zou hebben gegeven, in Turkije vrijgesproken respectievelijk buiten vervolging gesteld. De zaak bleek niets met Baybasin van doen te hebben.

Nieuwe feiten

Baybasin is in 2002 door het Bossche gerechtshof tot levenslang veroordeeld. De Hoge Raad heeft momenteel een herzieningsverzoek in behandeling. De rechter-commissaris in Den Haag heeft de afgelopen maanden verschillende getuigen verhoord. Externe deskundigen doen momenteel onderzoek naar de afgetapte telefoongesprekken. Binnen de Nederlandse overheid ligt de Zaak-Baybasin enorm gevoelig omdat na ophef over verdachte telefoongesprekken uit onafhankelijk onderzoek bleek dat het Nederlandse tapsysteem tot enkele jaren na de eeuwwisseling onveilig was. De Nederlandse opsporing leunt zwaar op afluisteren van telefoons.


Baybasin had banden met de Koerdische PKK. De Turkse regering, die indertijd deels was geïnfiltreerd door de drugshandelaren, wilde Baybasin daarom laten vermoorden. Een andere gevoeligheid bestaat in de raakvlakken die de zaak heeft met de oud secretaris-generaal van het ministerie van Justitie, Joris Demmink. In Turkse documenten, die zijn geschreven door een inlichtingenofficier, en die in handen zijn gespeeld van Baybasin’s advocaat staat dat Demmink kinderen misbruikte in Turkije en daarmee is gechanteerd en daardoor de vervolging van Baybasin in Nederland tot stand heeft weten te brengen.


Zeker is dat Demmink zich persoonlijk heeft bemoeid met Baybasin’s detentie. Baybasin heeft Crimesitegezegd in de gevangenis door Justitie-personeel te zijn benaderd voor vertrouwelijke gesprekken met Demmink, maar ook met de huidige staatssecretaris Fred Teeven.


Het onderzoek naar de start van het onderzoek naar Baybasin door procureur-generaal Diederik Aben heeft sterke aanwijzingen opgeleverd dat het Nederlandse onderzoek naar Baybasin onrechtmatig is geweest. Een oud-politieman heeft daar bij de rechter-commissaris in Den Haag dit jaar uitspraken over gedaan. Hij wilde op zeker moment niet verder verklaren omdat hij dan over ‘misdrijven’ zou moeten gaan spreken. Daarop dreigde de rechter-commissaris hem te laten gijzelen.

Baybasin zit sinds maart in Nederland gevangen. Hij verbleef bijna zes jaar in de Extra Beveiligde Inrichting in Vught.

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‘Ik ben bang voor de Nederlandse Staat’

Over Wim Dankbaar

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2 reacties op Peptalk from Baybasin to Wim

  1. H.C Klomp zegt:

    Zelf heb ik ervaring dat het O.M., de rechtbank, het gerechtshof plus de hogerraad zo corrupt is als de pest. De maffia kan er nog wat leren. Vele burgers weten dat, maar men gaat onverstoord door.
    Maar eenmaal zal dat afgelopen zijn .Al deze rechters en raadsheren, zoals genoemd, worden
    ingefluisterd. Het zijn niet echt de machthebbers, ze doen het vuile werk. Ze hebben mij bestolen, opgelicht, Hoe zal ik het noemen en wel voor DRIE MILJOEN . In de geschiedenis is dat altijd zo geweest. Dat alles “IN NAAM DER KONING” Daar heb ik moeite mee,Hij moet toch beter
    weten. Hij zou zich moeten schamen. Dit alles is mijn mening.
    Zie ook : Daar vind je een hoop smerigheid
    Henk Klomp


  2. henk duimstra zegt:

    Lange tijd ben ik stil geweest op je blog. N.a.v. dit bovenstaande, ervan uitgaande dat dit contact heeft plaatsgevonden, reageer ik als volgt. Corrupte overheden zullen per definitie, wanneer zij met lastige (dus kritische) personen te maken krijgen, de knop omzetten in de zwijgmodus.

    Dat zij (lees het M.v.J&V) géén getuigen toelaat, op jouw verzoek, in de rechtbank is voor mij het meest opmerkelijke en overtuigende bewijs dat dit Ministerie alle regels aan haar laars lapt en dus in en in corrupt is.

    Feit is, dat je heel veel belangrijke getuigen hebt, die ook bereid zijn om te getuigen.
    De Nederlandse Overheid wordt steeds zieker. Baybasin is onschuldig en dat weet onze corrupte overheid!

    George Orwell 1984? (Muse-The Resistance?)


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