Op last van de voorzieningenrechter van de rechtbank Noord-Holland in zijn vonnis van 9 mei 2018 verklaart:

Op deze website en elders heb ik in diverse schrijfsels gesuggereerd dat Faek Mustafa getuige zou zijn geweest van de moord op Marianne Vaatstra of anderszins direct bij de moord betrokken zou zijn. Deze suggestie is onjuist. Ik heb in de omstreeks tien jaar dat ik mij met deze zaak beziggehouden heb, geen enkel deugdelijk bewijs voor deze suggestie kunnen vinden.

Wim Dankbaar


Van: “Voorzieningenrechter civiel (Rechtbank Noord-Holland)”
Datum: 23 mei 2018 17:08:50 CEST
Aan: Wim Dankbaar <>
Onderwerp: Antw.: Mustafa vs. Dankbaar

Geachte meneer Dankbaar,

Het uitgangspunt is dat de rechter via zijn vonnis spreekt. Daar zult u het dus mee moeten doen. De vraag hoe lang het gebod geldt staat niet in het vonnis en kan daarom niet worden beantwoord.

Met vriendelijke groet,

A.M.E. (Anastasia) Beentjes
Senior Administratief Medewerker

Kort geding
Kamer Jb 2.21
088-36 14 776
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Van: Wim Dankbaar []
Verzonden: dinsdag 22 mei 2018 13:29
Aan: Voorzieningenrechter civiel (Rechtbank Noord-Holland)
Onderwerp: RE: Mustafa vs. Dankbaar

Geachte mevrouw Beentjes,

Ik heb deze zaak zonder advocaat gedaan. Waarom zou ik me dan moeten wenden tot een advocaat om een simpel antwoord te krijgen op de vraag hoe lang de rechter  Mr. Roëll) heeft bedoeld dat de door hem gelaste rectificatie op mijn site moet staan? Dit slaat nergens op! Waarom kan de rechter zijn vonnis niet even duiden? Of is dit een zodanige misslag dat ik de rectificatie niet eens hoef te plaatsen? Wat zegt Mr. Roëll nu? Dat als ik de vraag via een advocaat stel, hij wel antwoord wil geven? En dat kan hij niet  rechtstreeks aan mij, of via u?


Wim Dankbaar

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Comment van Hans Mauritz

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor het verboden dagboekHans Mauritz: Hoe nu verder….?

Slechts enkele intimi zijn op de hoogte van zeer recente ontwikkelingen op basis waarvan het nog maar de vraag is of bovenstaande rectificatie als gebod bij vonnis van 9 mei j.l. opgelegd had moeten worden.

Daarnaast is op basis van meerdere flagrante misslagen in het vonnis inmiddels hoger beroep aangetekend en is er inmiddels door Wim Dankbaar aangifte gedaan van meineed tegen Mustafa. Dit laat onverlet dat aan het plaatsen van de rectificatie niet valt te ontkomen. Het vonnis in eerste aanleg is immers – zoals dat heet – uitvoerbaar bij voorraad en dient dus nu al te worden geplaatst, los van wat er in hoger beroep alsnog uitrolt. Een afgetekend manco in het rechtssysteem omdat bij een voor Dankbaar gunstig vonnis in hoger beroep achteraf bezien een dergelijke rectificatie wekenlang via deze Lees verder

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Why I love Jimmy Files

Bruce, Zack, Pam and Jimmy

This man has the strongest character and code I ever witnessed.

1) Jimmy went through a torture test about the ledger of Charles Nicoletti. They tortured him to death, or at least they thought so. He did not give it to them, whoever they were (probably the FBI).

2) Jimmy refused to rat on friends that were still alive, like Gary Marlow, the killer of J.D. Tippit. Jimmy was his best man at his wedding in 1966.

3) Jimmy sat 26 years in jail for something he did not do, the attempted killing of police officer David Ostertag, who had a murder contract on him! Jimmy has at least 100 murders under his belt, from Laos, to Vietnam, to the CIA, to the Mob under the wings of Sam Giancana and Charles Nicoletti. Nevertheless, he kept his good spirits, wits and humor, all the time he spent in jail, the Oxford prison and Stateville penitentiary in Joliet, Illinois. They never could pin him for the murders he DID do, they nailed him for something he did NOT do.

4) Jimmy can be friends with Zack Shelton, the FBI agent who put him in jail the very first time, in 1980. No hard feelings there. That is character! Real mob guys say: If you can catch me, you are good! Zack cought him. So Zack was good. And now they are friends! Because Zack now understands that his former boss J. Edgar Hoover was a bigger criminal than James Files.

5) Jimmy understands that the US government, including renegade Donald Trump, will never change the history books on his friend Lees verder

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Lee Harvey Oswald: “I am just a patsy!”

“I am just a patsy!” These famous words were spoken by Lee Harvey Oswald before he was shot to death, silenced forever by his assassin Jack Ruby. On these pages the reader will learn the undeniable proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was right. For the first time the reader wil learn – beyond any doubt – that Lee Harvey was not the assassin of John F. Kennedy. Lees verder

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Evidence for James Files continues to grow (2)

2. Luis Posada Carriles

Below is a recent interview of Scott Kaiser with notorious Cuban CIA asset and Bay of Pigs veteran Luis Posada Carriles. Luis is difficult to understand as he has a speech problem since he was shot in the head:

Specifically I want to draw your attention to 30:40 minutes, where  Posada confirms he knew James Files and that James worked for “the company” (The company is the CIA for insiders). He then goes on to say that “there were many people involved in this operation”. The operation he talks about is the JFK assassination. He can’t confirm or deny that James Files was the grassy knoll gunman, because he does not know: He adds: “Como saber todo?” Lees verder

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Evidence for James Files continues to grow (1)


1. Missing military records

One of the main issues used by critics to slander the James Files confession of being the grassy knoll gunman who shot JFK in his right temple, is that he can’t prove he was a covert asset for the CIA. James asserts that his CIA controller David Atlee Phillips told him that the CIA purged all his files as well as his military records. His birth certificate was replaced by one that said “deceased at birth”. But even that one has since dissapeared. James Files does officially not exist. He further says he was recruited for the CIA by David Phillips on a recommendation from the later CIA deputy director Theodore Shackley (under George Bush senior).  Lees verder

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Update on the man who killed police officer Tippit

For many years this website has been showing the following page:

The man who killed J.D. Tippit according to James Files has since been identified as Gary Eugene Marlow.

Gary Marlow was a lifetime friend of James Files since schooltime.  He died in 2007 from cancer.

It is worth noting that Gary Marlow has lived until his death on  april 4, 2007 in the knowledge that his picture (the one with Files in which he is wearing sunglasses)  was on the website, implicating him as the man who killed Tippit.

Marlow has never come forward to deny the allegation and/or expose Files as a liar. Probably because he was not identified by name. Files, nor his best friend Bruce Brychek, would never tell me his name, in spite of my pressure.

I recall a telephone conversation with Bruce in 2006, in which I explained that it would really help the credibility of James Files to disclose the identity of the man he implicates as the Tippit killer. Bruce responded that the man had recently been contacted – he did not specify how or by whom – with exactly that request, but the man had indicated that under no circumstance his name should be revealed, not even after his death. “I don’t need this shit” Bruce quoted him, “not now or later, I don’t want it for my family”.

To me this whole order of events adds greatly to the credibility of James Files. Why the heck would he implicate a long life friend in the events on november 22, 1963 in Dallas? While that man is still alive and could come forward any time to deny the accusation and expose Files as a liar? This is a risk that no hoax with common sense would take. Instead, we now know that Marlow was aware of it, but never chose to come forward to deny it. In fact, he has confirmed it. Of course, a denial would never have stood a chance as he could never deny he is indeed the man with sunglasses in the picture with Files. Nor could he deny that he was a friend of Files. Shit would have hit the fan if he had come forward. As a free man, unlike Files, he stood much to lose. So he remained silent, wanting to take his secret to his grave. It is not thanks to him that his secret emerged from his grave.

Bruce Brychek , best living friend of James Files, posted the message below on my forum on April 27, 2007.  This was before I knew that the man was Gary Marlow and had indeed died. I learned that in october of 2008 when I was approached by Janet Schoder, whose sister had dated James Files and later had married his friend Gary Marlow. She had come accross my website and recognised Gary Marlow. So Files has never disclosed the name himself, true to his promise.

Janet emailed me several pictures of Gary Marlow. Like the one below:

This is a fragment of a picture of Gary Marlow’s wedding with Janet’s sister in 1966. For privacy reasons I cut out Janet and her bride sister. So it only shows Gary Marlow and James Files, who was his best man at the wedding.

Dallas Patrolman J.D. Tippit’s shooter recently dies:

by Bruce Patrick Brychek on Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:39 pm
Dear Mr. Wim Dankbaar, and Fellow JFK Forum Members,


Dallas Patrolman J. D. Tippit’s shooter has recently died.

Tippit was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald as was/is claimed by the U.S. Government, the U.S. News Media, and last but not least, The Warren Commission Report.

The shooter was in route to meet, and kill Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theatre where Oswald had been directed to go by his CIA handler,
David Atlee Phillips, who was also James E. Sutton’s CIA handler.

David Atlee Phillips, Sam Giancana, and Charles Nicoletti all probably had some knowledge, which can not be quantified at this point in time.

At his request, prior to his death, to protect his wife, and family, he has requested that his name never be released.

Bruce Patrick Brychek.

TIMELINE (by Janet Schoder) 

1938-   J.D. (John Dee) Marlow born in Alabama 10/17/38

1940-   Gary Eugene Marlow born in Bessemer, Alabama 10/23/40.

1941-  Joan Marlow (Kehring) born in Chicago, Il.  March 1st, 1941.

1942-   James Earl Files born in Oakman, Alabama January 24, 1942.

1943-   Eleanor Files(Schramm) born April 12, 1943    Janet  Schoder (Kehring)  born Oct.. 27, 1943.

1957 –  about- Gary Marlow & James Files graduated elementary school on 18th & Lake St. in Melrose Park, Illinois. Faith Johnson went to Proviso East High School in Maywood, IL. Jim dropped out in freshman year. Gary Marlow dropped out of High School too.  Not sure what high school. Probably Proviso also.

1958-   Faith dated Gary Marlow for short time then later married J.D. Marlow (John Dee), Gary’s brother. Jim dated Eleanor Schramm and took her to a Prom arranged by both their mothers.

1959 –   James Files joined military and sent to Laos.

1960 –   Sept.?  James Files discharged from military. Joan Kehring and family move from N. Second Ave. in Maywood, Ill. to 34th Ave. in Melrose Park, Ill. in June 1960.

1961 –   James Files dated Eleanor Schramm early in 1961. She was friends with Joan & Janet Kehring & walked home from Proviso with Janet a lot. She was a junior at Proviso East in Maywood. Broke up because her family didn’t approve of him.

1962-   Joan Kehring started dating James Files on 11/5/62. Met him at gas station on Lake St. & Mannheim Rd., Melrose Park(Stone Park?) Janet Kehring home on leave for Christmas from Air Force and met Jim Files.. Joan saw him on Christmas Day.

1963-   April 12th. Easter. James Files broke up with Joan Kehring after giving her big box of candy. Joan started dating Albert-Al-Helton that worked with Jim at the gas station.

1963-   Summer-Joan saw Eleanor at gas station on Mannheim & she showed her her engagement ring  to James Files. 10/2/63 or 10/5/63 Jim & Eleanor married in church on 5th Av. near Lake St. in Maywood, Il.
1963-   John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas on 11/22/63. James Files claimed to be the Grassy Knoll shooter & Gary Marlow was the shooter of J.D. Tippit.

1964-   Jan.17th. Jim & Eleanor Files moved into new apartment on 34th Av. in Melrose Park across street from Joan Kehring’s parents house. About  Friday, July 31, Eleanor badly injured in car accident in Indiana on way home from moving Jim’s folks back to Kentucky. Aug.7th-Joan helped Jim pack to move out of apartment across street.

1964-   Sometime in Spring. Jim & Eleanor over in Joan’s parents driveway on 34th Av. in Melrose Park & introduced her to Gary Eugene Marlow. They dated for about 2 months then he had to leave to go help his mother in Fl. so he said.

1965-   June 21st. Gary asked Joan out again after he came back to Melrose Park and they started dating again. He was gone about one year.

1966-   Joan Kehring married Gary Marlow with James Files as his best man & Joan’s sister Janet as maid of honor at little white church in Melrose Park on 37th & Division. Gary’s brother J.D. Marlow, wife Faith and two daughters, Kerry & Cindy there and at reception in Kehring’s side yard at 1544 N. 34th Ave. in Melrose Park. Also, Gary and J.D.’s parents were there.

1966-   Sept. 26- Kathy Files born to Jim & Eleanor Files.
1967, 1968, 1969- Joan & Gary Marlow close friends with Jim & Eleanor. J.D. & Faith Marlow saw them too.

1968-   About April- J.D. told Gary Faith wanted him to leave. Having marital problems. April 20 Jim & Eleanor were in the wedding party for Eleanor’s brother Ed & Julie Schramm.  Joan &  Gary went to the reception.

1969-   Jim Files & Faith Marlow seeing each other a lot. J.D. & Faith and Jim & Eleanor broke up. After J.D. lived with Jim Files in an apartment for a while, he lived with Joan & Gary. About 1970,1971 ? he moved back to Alabama.

1972-   J.D. Marlow killed in car accident in Alabama on Oct. 31-Halloween. Gary Marlow accused Jim of having something to do with his brother’s death and broke off their friendship.

1981-   Joan and Gary Marlow divorced after Gary met Mary over at Ed & Julie Schramm’s house, Eleanor’s brother.

1982-   Gary Marlow and Mary married.

2007-   Gary Marlow died in Conyers, Georgia on April 2, 2007.

2008-   Jan. 25th, 2008 Janet came across Wim Dankbaar’s website “” and saw book “Files on JFK” and found out about James Files claim he was the “Grassy Knoll” gunman.  Shocked!!!!!!!!!! Told sister Joan Marlow in Fl.  Eleanor (Schramm, Files) Albert died Dec. 19, 2008. Joan & Janet started writing Jim Files in Stateville Prison, Joliet, Il. Janet in Oct. and Joan in Dec.

TIMELINE 2 (by Janet Schoder)

Subject: How Joan & Janet Knew Jim & Eleanor & Jay & Fay

1.   James Files & Gary Marlow were best friends and knew each other in grade school & graduated from Melrose Park Elementary School in about 1957. Both were born in Alabama. James Files lived at 122 N. 22nd Ave. in Melrose Park & Gary Marlow & family lived at 20th & Rice St. about 2 blocks away from Jim in the 1950’s.  Faith Johnson (Files) lived with her mother Mildred Johnson just South near Mannheim Rd. over in Bellwood.  Jim & Gary went to elementary school together on 18th & Lake St. Jim dropped out of Proviso East High School in Maywood, IL. in his Freshman year. Gary also never finished High School.
2.   Fay (Faith Johnson) knew Jim from High School (Proviso) & dated Gary Marlow briefly before she married his brother Jay (J.D.) Marlow in 1959.
4.   Joan & Janet Kehring’s parents had moved from 315 N. 2nd Maywood, IL. to 1544 N. 34th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL. in May of 1960.
5.   Eleanor Schramm had dated Jim in about 1957 (they went to her prom) & then again in early 1961 but they broke up because her uncle didn’t like him. She lived with her Aunt & Uncle on or near N. 5th Ave. in Maywood. Her Mother & brother lived on 23rd Ave, three houses South of Lake St. one block from Jim Files house. Jim & Eleanor’s mothers both worked at Avon Gear right across the alley where Gary Marlow lived with his parents on 20th & Rice St. in Melrose Park.
6.   Joan & Janet Kehring went to Proviso East High School in Maywood with Eleanor. Janet walked home from school a lot with her in Spring of 1961. She would talk about dating Jim Files and problems with her Uncle not liking him. Said she wanted to marry him.
7.   Joan met Jim Files at a gas station on Lake St. & Mannheim Rd.  She already knew about Jim Files because of Eleanor talking to her about him when Eleanor dated Jim. Joan dated Jim from Nov. 5th, 1962 until Easter (April) 1963 when he broke up with her.
8.    Joan met Eleanor at Jim’s gas station where he worked on Lake St. & Mannheim Rd. in the Summer of 1963 & she showed her her engagement ring to Jim. They were married Oct. 2nd or 5th at a church on N. 5th Ave. in Maywood – 1 block North of Lake St. – 402 N. 5th Ave.
9.    Jim Files says he was the Grassy Knoll shooter of JFK on Nov. 22, 1963. He also said his best friend Gary Marlow was the killer of Police Office J.D. Tippit.
10.   Jim & Eleanor Files moved across the street from Joan & her parents on 34th Ave. in Melrose Park in Jan. 1964 on the bottom floor of a 2-flat apartment. Eleanor was badly injured in car accident in Indiana the end of July ’64 after helping his mother & step-father move to Kentucky. Joan over helping Jim pack up to move out after the accident while Eleanor was still in the  hospital.
11.   Spring or Summer of ’64 Jim & Eleanor over in car & introduced Joan to Gary Marlow. She went with him on a date with Jim & Eleanor. He left town after about 2 months to go help his mother in Fl., he said. Gary back in town May of ’65 & started dating Joan again.
12.   Gary’s Best friend Jim Files & Joan’s sister Janet Kehring stood up for Joan & Gary at the Little White Church in Melrose Park on 6-11-66 when they were married – 37th Ave, & Division St.  Photos were taken of the wedding party. Fay wouldn’t let Jay be the Best Man for his brother Gary.
13.    Joan & Gary were real good friends & did many things with Jim & Eleanor Files. Also with Gary’s brother Jay (J.D.) & wife Fay (Faith).
14.    Jay & Fay were having marital problems in 1968. Jay got served with divorce papers around 3/7/69. They got divorced about 1969.  Jim divorced Eleanor around the same time. Jim & Fay had been seeing each other for quite a while. They were married in 1970 or ’71. Jim moved in with Fay in Jay’s house in Broadview, IL. Jay was devastated.
15.    J.D. – Jay Marlow killed in car accident in Alabama on Halloween, Oct. 31, 1972. Gary accused Jim Files as being responsible for the accident and broke off their friendship.
16.    Joan & Gary Marlow were divorced on Jan.4, 1982. Gary Marlow died on April 2nd, 2007 in Conyers, Ga. Eleanor (Schramm, Files) Albert died on Dec. 19, 2008 in a nursing home in Chicago.
17.     Janet Schoder accidentally came across Wim Dankbaar’s website in Jan. 2008 and discovered that Jim Files claimed to be the Grassy knoll shooter & he also claimed that Gary Marlow killed officer J.D. Tippit. She told her sister Joan Marlow and both couldn’t believe it.
18.    Janet Schoder started writing to James Files in Stateville Prison in Joliet, IL. in Sept. 2008. Joan Marlow started writing to him in Dec. 2008.

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