Roethof versus Vlug, een verschillende aanpak….

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An attempt to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories of George van Houts (4)

Could 4 commercial airline planes have been swapped by lookalike drones or missiles?

This is the most ridiculous claim of all by George van Houts. George entertains the theory that the airliners that flew into the twin towers were not the highjacked American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175, but rather ‘drones’ that were ‘swapped’ for these flights. For the Shanksville and Pentagon crashes, George opts that they may have been cruise missiles, instead of American Airlines flight 77 and United Airline flight 93.
Quite frankly, I find these theories repulsive and insulting to the perished passengers of these four flights and all other victims of 9/11 in the twin towers and the Pentagon. Anyone with a brain would already know Lees verder

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An attempt to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories of George van Houts (3)

  • Were the Twin Towers and WTC building 7 brought down by controlled demolition?

Let me first say that my friend and beloved James Files, the man who confessed publicly and to me personally that he fired the (non) fatal headshot at John F. Kennedy from the grassy knoll, is a demolition expert.  He was trained in this by among others the CIA.

– Cut in tape –

Off camera, Jim asks an opinion about the WTC towers collapsing on 9/11.

James Files says it looked like a controlled demolition to him.

Camera comes back on, but participants are not aware of it.

J – So the one that got hit second, fell first!

JF – Right, they pushed the wrong button. Otherwise they would have waited another half hour, 45 minutes, for the other one going down. But those buildings ….

J – Was that a tip-off for you?

JF – That was a big tip-off for me when I see them come down. And I tell you were my knowledge is, and you can check this out with the FBI. They had me for the bombing in Chicago over there, on the North side, Austin Motors. This place cover like a whole block. When this building came down, and I went to trial on it, 1983, right there in Chicago, they held me for 13 months in the MCC correctional center there. I hadn’t put a brick across the sidewalk, I put everything inside the building. That’s how good it was. They knew I had done it, everybody else knew I had done it. Lees verder

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An attempt to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories of George van Houts (2)

Did something else than American Airlines flight 77 (a Boeing 757) hit the Pentagon?

The answer is clearly NO! There are more than 130 witnesses who have testified they saw an American Airline jet flying over very low and/or hitting the Pentagon. Wow! That would be a montruous conspiracy, right? To let over a 100 first hand, first moment witnesses, ordinary citizens,  lie about what they saw? Anyone can simply find all these Lees verder

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An attempt to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories of George van Houts

In the previous article I posted a full nearly 3 hour presentation by Dutch actor George van Houts on 9/11. In the next series I will aim to do something that many conspiracy believers may find surprising and even resentful: Debunk many of his claims. Surprising, because I have been painted as a conspiracy thinker as well by the media, even nuts and mentally unstable. This is of course based on my work in the JFK case and the Vaatstra case, which in my view are clear-cut conspiracies based on the facts. Facts that have consistently been concealed by the culprits. Therefore I maintain (probably in vain) that I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, in fact I refrain from dealing with theories, but rather with facts.

Let me first emphasize that George van Houts no doubt means well and his intentions are sincere. But as often the case with conpiracy theorists they often fall in love with their theories, to the extent that they tend to neglect and ignore evidence to the contrary. I firmly believe that many of his suggestions and claims are simply not true, but could stick Lees verder

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Komplot voorstelling van ‘complotdenker’ George van Houts

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JFK Assassination, what really happened:


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Outstanding new presentation on Youtube.

You can still improve it by including Chauncey Holt. His story shows how sophisticated the whole preparation was. He is also the one who drove Nicoletti to Dallas. I will send Lees verder

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