Lee Harvey Oswald: “I am just a patsy!”

“I am just a patsy!” These famous words were spoken by Lee Harvey Oswald before he was shot to death, silenced forever by his assassin Jack Ruby. On these pages the reader will learn the undeniable proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was right. For the first time the reader wil learn – beyond any doubt – that Lee Harvey was not the assassin of John F. Kennedy.

In order to understand, it is vital to know that Oswald’s “guilt” rests on the so called “single bullet theory”. Without the single bullet theory, you cannot have Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of Kennedy. In other words, if we prove that the single bullet theory is impossible, we prove that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have killed JFK. We further prove there must have been more than one gunman, thus we prove the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. We also prove that the Warren Commission was installed to cover-up that conspiracy.

So what is the single bullet theory exactly? We can quote from Wikipedia:

The Single Bullet Theory (or Magic Bullet Theory, as it is commonly called by its critics) was introduced by the Warren Commission in its investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to explain what happened to the bullet which struck Kennedy in the back and exited through his throat. Given the lack of damage to the presidential limousine consistent with it having been struck by a high-velocity bullet and the fact that Texas Governor John Connally was wounded and was seated directly in front of the president, the Commission concluded they were likely struck by the same bullet.

The theory, generally credited to Warren Commission staffer Arlen Specter (later a United States Senator from Pennsylvania), posits that a single bullet, known as “Warren Commission Exhibit 399” (also known as “CE 399”), caused all the wounds to the governor and the non-fatal wounds to the president (or seven wounds in total).

According to the Single Bullet Theory, a three-centimeter (1.2″)-long copper-jacketed lead-core 6.5-millimeter rifle bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository passed through President Kennedy’s neck and Governor Connally’s chest and wrist and embedded itself in the Governor’s thigh. If so, this bullet traversed 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The bullet was found on a gurney in the corridor at the Parkland Memorial Hospital, in Dallas, after the assassination. The Warren Commission found that this gurney was the one that had borne Governor Connally. This bullet became a key Commission exhibit, identified as CE 399. Its copper jacket was completely intact. While the bullet’s nose appeared normal, the tail was compressed laterally on one side.

In its conclusion, the Warren Commission found “persuasive evidence from the experts” that a single bullet caused the President’s neck wound and all the wounds in Governor Connally. It acknowledged that there was a “difference of opinion” among members of the Commission “as to this probability”, but stated that the theory was not essential to its conclusions and that all members had no doubt that all shots were fired from the sixth floor window of the Depository building.

Much has been said and written about the improbabilty of the single bullet theory. The main focus has always been on the unlikely trajectory of the single bullet (see the drawing). However, the single bullet theory has never been absolutely proven to be impossible or sheer nonsense. Until now!

Remember that the bullet was found on a stretcher in Parkland hospital that presumably was used to transport the wounded governor Connally. The thesis is that the bullet embedded in Connally’s thigh and fell out onto the stretcher. But what if we can disprove that thesis? What if we can prove that the bullet was still in Connally’s left leg after he was operated? Then the inevitable conclusion is that the magic bullet (CE 399) was planted on that stretcher in order to incriminate Oswald. Most likely this was done by Jack Ruby, who was seen in Parkland hospital by several witnesses. Jack Ruby, as he admitted himself on camera, implicating Johnson in the conspiray (see the unknown clip below), was a henchman for the conspirators who later killed and silenced the patsy for them.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/77043338]

Can we prove that CE 399 did not fall out of Connally’s leg onto that stretcher? Yes we can! We can prove that trough this extraordinary rare footage, that the public was never allowed to see:

There you have it:  The operating doctors confirming that the bullet is still in the leg.

Now that you have seen that the single bullet theory was a fraud designed to dumb down the American public, you might end up asking yourself: Why did I not know about this?

Well, that’s just because you are not supposed to know. It’s because the so called American democracy with its freedom of press, is just a farce. It’s because the conspirators who had Kennedy killed, were men of absolute power that profited from their coup d’ etat. Men that used the CIA as their private and secret army. Men like Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Allen Dulles, George Herbert Walker Bush.  Men who were rewarded with immunity from Bobby’s prosecution, like mafia bosses Carlos Marcello and Sam Giancana who delivered the shooters and the patsy.  Men who took over Kennedy’s government and became presidents. Men who replaced the future Kennedy dynasty (John, Bobby, Teddy ….) with the Bush dynasty (LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2). 

“I am just a patsy”, Oswald cried out to the press. Why did nobody ask: A patsy for whom? The press could not get a stronger indication for a conspiracy. Instead they all reported obediently that Lee was the sole assassin.

It is further important to understand that the single bullet theory was fabricated 6 months after the fact. In the first months after the assassination the theory was that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots and that all three shots were hits. Oswald could not have fired more than three shots, as it to 2.5 seconds to reload the single bolt rifle attributed to him. In the above clip “fragments of the grassy knoll”, you can hear a telephone conversation between Hoover and Johnson. Note that Hoover says that the first and third shot hit Kennedy and the second shot hit Connally. Not aslo that they speak of the assassins in plural  “they”.

Lyndon Johnson: How many shots were fired? 

J. Edgar Hoover: Three.

Lyndon Johnson: Any of them fired at me?

J. Edgar Hoover: No.

Lyndon Johnson: All three at the President?

J. Edgar Hoover: All three at the President and we have them. Two of the shots fired at the President were splintered but they had characteristics on them so that our ballistics expert was able to prove that they were fired by this gun… The President – he was hit by the first and third. The second shot hit the Governor. The third shot is a complete bullet and that rolled out of the President’s head. It tore a large part of the President’s head off and, in trying to massage his heart at the

hospital on the way to the hospital, they apparently loosened that and it fell off onto the stretcher. And we recovered that… And we have the gun here also.

Lyndon Johnson: Were they aiming at the President?

J. Edgar Hoover: They were aiming directly at the President. There is no question about that. This telescopic lens, which I’ve looked through – it brings a person as close to you as if they were sitting right beside you.

This initial scenario (3 shots, 3 hits) was depicted in a postcard published within months after the assassination. You won’t find this unknown postcard in the 6th floor museum:

So Hoover explains to his friend and neighbour Lyndon Johnson, that both Kennedy and Connally were wounded by a total of three bullets that all hit their target. This is right after the assassination. However, after more than 6 months the Warren Commission can no longer ignore the testimony of James Tague and is forced to put him on the standJames Tague was standing under the triple underpass and was slightly injured on the cheek by a flying piece of concrete from a bullet that missed and hit a sidewalk curb.

Now the Commission is faced with the dilemma to explain all the wounds of the two men with only two bullets. It is only then that the infamous single bullet theory is born, with Mr. Arlen Specter giving birth to it. The far more logical route in any proper investigation would have been to account for more bullets, and thus more gunmen, and thus a conspiracy. But since the predetermined conclusion of the Commission was to convict Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin, the Commission desperately clings to Specter’s single bullet theory. This THEORY asserts that one bullet emerged in almost undamaged condition, traversing through Kennedy’s neck, without hitting any bone, then piercing Connally’s torso, then shattering his wristbone and ending up in his thigh, thus causing a total of SEVEN wounds.

The Warren Commision therefore also changed the story that the magic bullet CE 399 was not found on Kennedy’s stretcher but rather on Connally’s stretcher.  Note that Hoover originally told Johnson that the bullet rolled out of Kennedy’s head during heart massage.

The single bullet theory is not only an insult to any physician, but to the intelligence of any person that has studied it. Since we now know that a bullet was still in Connally’s leg after his first operation, the conclusion is that CE 399 (the so called “magic bullet”) has nothing to do with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In reality JFK was shot in once in the back and  two times in the head (simultaneously from the back and from the front). Connally was shot in the back, in his wrist and in his leg. These wounds already account for 6 shots. With one documented miss admitted by the Warren Commission, it makes at least 7 shots. More than three shots makes more than one assassin. Thus a conspiracy in which Lee Oswald did most likely fire no shots at all. 

Let me tell you what CE 399 was. Below is a fragment from the never published autobiography of the late Chauncey Holt (died 1997):

John Masen sent us several hundred bullets to be reloaded, according to very unusual specifications, which, at first glance, appeared to be pristine l63 grain bullets that had never been fired. On closer examination, it was apparent that these bullets had been fired, although there had not been the slightest deformation. The master reloader, working for us, theorized that these bullets had been fired in what is called “a cold shot”; that is fired using only a very strong primer, without powder.

We then loaded the pristine 6.5 bullets, in Wetherby .263 cases.

Furthermore, we machined out the lands and grooves in a Wetherby rifle chambered for the .263, which is equivalent to the 6.5. It was apparent to us that if the pristine 6.5 bullet, which had previously been fired from a Carcano, was fired from a Wetherby .263 rifle, without lands and grooves, the bullet, upon examination, would appear to have been fired from the Carcano. I can think of no other reason for making these modications.

No wonder Lee Harvey Oswald said : I am just a patsy!

No wonder that Richard Nixon said that the Warren Commssion was the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public” and joked with a telling smile that Lyndon Johnson “never liked to be number two”: 

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Over Wim Dankbaar

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  1. morrow321 zegt:

    If you want to get quickly “up to speed” on the JFK assassination, here is what to read:

    1) LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination by Phillip Nelson
    2) JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass
    3) Brothers: the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot
    4) The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh
    5) Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by Russ Baker
    6) Power Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson by Jablow Hershman
    7) Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III by Peter Hounam (LBJ engineered the attack on the USS Liberty)
    8) Inside the Assassinations Records Review Board Volume 5, by Doug Horne
    9) Watch “The Men Who Killed Kennedy – the Guilty Men – episode 9” at YouTube –
    best video ever on the JFK assassination; covers well Lyndon Johnson’s role
    10) Google the essay “LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK” by Robert Morrow
    11) Google “National Security State and the Assassination of JFK by Andrew Gavin Marshall.”
    12) Google “Chip Tatum Pegasus.” Intimidation of Ross Perot 1992
    13) Google “Vincent Salandria False Mystery Speech.” Read every book & essay Vincent Salandria ever wrote.
    14) Google “Unanswered Questions as Obama Annoints HW Bush” by Russ Baker
    16) Google “Did the Bushes Help to Kill JFK” by Wim Dankbaar
    17) Google “The Holy Grail of the JFK story” by Jefferson Morley



    Investigative Journalist, Fred Cook

    Notes –

    § 1. It was just some kind of intuition. I did not know at the time, none of us did, that the CIA was financing and sponsoring the publication of somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 books that were being brought out in the United States as if they were the products of independent scholarship. This activity — totally illegal since the CIA had been specifically barred in its charter from domestic activities — did not become public knowledge until the mid-1970s investigations of our intelligence agencies. Even then, the CIA refused to identify any of the writers, books, or publishers it had helped finance; and efforts since that time to obtain such vital information under Freedom of Information actions have been barred in the courts. The result is that we do not know to this day the full extent and insidiousness of the CIA’s brainwashing endeavors.


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