Evidence for James Files continues to grow (2)

2. Luis Posada Carriles

Below is a recent interview of Scott Kaiser with notorious Cuban CIA asset and Bay of Pigs veteran Luis Posada Carriles. Luis is difficult to understand as he has a speech problem since he was shot in the head:

Specifically I want to draw your attention to 30:40 minutes, where  Posada confirms he knew James Files and that James worked for “the company” (The company is the CIA for insiders). He then goes on to say that “there were many people involved in this operation”. The operation he talks about is the JFK assassination. He can’t confirm or deny that James Files was the grassy knoll gunman, because he does not know: He adds: “Como saber todo?”

So there you have it! An indisputable, known CIA agent confirming that James Files worked for the CIA. At the same time throwing the lone assassin theory of Lee Harvey Oswald out the window.

Off camera Luis Posada has also confirmed that he and his partner Orlando Bosch were in Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed. Exactly as I have always said and was confirmed by Chauncey Holt:

But now we have the confirmation of Luis Posada himself. He has also confirmed that George Bush was high up in the CIA at the time and in Dallas when Kennedy was killed. A fact that Bush has always denied. He further confirmed that he worked with James Files in several CIA operations. Which ones he would not specify, but among others he means the assassination of Orlando Letelier and the Cuban airline bombing in 1976, when Bush was CIA director. Both Files and Posada have independently admitted their roles in these operations.

Files’ role is documented in these and these documents.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald’s Ford Falcon

Just yesterday I was made aware of the following story published in 2008:

An Odyssey for Truth and Justice

The relevant fragments are these:

Other agents, as well as Bolden, were made aware of the situation. A tip was received from a rooming house landlady who said her tenant, Thomas Arthur Vallee, was threatening the president and arranged to have off from work the next day. Chicago police and the Secret Service stopped a car driven by former U.S. Marine Vallee for a headlight that was out. The ticket is still sealed as classified at the national archives. Vallee’s car was found to contain explosives an M-1 Rifle and 3000 round of ammunition. Vallee was briefly detained and released. Simultaneously the SS agents had surveillance on two of the alleged Cuban Hitmen who managed to slip away. The President’s trip was cancelled.

The license plate and registration on the 1962 Ford Falcon that Vallee was driving on November 1st in Chicago was New York Registration License plate # 311-ORF and was registered in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. This is 21 days prior to President Kennedy’s assassination and the world knowing the name Oswald.

In research at The National Archives in Washington of The Assassination files of 25 Million documents it turned up that in fact NY plate 311-ORF at the Vallee Traffic stop was registered in the Name of Lee Harvey Oswald. Documents declassified also state that same car in Dallas Texas at the time of the assassination. The detailed information with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is still withheld by order of The US Secret Service and The FBI.

Now read this fragment from my 2003 interview with James Files:

W – And how did you meet Lee Harvey Oswald? Who introduced you? 

JF – I met Lee Harvey Oswald through David Atlee Phillips. When I got down there, he introduced me to Lee. 

J – Was it your understanding that Phillips was also Oswald’s CIA contact? 

JF – I learned that when I was down there. That is the first time he introduced me to Lee Harvey Oswald and he also instructed me that Lee could be trusted and that he was Lee’s controller. 

J – I need that as a statement 

JF – He made it a statement. Because I wanted to know who I was dealing with and who I was giving weapons to. 

J – No, I need you to make a statement that “I was introduced by Phillips, who was my CIA handler and I was told that he was Oswald’s handler.” 

JF – We didn’t call them handlers back then, we called them controllers. 

J – Okay. 

JF – Okay, David Atlee Phillips, he introduced me to Lee Harvey Oswald. And upon doing this, he also explained to me that he was Lee Harvey Oswald’s controller, the same as he was mine. That he was always in contact with Lee, with Lee Harvey Oswald. 

J – So that’s how you know…. That’s where the word came from for Oswald to come meet you in Dallas? 

JF – So that’s how common sense told me the only one that could have sent Lee Harvey Oswald, was David Atlee Phillips. And when I opened the door and Oswald was there, I was kind of shocked to see him, because I didn’t know that he knew I was there. And so I asked: Lee, what the hell are you doing here? Because I was shocked, you know. He said: I was advised to drop by and spend some time with you and see if I could help you out. “Help me out?” He said: Yes, somebody wants me to show you the area. And I said: Okay, come on in. So he came in and we sat down and we talked and I said: I’ll be with you in a few minutes. And I was young and cocky at that time and had just come out of the shower and everything and I was combing my hair and actually I had a camera there, so I told Lee: Hey, make a couple of pictures of me while I’m here in Texas! And so Oswald made a couple of pictures of me and then he said: Let me have the film, I can have it developed! No, no, I said, I’ll get the whole roll of film. So that’s how I got a couple of pictures made, that people have recently asked me about. 

J – Which camera was it? Yours or ..? 

JF – My camera. But he was gonna take the film, turn it in and get it developed. But I said: No, no! 

J – You wouldn’t let that film go! 

JF – I do my own work! (smiling) 

J – How did he arrive at the motel? 

JF – He arrived driving a blue Falcon. Ford Falcon.


“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

J. Edgar Hoover

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