A zip of the JFK murder with Pepsi cola

The front page of The Dallas Times Herald — November 21, 1963: Richard Nixon photographed with Pepsi Cola President Donald Kendall in Dallas, Texas on the day before the murder of President Kennedy. The newspaper caption reads: “NIXON TODAY … JFK TOMORROW — Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, left, found himself in Dallas on a ‘quick business trip’ Thursday on the eve of President Kennedy’s visit to the city. With Mr. Nixon is Don Kendall, president of Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Mr. Nixon’s New York law partnership represents the soft drink company.”

Linking Nixon, Bush, Murchison and Kendall

I was reflecting on the Dear Don memo of june 1963 from Nixon to Pepsi CEO Donald Kendall, that Russ Baker discovered in the Nixon library:

Dear Don:

In view of our discussion yesterday morning with regard to Cuba, I thought you might like to see a copy of the speech I made before the American Society of Newspaper editors in which I directed remarks toward this problem.
When I return from Europe I am looking forward to having a chance to get a further fill-in with regard to your experiences on the Bay of Pigs incident.


It’s a very interesting memo, because the Bay of Pigs incident had been two years ago and as far as we know, Kendall played no role it. Although he may have played a role, but there is no record of it. We also know that Haldeman was convinced that Nixon used the Bay of Pigs as a codeword to refer to the JFK assassination. Let us assume that for a while. Then this memo suggests that Kendall was more in the loop than Nixon on planning the JFK assassination later that year. Since the political future of JFK was dependent on the future of Kennedy, it would only be logical that Nixon would ask Kendall for a “further fill-in” on the “Bay of Pigs incident”.

There is no shortage of evidence that Nixon and Bush were very close. Neither is there shortage of linking Nixon and Kendall. It is less visible that Murchison and Bush were friends. But since they were both fellow oilmen from Texas and members of the Dallas Petroleum Club, involved with the CIA and denouncers of JFK’s policies, it is more than likely they were good friends. We know from the declassified memo’s that Bush stayed in Dallas the night before the JFK assassination. Therefore I believe it is probable that Bush attended the party at the Murchison ranch that night.

We know that Madeline Brown, LBJ’s mistress, claimed that Nixon and Hoover were there. Bush and Kendall were probably less prominent figures at the time for Madeline Brown. She does not mention them, but I think they may well have been there too. Kendall by the way is a trustee of the George H.W. Bush foundation.

The name of Boyden Gray in that trustee list is also interesting, because he is also said to have been close with Murchison. The amnesia of Bush about the JFK assassination is well documented, including irrefutable proof he stayed in the Dallas Sheraton hotel when it happened and made a “confidential” phonecall to the FBI about it.

David Atlee Phillips was the CIA controller of Lee Harvey Oswald. He was also the controller of the grassy knoll gunman, if James Files is to be believed. Upon retirement Phillips founded the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). George H.W. Bush is the Chairman of the honorary Board of Directors.

Until this day, this club awards the yearly “David Atlee Phillips award”. The award is made to an individual who advances the interests of the American Intelligence Community.

I tried to find a link between Kendall and Murchison and I found one.

This is Murchison and Kendall both investing in the Daytona racetrack in the 1950’s.
So the question I asked myself, intrigued me: Could Kendall have played a major role, along with LBJ and Poppy Bush, in planning the JFK assassination?

I will be publishing the autobiography of Chauncey Holt in August. It will have many documents in it, like his certificate of membership of Phillip’s AFIO. Part of the conclusion of this exposing book is in my foreword:

The fact of the matter is that JFK was removed in a coup d’ etat, carried out a little more sophisticated than in the average banana republic. I always say that on november 22, 1963 the potential Kennedy dynasty, with Bobby and Ted waiting in the wings, was replaced by the Bush dynasty. This may sound odd, but few people know that the Bush family had tremendous influence over American politics even before the Kennedy presidency. Senator Prescott Bush for example, father of George Herbert Walker Bush, had made his fortune as a banker with Brown Brothers, Harriman, some of it by financing the war effort of Adolf Hitler. This is now all well documented. He was instrumental in convincing his golf mate Eisenhower to run for President and installing his minion “Tricky Dick” Nixon under him as Vice President. So Ike could stay playing golf, give a great speech when necessary, while the actual administration was run by Nixon under direction of the Bushes and friends, among them CIA director Allen Dulles and later president Gerald Ford, both Warren Commission members to “investigate” JFK’s murder. This was much like the Reagan/Bush administration, of Iran Contra fame, was run two decades later. Had the Bushes had their way, Nixon would have succeeded Eisenhower. Were it not that Kennedy won that election. Quite surprisingly and with the narrowest margin in history. As the story goes because Kennedy had made a deal with Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana to get some votes his way in return for the broken promise to lay low on Organized Crime. In short, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Others say that the JFK assassination happened too long ago to be of interest today. I disagree wholeheartedly and blame it on ignorance. I maintain that that the political landscape of today is a direct result of the assassination. A sitting, elected President was removed through a secret, illegal coup d’etat and the ones who committed the crime, seized power. At least 4 succeeding Presidents were in some capacity involved in the planning and/or cover-up of the murder. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George Herbert Walker Bush. It is therefore safe to say that George W. Bush, the most recent ex-President, also knows that JFK’s death was a coup d’etat, a crime against the American system and thus its people.. The assassination may be some time ago, but the power structure built on it, is still at the helm today. Not so long ago at all. Besides, game changing events are never too long ago. As the late comedian Bill Hicks said: “If the Kennedy assassination is too long ago, then quit talking to me about Jesus.”

As you probably know Holt identifies Phillip Twombly as his CIA superior, instructing him to fabricate false Secret Service ID’s for an event in Dallas on 11/22/1963 and deliver them the night before to a rabid anti-Kennedy Cuban exile by the name of Homer Echevarria. Twombly had been an executive vice president for Coca Cola and was very good friends with Donald Kendall. Holt says Kendall and Twombly were considered to be “eyes and ears of the CIA in the Caribbean”.

I have asked Kendall by email about his relationship with Phillip Twombly, whether it was more than just businesswise. Through his secretary he let me know that he does not recall a Mr. Twombly in his life. Which is an odd denial, as it seems close to impossible that he never knew a fellow director of Pepsi’s biggest rival, who owned several fruit juice companies afterwards. Moreover, like Bush and Nixon, he does not recall where he was when he heard the news about JFK’s assassination. Also, if Twombly co-planned the JFK assassination, including setting up Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy, as Holt’s book will show, how likely is it that his business collegue and friend Donald Kendall didn’t know anything about it?

From: Toenniessen, Janet {PEP} 
Sent: donderdag 16 juni 2011 0:21
To: Wim Dankbaar
Subject: RE: Question for Mr. Donald Kendall

Dear Mr. Dankbaar,

I gave Mr. Kendall this information, however, he still does not remember Mr. Twombly. As you can imagine, Mr. Kendall at age 90, and having been with Pepsi for over 63 years, has met a lot of people and attended a lot of meetings and conventions.

He does remember being in Dallas at that time, and was there with Richard Nixon the day that President John F. Kennedy was shot.

His memory still serves him in good order, however, even with the facts you have provided, he does not recall Mr. Twombly.


From: Wim Dankbaar [mailto:dank@xs4all.nl] 
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 6:40 AM
To: Toenniessen, Janet {PEP}
Subject: RE: Question for Mr. Donald Kendall

Dear Janet, 

Does Mr. Kendall recall where he stayed the night(s) before John F. Kennedy was shot? 


Wim Dankbaar

From: Toenniessen, Janet {PEP} 
Sent: donderdag 16 juni 2011 18:20
To: Wim Dankbaar
Subject: RE: Question for Mr. Donald Kendall

Dear Mr. Dankbaar,

Mr. Kendall does not recall where he stayed, or anything else about the trip.


From: Wim Dankbaar [mailto:dank@xs4all.nl] 
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 1:14 PM
To: Toenniessen, Janet {PEP}
Subject: RE: Question for Mr. Donald Kendall

Dear Janet, 

I must say that is most remarkable when Mr Kendall’s memory still serves him well. Because every at-the-time-adult American knows where he was and stayed when Kennedy was shot. Except Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush, and now Mr. Kendall. 

Could you ask Mr. Kendall if he remembers staying at the ranch of Mr. Murchison? 

I am attaching a letter for his review. 

Also, does Mr. Kendall know why Mr. Nixon asked him to give him an update on the “Bay of Pigs incident”?

I wonder why Mr. Kendall has amnesia about all this. Does he truly not remember he was “staying with friends”  and had a “business meeting” in Dallas on the night of november 21, 1963, with Mr. Phillip Twombly? And where that business meeting was? 

It’s rather strange, don’t you agree? Mr Kendall  was in Dallas when JFK, the president of the United States,  was killed, but Mr. Kendall does not recall where he stayed or anything else about the trip? Does he recall where and when he heard the news? 

Do you know where you were when you heard the news? 

Does Mr Kendall remember anything about instructing his friend Richard Nixon that the world should be saved from President Salvador Allende? 

Best regards,



Wim Dankbaar

I attach a 10/11/1963 letter from Twombly to Chauncey Holt (who is addressed under his alias Jack Moon). It’s a kicker that speaks for itself:

Dear Jack, 

I will be attending the bottler’s convention the week of 1/18.

Two rooms have been reserved at the Adolphus for O’Malley and Canty for 11/21. You can arrive anytime and stay as long as you like, if you are worn out from your trip from the coast. Everything is taken care of; just sign the tab. 

Kendall and I are staying with friends and we have a business meeting the night of the 21st. I am leaving at noon on the 22nd so I won’t see you until you get back to California.

See you in Fullerton, 



We now have the documented friends, Bush, Nixon, Murchison and Kendall, all connected with the CIA, all in Dallas the night before JFK was killed, but displaying amnesia about the fact.

Nixon asserts with a telling smirk that LBJ didn’t like to be number 2:

Bush puts his seal on the Warren Report, but like Nixon, he can’t suppress a smile about the successful cover-up of a crime that brought both men to the Presidency:

Another book will hit the shelves later this year, by former Nixon advisor Roger Stone:

My new Book will show the LBJ, working with the CIA, Mob, Secret Service. FBI, Dallas Police Department and Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept , Cuban Exiles and Texas Oil men had JFK Murdered in Dallas and that Oswald is NOT the Killer. James Files and Mobster Johnny Roselli both in on the plot.

“There is no doubt now that there was a conspiracy, yet most of us are not very angry about it. The conspiracy to kill the president of the United States was also a conspiracy against the democratic system –and thus a conspiracy against you. I think you should get very angry about that.” 

– Gaeton Fonzi, Investigator for the House Select Comittee on Assassinations

I would like to add that the cover-up of the conspiracy was co-arranged by Chief Justice Earl Warren and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, the very top men of the American justice system. A higher degree of lies, deceit and betrayal of the American people is just not imaginable. Finally we know what Jack Ruby meant to say:

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Over Wim Dankbaar

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