My take on Wes and Yo

Yolanthe, My respect for you and Wesley is growing. Wesley is the caveman fighting off the predators attacking his cave and family. This is what a man is since evolution.
“What I want to be is … happy.” We all know what your definition of happy is. It includes a devoted husband protecting his wife. Well, gentleman, when the shit hits the fan, some guys run and some guys stay! (famous quote from Scent of a Woman) Wesley stays.

I’m not finished! As I came in here, I heard those words, “Cradle of Leadership”. Well, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And it has fallen here. It has fallen. Makers of men, Creators of leaders. Be careful what kind of leaders you’re producing here. I don’t know if Wesley’s silence here today is right or wrong. I’m not a judge or jury, but I can tell you this: He won’t sell anybody out to buy his future! And that, my friends, is called integrity. That’s called courage. Now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of. Now I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew. But I never took it. You know why? It was too damn hard. Now here’s Wesley. He’s come to the crossroads. He has chosen a path. It’s the right path. It’s a path made of principle that leads to character. Let him continue on his journey. You hold this boy’s future in your hands, Yolanthe. It’s a valuable future. Believe me. Don’t destroy it. Protect it. Embrace it. It’s gonna make you proud one day, I promise you.

“I believe in you”. To all girls who no longer believe in fairytales or happy endings: You are the writer of this story. Chin up and straighten your crown, you’re the queen of your kingdom and only you know how to rule it.” Well Yo, this is not cryptic at all! The king is the head, the queen is the neck. Or it is the other way around in this case. Anyway, no head without a neck. I still believe in fairytales and happy endings. U2? 😉

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I’m not gonna be nice anymore to all the bullshit people that are talking shit about Me and Yolanthe. 

Let me be very clear. First of all, yes we are not together anymore for a while now. No we are still not divorced yet. I made a lot of mistakes in our marriage. But that’s nobody’s business. That Yolanthe is still so good to me I respect so much. She takes care of our son every day AND ME even though we are not together.

Second of all she doesn’t need anything from my part because she has her own. 

The Turkish press wrote she wanted 19 million and I gave her 15?! Haha you guys are getting crazier every time. If people would only know how the reality is. People without brains will always believe what they read. Just so you all know : Yolanthe didn’t ask me for anything and I will not ask her for anything. We don’t need each other’s money. This stories are all lies.

I find it disgusting what the press is writing about me all bullshit and lies all the time and now this bullshit about her. I know we don’t need to respond to anything and I respect the mother of my child so much for staying so calm and taking all this shit. 

But I’m not like that. I don’t let people mess with my life all the time!!!

Wesley, even I fell for the fake news. I was very dissapointed. I thought: How can this be fake news? With all these exact amounts mentioned? How would they make this up?  I posted something like this to Yolanthe: “If it is true that you want more than 15 million from Wesley, you are a sick fuck!” Because in april I had written this: “Of moeten we afgaan op koppen als in Weekend? “Grijpt Yolanthe naast de miljoenen”?  Ik erger me er kapot aan! Net of zij jouw miljoenen nodig heeft. Ik zou ze niet eens willen. Volgens mij heeft ze iets heel anders nodig. Iets wat je moeder zei.”

And she could take that too. She didn’t remove it, I removed it myself. I realized: this is probably an insult to her. You see, I had my doubts about this news, so I wanted to challenge her, rattle her chain. I wanted to know if it was true. But she didn’t give me anything. They rattled YOUR chain. I am so glad you told the truth. Now I respect Yolanthe even more. And you! You see, Wes, you are a very sweet boy. You married Yo in common goods. Against the advice of your father. That means you don’t care about money. You care about love. Same is true for Yo, because we now know she does not want anything from you. That makes you beautiful people that should stay together! You should! Because you are the fairytale of the beauty and the beast! With a child to grow up. With a family to wish for. You see Wes, Yo doesn’t want anything from you, except love and respect, which she will get from you! You have woken up. You have one of the prettiest and smartest women in the world! Keep it like that!

Yo, why are you so happy? Haha! I am happy too. Because Wesley just confirmed I was right months ago. I am always right, but I never get my rights. I love it when a plan comes together.

The Pusscycat Dolls:

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was smart like me?
Don’t cha?
Don’t cha?

Replace girlfriend by wife. Wes, btw you’re still lying. You are not apart! How can she take care of you every day? We still have our own place, but we’re not apart. Isn’t that what you mean? So you are apart physically, but not mentally. This will change soon, mark my words!

Yo, a piece of advice for you: Don’t wait much longer with what is obvious and in plain sight: Wes and Yo will try again. The longer you wait the more you suggest there are still hurdles to take. Decision making is not only about the decision, it is also about the time you need to take it. My advice is to you only, because for Wesley it is a no brainer. Rule your kingdom, queen!

Yo, as soon as you make known the decision you already took, you open the gateway for positive energy to flow. Annoyance about bullshit fake news is all negative unnecessary wasted energy. You are of flesh and blood, so it annoys you too. It is indeed amazing that you can take it all. That underscores the soft-hearted woman you are. That makes you really beautiful. But you know what, Yo? Wesley is at least as beautiful that he does not take it! That is what makes you the perfect couple: The beauty and the beast.

Count your blessings. In the long list of your blessings, I bet Xess is number 1? Your mother number 2? Xelly 3? Which place is Wes? No need to answer, blessings cannot be ranked, just food for thought. Yo, let me bring it home for you. Wesley tells the whole world how he respects (read loves) you. You teach us about queens who should keep believing in fairytales and happy endings. A queen rules her kingdom and takes her fate in her own hands. Cut the crap, Yo! Announce it! Start ruling your kingdom, tell us at least that you are going to try to give your fairytale a happy ending. Your king will be there right next to you to make it work! A man that can admit mistakes is a great man! Straighten your crown! We don’t need a guarantee, we just need your confirmation that you will make the effort. You of all people know best how important it is for a child to be raised with two parents, who love each other. You help kids who didn’t get that! You love each other, so there is nothing in the way to deprive your son of that. You see Yo, to make known your decision that you took, is fair to Wesley, your kid and your large fanbase!

Whatever mistakes Wesley made, they mean nothing. A man like Wesley is subject to many seductions. Especially when you leave him alone. Ask cyclist Thomas Dekker or football player Wim Kieft. They wrote bestsellers about all their mistakes. Wesley’s mistakes are nothing. You see Yo, what counts is that Wesley is your man, the father of your child but above all that he shouts to the world: Yo is my woman! He knows now he has one of the prettiest, smartest, sweetest women in the world. He just needed a reality check. I tell you Yo, your bond with him is going to be stronger than it ever was. Ask him, just to tease him: Do you feel like Always of Bon Jovi? I know you can tease. The only difference is that you don’t have another man yet. Why is that? Haha!

I am always right! Wes and Yo will stay! Mark my words! I knew months ago!

You see, Yolanthe, I love Wesley, like you do! With all his imperfections:

Wesley Sneijder: Het is weer goed tussen Yo en mij.

Mooie headline toch?

Ik hoef geen anonieme bron te zijn, hoor. Sterker nog, ik ben extra geloofwaardig, want Wesley liep helemaal leeg tegen mij als het straatschoffie uit Ondiep. Ik kom je opzoeken, ik doe je dit, ik doe je dat!  Je hebt mijn moeder gestalkt!  (Klopt niet, want ik heb zijn moeder in privé berichtjes een hart onder de riem gestoken.) Tussendoor kwamen er ook nog  een broer en een Marokkaanse vriend aan de lijn met de dezelfde boodschap. Feestje in Key West, zondag 2 juni. Dat weet ik, omdat ik zei : Kom dan! Ik zit in Leiderdorp, je kunt hier over een half uur zijn! Wie ben je eigenlijk? Antwoord: Ik ben een broer van Wesley. Antwoord 2: Ik ben een Marokkaanse vriend van Wesley. Geef me Wesley maar even terug. Die ging ook verder met zijn tirade. Wat wil je nou eigenlijk? Ik wil weten of het weer goed komt met Wes en Yo. Wesley: Dat kun je toch ook aan mij vragen? (Klopt niet, want tegen alle media zijn Wes en Yo stil en ik heb zijn nummer niet). Het was op de telefoon van zijn vriend Willam Kaay, maar die was effe naar de plee. Wesley nam op. Lekker uitrazen, tot ik hem zei: Ik ben iemand die wil dat het goed komt tussen jou en Yo. Je hebt duidelijk mijn berichtjes nooit gelezen! Nee, dat klopte wel. Nou, toen bond hij in: Dan hoef je je geen zorgen te maken want dat is allang weer goed, dat zul je binnenkort wel merken. Nou, dat was wat ik wilde weten, zei ik. Okay, okay, dan heb ik je verkeerd ingeschat, dan heb je mijn moeder niet gestalkt (zo makkelijk is het dus voor Sneijder om bakzeil te halen), maar zullen we het dan hierbij laten?

Wesley does not know me. He does not know that James Files is one of my best friends: Don’t ever threaten me to tell me you’re gonna trunk me! If you do, do it first and then come and tell me that you’ve done it!

Here’s another quote:

JF – Uh … I think probably the biggest change in my life is .. and let me go back just a little bit farther … before this change took place, I had no emotions, no feelings, basically speaking for anyone at all. My family never came first . The agency came first, crime family came first. Everybody was always ahead of my wife and my kids. Wrong ! I know that …. I know that know. I’ve got probably a lot of regrets, maybe some remorse for a lot of the things that I did do. I’m sorry at times I wasn’t there, to see  my kids go to their little schoolplays and do their dances, recitals or whatever. I’m sorry I wasn’t there at their birthdays and a lot of their Christmases. But those things  were part of my life and things that I accepted. Because to me other things were more important. My family, my wife, my kids, they  were way down the list of priorities. Wrong, I know!

Yolanthe, I will point out your responsibility. You have told and shown the world for 10 years how much you love Wesley, Jessey, his family and later Xess. By doing that you have basically thaught us: This is what love is and what marriage should be like. You have created the fairytale and shared many peeks in your life. A 10 year commitment like that cannot suddenly end.  What you are doing is not fair to Wesley, nor to your fans. What Wesley does is fair and great in my opinion. Posting a public sorry statement with a picture of you and his kids. This message shouts: I want you to stay! You knew that  nobody is perfect when you took him.  Love is loving each other’s imperfections:

‘Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

I know you told him: I want you to stay too (also a great Rihanna song by the way).

Well, he showed you something! He showed he wants you to stay. He said you are the broken one but he is the only one who needed saving. You will look stupid with a divorce. Silence is silver, speaking is gold. I know this: Wesley is not hard to live with. I know because all of his many friends and brothers love you too. What is there not to love about a woman that does not even grasp her own talents fully? I know because they all defend him. And they don’t even like me! (Rodney calls me a pancake)  Are you not his best friend? Can you find a better one? Remember, the next guy is never going to be the father of your son.  Time for clarity, Yo. Why do you need four months to announce the divorce, while Wesley states: We are NOT divorced! The question is rhetoric. You see Yo, Wesley tells the world: We are not divorced! What does that mean? It means you should say too: I am not going to divorce! I am going to be the queen that rules her kingdom!

Wesley comes to your rescue, you will rescue him. He has become numb in his core.  Without you he is without a soul, his spirit is sleeping somewhere cold. Only you could find it and bring it back home. You have done just that! You have saved him from the dark and brought him to life. Now that I know what I am without, you can’t just leave me. Without you I have become nothing! The reason I hold on, I want this hole gone! That is what Wesley says! You left the hole, Yo! Don’t feel bad, that is what lovely women can do.

Quite frankly, Yo and Wes, this so called “mediastop” is starting to irritate me! Just tell the world that you love each other and go on! You already did! Make it official! Wesley, you shout from the roofs: I LOVE YOLANTHE! Yolanthe, you say: I am the queen that is not going to spoil the fairytale!  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? As soon as you both announce you are going to try, you kill all the bullshit stories! You should! You really should!

“I respect the mother of my child so much for staying so calm and taking all this shit.” Wesley, you respect people like parents and friends. You LOVE Yolanthe. You have proved that for always and indefinitely. You see, Wes, you can cheat with Rummykub, but you won’t cheat when it counts!

“Hele mooie stenen heb ik, juweeltjes!”  You know what your real juwels are, right?

Yo, a queen that rules her kingdom takes charge. She directs her king and generals to take action: When they do, the queen says : Thank you, my king! You did well! So far, Wesley has straightened his crown! Do I insult you? Good!  If you are punched in the face, you punch back! Ask Wesley. You see Yo, your kingdom is under attack. Who is your commander in chief to fight off the enemy? To me, it looks to be Wesley!

Yo, who is the homefront? Just teasing. Vind je niet leuk hè? Gefeliciteerd, liefje! Ik was ook bijna uit geweest! Priceless! Tell Wes this: Even when you are losing, you are winning!

You see Yo, What is good comes fast! A husband that PUBLICLY tells you that he loves you, is good! He does that ya know? He talks about respect, but what he means is LOVE! You see Yo, all these guys who compliment you with your looks, are irrelevant. The only guy that matters is Wes! He knows you inside out and is the father of your son! Maybe he got used to your looks, but girl, I can tell he misses you! You fell for his talk when he said you are going to be my wife? Well, Yo, his current talk is way more important! We know Wesley loves you, now we need it to hear from you. In clear and present danger. You are the writer of your fairytale and its happy ending, Yo! Time to straighten your crown! Show us how you rule your kingdom. Wesley, the kingdom that she rules, is that not your kingdom too? Last time I looked, you were still her king. It is really strange that the king and queen were spotted together only once. How do you that when you love each other? Lazy paparazzi! They can’t even pay a stake-out in Cala Tarida anymore.

Yo and Wes, you have both made it abundantly clear: We are not going to fuck this up! Then don’t! Tell the world you will try again! Why do you need me to explain what you have to protect? Tell the world what I already know!

Your ass is photoshopped? Watch this!

The best in this clip is Barry! He can tell his daughter in law that she can be stupid too! “Yo, doe effe normaal. Kom, we gaan, ik word gek hier!” Ondiepse nuchterheid!

Hey Yo, Barry is still your father in law, right? Hahaha! We zijn nog niet gescheiden? Don’t you dare! Voetballen in de keuken with Xess, Yo! Who does he imitate? Hey Wes, can you put an end to this Gaby Blaaser BS too? You just told the world how much you respect Yo, but you have been spotted kissing with another chick? She has already denied it. You should too! Haha, you guys are getting crazier every time!

Dear Wes, if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. Remember Wes, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I could use a good man to help me get my projects on wheels. I’ll keep an eye out for you. And the Rummy kub board ready! I will be hoping this letter finds you, and finds you well.

Your friend,


So Rodney just tells Wesley: You will always have my back! Wesley just told Yolanthe: You will always have my back! You see Yo, a greater ode you never have gotten from him! Do you understand? Yes you do! What happy ending to what fairytale do you mean? I know!

Kijk Sylvia, ik heb jou alleen maar proberen wijs te maken, in privé berichtjes nog wel, dat je Wesley moet vertellen hoe stom hij is om Yo te verspelen. En dan gaan jij die jongens vertellen dat ik je stalk? Wat wil jij dan? Je wilt toch ook Wes en Yo? Jij bent toch ook zo goed in cryptische boodschappen? Je weet toch ook wat kostbare geschenken zijn? Welnu, nu heeft Wesley ZELF (twee keer) verteld hoe stom hij was. Maar hij vertelt veel meer. Je hoeft niet eens tussen de regels door te lezen. Hij schreeuwt: YO, I LOVE YOU! Fuck his mistakes. A son to be proud of! He rises like a phenix from the ashes. Het is echt geweldig dat hij een einde maakt aan de kutverhalen dat Yolanthe hem leeg wil zuigen. That is a man protecting his woman! Ik zei toch tegen je : Elk nadeel heb zijn voordeel?

Sylvia, ik zal je nog een keer “stalken”. Jij bent zijn moeder en haar schoonmoeder. Jij hebt autoriteit! Vertel ze dan ook even dat ze bekend moeten maken dat ze het weer gaan proberen. Of is dat in besloten kring al bekend? Je kunt dit niet eeuwig volhouden: We zijn nog niet gescheiden! Nee, zeg dan ook gewoon dat je niet gaat scheiden! Of ga scheiden! Hom of kuit! Hoe moeilijk is het nou? Wesley die van de daken schreeuwt: Yo will always have my back! Yolanthe die blijft geloven in fairytales en happy endings. Misschien kan ik niet meer analyseren, maar volgens mij zegt Wes: I will never have a love like you! En volgens mij zegt Yo hetzelfde. Ga nog effe rommelen met anderen waar je geen schattig kind mee hebt! Anders zeg ik net als Barry: “Yo, doe effe normaal. Kom, we gaan, ik word gek hier!”

Vrijgezel Blaaser zelf ontkent het echter. “Ik weet echt van niets,” zegt ze in de Story. ”Nee, ik heb nooit gezoend met Wesley op het terras van The Harbour Club. Daar zou ik niet over liegen. Mag ik ook gewoon vrijgezel zijn?” Ja maar Gaby, je bent wel bevriend met Wesley en Rodney. Ontken het nog wat harder! Een echte vriend wil ook dat het weer goed komt met Wes en Yo. Die Gaby Blaaser BS moet hij ook de kop indrukken! Als je net de hele wereld hebt verteld dat je Yolanthe zo respecteert en niet gescheiden bent (met andere woorden: Dat gaat ook niet gebeuren!) dan laat je je zoenend spotten met een andere chick? Zo stom is Wesley toch niet? Gaby heeft het al ontkend! Kijk Gaby, als jij Wes zou gaan verleiden en zoenen, dan ben je geen vriend! Als vriend geef je Wesley alle ruimte dat het weer goed komt met Yo. Natuurlijk weet je van niets! Als je zijn vriend bent, dan zeg je even heel duidelijk dat dit allemaal bullshit is! Wes en ik kunnen best leuk met elkaar kletsen, maar ik zou NOOIT zijn sprookje met Yo verzieken!

Kijk Gaby, het is allemaal bulshit! Een dikke maand geleden was er ook al een verhaal van Wesley over het voetbalfeest, waar jij bij was. Het was zo gezellig! Net of hij zijn zoon Jessey, die zijn bonusmama Yolanthe helemaal geweldig vindt, meeneemt naar ZIJN voetbalclub om een beetje onder zijn ogen met jou te gaan rommelen! Gaby, we hebben Wesley nog niet gehoord. Zeg jij dan nog even wat duidelijker dat dit allemaal BS is! Eerst was het Rodney, nu is het Wesley. Komt zeker omdat je zo’n chick bent? Een chick kan ook gewoon vrienden hebben hoor!

Beste William,

Wil je Wesley vragen of hij me een mailtje stuurt? Kijk, ik wil graag weten of hij me nog steeds irritant vindt. Ik vind hem in elk geval helemaal niet irritant. Voor mij is het wel duidelijk dat het goed komt met Yo. Dan wil ik graag met hen het boek ”Wes en Yo” schrijven. Een geautoriseerde bio. Hoeft ie zich ook niet meer te ergeren aan Maarten Bax. Dat wordt een internationale knaller. Zeker in het engels, want dan pakken we ook de turken, italianen, fransozen en spanjolen.  Misschien lijk ik wel een beetje geobsedeerd met Wes en Yo. Maar dat komt dan vooral omdat ik er zo’n mooi verhaal van kan maken en een paar tonnetjes kan pakken. Met 1 euro per boek, maak ik al 4 ton. Laat Wes mij nu even weten of hij dat zo’n gek idee vindt. Of anders dat ik er helemaal naast zit. Dan kan ik mijn gekke idee uit mijn hoofd zetten. Zijn laatste instagram post was de mooiste post ever! Dit was de grootste ode ooit die Yo van hem kon krijgen! Maar hij heeft toch ook wel de reactie van Yo gezien?

“I believe in you”. To all girls who no longer believe in fairytales or happy endings: You are the writer of this story. Chin up and straighten your crown, you are the queen of your kingdom and only you know how to rule it.”

What happy ending to which fairytale does she mean? In who does she believe? Joh, het is waarschijnlijk allang weer goed. Ze maken nou niet bepaald de indruk ongelukkig te zijn.

Als Wes me nou even in vertrouwen neemt dan zal ik hem ook behoeden voor taalfoutjes. Het is bijvoorbeeld “these stories” in plaats van “this stories”.



Hey Wes, I could not save my own marriage, but I can help to save yours! You should! And Yolanthe should too! You see Wes and Yo. We just start with ‘Youth in Ondiep’. And ‘Youth in Ibiza’. Tell me Wes and Yo: Wim, you are living in dreams! We are not staying together! Then I will at least tell you how stupid you are! You see Wes and Yo, you have told the world 10 years about your fairytale. Now you BOTH tell the world the fairytale will continue. Am I wrong? No I’m not! It’s time for a book! Wes and Yo! 1 + 1 = 3!

Sneijder schijnt tegen intimi te hebben verteld dat Yolanthe en hij “te vaak zonder elkaar zijn geweest”, en dat er problemen waren in de relatie. Niettemin hebben ze altijd contact gehouden, hoewel er nog steeds wat problemen zijn waarover het stel zich niet wil uitlaten, aldus Privé. Nu willen ze echter eerst genieten van een vakantie met het gezin.

Die vakantie levert misschien wel net zulke idyllische beelden op als in de video hieronder.

Wes, is your palace in Ibiza still your palace too? Kijk Wes, ik ben geen intimi, maar tegen mij zei je ook: Wacht jij maar af! Maar ik ben geen anonieme bron! Ik ben gewoon Wim die op onderzoek uitgaat. Ik ben gewoon Wim die het goed met je voor heeft. Ik ben gewoon Wim die weet wat een geweldig wijf je hebt. Net als jij! Ik ben ook Wim die weet dat Yolanthe een geweldige echtgenoot heeft! Hey Wes, moet ik even een vlammenwerper huren om de tattoo op je buik weg te branden? Just kidding! Voor je het weet, word ik weer aangeklaagd voor bedreiging.

Hey Yo, when are you going to tell us you still love this man? Like you have always done? Is that so hard? You dig that he loves you, don’t you? Let me tell you Yo, a man that publicly defends you, loves you. He has made mistakes? Well, that makes it even better!  Despite the mistakes he tells the world that he does not want to lose you! That is great! Greater than he ever was! You should be great too, Yo! You have a child to raise! Together!

His last instagram post is worth more than all of his goals! The most famous one, your son is imitating with a tick on his forehead. Wesley addresses you! You see Yo, he tells you that you are the most important person in his life! Now tell me, Yo: Do you understand that? You are smart! Or don’t tell me. Just tell the world you will stay with Wesley, Xess, and the rest of  his and your beautiful family.  You are crazy if you don’t do that. Wesley may tell you privately you are going to be his wife, but now he is telling you he wants you to stay his wife. Not to you privately, but to the world! That is something else, Yo!  Are you going to divorce from Wes? No, you are not! Otherwise you would have told us! You see Yo, it’s all crap. You are a girl that can make up her own mind. Then give us some clarity! Straighten your crown and fall for the only man you should fall for! Your king! Especially now when he defended your kingdom and his queen! If you don’t stay with your king, your kingdom is lost!

Summary: What did Wesley just make known? He respects (=loves) Yolanthe very much. She takes care of his son and him. They are not divorced. She wants nothing from him (= she is not a mean bloodsucking leech). He made some mistakes. What reason are we missing this couple would not be able to stay together?

Over Wim Dankbaar

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