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This is my order page for electronic products. The advantage for you is that they are half the price, you  receive them without delay, you can read the E-books and watch the films anywhere you like. On your E-reader, tablet, smartphone or computer. Even on your TV if you have one that allows connection to a laptop, computer or USB stick. The advantage for me is that I have no shipping costs for the physical items. You see, especially for films a dvd is just a hardware datacarrier, like a USB stick,  it has in fact become obsolete because almost any device holding a dvd drive allows for a USB stick or an internet connection too.

To watch the full interview, paypal 10 USD to info@jfkmurdersolved.com with the notification “interview with James Files 2003”.

You will receive it via Wetransfer within 1 to 24 hours as an MP4 file.

Each of the 10 items in the list below can be ordered for 10 USD by paypalling it to info@jfkmurdersolved.com with the name of the product.

Or save 40 USD and go for the superdeal of the “full package” by paypalling 60 USD to info@jfkmurdersolved.com. You will get the following:

1 – The E-book: Files on JFK

2 – The E-film: I shot JFK

3 – The E-film: The 2003 interview of James Files

4 – The E-film: Interview with Judyth Baker

5 – The E-film: The first 1994 interview with James Files

6 – The E-film: The life story of Chauncey Holt, Spooks, Hoods & The Hidden Elite

7 – The E-film: Comprehensive documentary The Grassy Knoll

8 – The E-film: I killed JFK

9 – The E-film: The confession of the grassy knoll gunman

10 – The E-book: Autobiography of Chauncey Holt: Self Portrait of a Scoundrel

All videos and books video belong exclusively to JFKMURDERSOLVED.COM and Wim Dankbaar. It is their exclusive copyrighted property and may not be duplicated, reproduced or copied in any manner, shape of form without their expressed written consent. Other than for personal use. Anyone violating this copyright shall be subject to criminal and civil action and may be subject to fines, damages and/or jail.

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