Debate between Gerald Posner and Wim Dankbaar?

Profielfoto van Gerald PosnerHmmm, seems like I might have to send a copy of Case Closed to Putin….

(Gerald Posner is an american journalist and author of Case Closed, more or less the bible on the theory that the Warren Commission put forward: that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone nut that killed JFK alone, without having connections to anyone, CIA, mob, ONI, Carlos Marcello, Guy Banister, Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, David Phillips, etcetera.)


Hmmm, seems like I might have to send a copy of Case Closed to Putin….

Wim Dankbaar No Gerald, you should send a copy of I killed JFK to Putin:

Wim Dankbaar Dear Donald,

Why don’t you do something about the JFK assassination? Have you read these?…/open-letter-from…/…/putin-backs-jfk…/

Hey Donald, you are the independent President I think you are, are you? You have not been put in the saddle by the mob like JFK, have you? You’re not a puppet of the power elite, are you? You really want to drain the swamp? Then prove it to me! You have your mouth full about fake controlled media. Well, those media have persisted over the last 55 years that JFK was assassinated by a lone nut, named Lee Harvey Oswald. It is the biggest lie ever perpetrated in American history! Don’t you dare to say ever again that you think Oswald “probably killed Kennedy alone”. If you do, you may the President of the USA, but in my eyes a great fool!

Your friend Putin can say that JFK was killed by rogue CIA agents. Why can’t you? Is Putin smarter than you?

Here is what I propose: Put James Files on the stand! Let him tell his story in a court of law! You see, Donald, he does not even require immunity. He already told his story WITHOUT immunity! But you do NOTHING! If you are a man, you give James Files immunity and instruct the FBI to put him on trial! He is still alive and lucid, you know? Don’t you think the American people are entitled to know the truth about who killed  their most beloved President ever? I do! You are the President that has to decide if a ton of classisfied documents about the JFK assassination must be released. How stupid is  that, Donald? Do you realize how stupid that is? Hey folks, our government is sitting on pile of classified documents about the murder of our President, but I still don’t know if I am going to release them.

Well, Donald, let me tell you this: It is REALLY stupid. What you should say is this: Files about the murder of a US President should NEVER have been classified! The mere fact that they were, means that there is something to hide! And I know there is something to hide! Thanks to a guy from The Netherlands who gave me the story of the real assassins of JFK! It was covered up by the CIA and FBI, the same institutions that are trying to nail me down. You see Donald, the FBI headquarters would be better served with the name of Comey on it. J. Edgar Hoover was such a crook! You know he was a lame duck because the mafia had pictures of him giving oral sex to his second man Clyde Tolson, taken in the Del Charro Lodge, owned by Clint Murchison. Can I assume you know at least that?

Wim Dankbaar

Wim Dankbaar Hey Gerald, I like you. You’re my enemy, But an adversary that shows himself. An enemy that dares to defend his foolish theories. An enemy that dares to debate Roger Stone. Do you also dare to debate me? Here on your own facebook page? Pick up the glove! Our debate will be very interesting. Let me fire off with a first question: Why do thousands of documents about the murder of a US President need to be kept classified for over 55 years? Why, if Oswald was the lone nut the US government still claims he was?

David Atlee Philips was the CIA controller of James Files AND Lee Harvey Oswald. He said to James Files: I can kill more people with my typewriter than you running around with your shotgun, trying to shoot everyone in the world.

You know this to be true, don’t you Gerald?






Over Wim Dankbaar

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