Putin backs JFK conspiracy theory that claims president was murdered by US agents



Maybe you should mail Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin a DVD of I killed JFK?


I am kind of amazed that the second most powerful man of the world, beats the first most powerful man to it,  with such a comment. But I am even more curious to what Donald says about the total black-out by the fake news media on our theatrical release of I killed JFK in 200+ cinemas all over the USA, while all of the viewers were completely blown away with it.

Will Donald really drain the swamp? You see, this cartoon misses the point:

At the bottom of the swamp is the JFK assassination.  The assassination is not even mentioned in this cartoon. Four former Presidents were in Dallas when JFK got his portion there. LBJ, Bush senior, Nixon, Ford. Need I say more about what a coup d’etat is? Let me try to say it in a funny way:



Dear friends,

I will give you this letter. See attached.


I will explain the letter. The letter is from Philip Twombly to Chauncey Holt under his favourite alias Jack Moon.  You can see from this letter that Chauncey Holt used many aliases, with the consent of Twombly.  For this operation Chauncey operated under the alias John O’Malley. That is the name Twombly reserved the Dallas Adolphus hotel for Chauncey.   Philip Twombly was the most important CIA asset on the West Coast. He had before been a vice president of Coca Cola. You may think that Coke and Pepsi were rivals? Not! Philip was very good friends with Donald Kendall, the CEO of Pepsi. They were boasting that they were the eyes and ears of the CIA in the Caribbean. You may be aware that Nixon was the head lawyer for Pepsi Cola at the time of the assasisnation of JFK. Twombly was the CIA instructor of Chauncey Holt. It was Twombly who gave Chauncey the instructions to fabricate fake secret service ID’s and bring them to Dallas. To be delivered to Homer Echevarria , a rabid anti Castro Cuban, who hated JFK even more than Castro.

Donald Kendall is a proven friend of the Bush family. He is still a member of the Bush foundation.  And this letter proves he was in Dallas on november 22, 1963. Twombly writes: Kendall and I will stay with friends and we have a business meeting the night of the 21st. The friends he means is Clint Murchison, another co-conspirator in the assassination of JFK. Murchison, an oil tycoon, was also friends with J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ,  H.L. Hunt , Sid Richardson, Carlos Marcello, D.H. “Dry Hole” Byrd (the owner of Texas School Book Depository) and Morris Jaffe (the owner of the Daltex building).


Hence, the business meeting that Twombly writes about was the Clint Murchison gathering the night before the assassination that LBJ, Hoover and Nixon also attended. The one where LBJ said to his misstress  Madeleine Brown: After tomorrow those Kennedy SOB’s will never embarass me again!

Donald, Phil Twombly is long dead, but Donald Kendall is still alive. According to wikipedia he is 96:


I do not know if he is demented or still lucid as he was. If the latter, I would recommend a sitdown with him.  Maybe he wants to give you some lessons about American history and politics.  He would be such a GREAT teacher! This man was the mentor of Nixon. Maybe he wants to talk about his decisive roles  in the JFK assassination and the coup in Chile against Allende. And David Atlee Phillip’s role in both these events. You never know!  He’s  close to death, statistically speaking. Maybe he is religious like your VP Mike Pence. Maybe he wants to educate you about the dangers of being assassinated too.  This man is an oracle if he would open up to you. Far too modest regarding his role in American history. This man was much more than the CEO of Pepsi. If Donald Kendall would tell you all that he knows, you will feel like a rookie. You will learn a lot. Hurry up please!

Remember, Donald, the CIA and FBI are VERY powerful. JFK could not splinter them in thousand pieces. They got him before he got them! And his brother too. Don’t you understand, Donald? That RFK was assassinated by the CIA too? Are  you dumb?

David Atlee Phillips was the CIA boss of Lee Harvey Oswald and James Files. I see Phillips as the mastermind of the JFK assassination. He told James Files: I can kill more people with my typewriter than you running around with your shotgun, trying to shoot anyone in sight. Does that ring a bell, Donald? Dead men still leave lessons! Has anything changed since the uprise of social media and your favorite Twitter? Then why don’t you something about the Kennedy assassinations? You’re not a puppet of the power elite, are you? Or are you? Your friend Putin can say it! He can say that JFK was killed by rogue CIA agents. In fact he says a US president was removed in a coup d’etat. Can you too?

There was a time that I was afraid that Russia and the USA were going to destroy each other in a thermonuclear war. Now I see the two presidents of these countries like each other. You see, Donald, the media still want to portray Russia as the enemy. It was not America who freed Europe from Hitler. It was the Russians. Okay, maybe Stalin was worse than Hitler, I am sure he was, but now we have Putin. You can deal with him. He may be a crook too, but I advise you to not engage in a battle about who has bigger balls or more nuclear rockets. That is sooo stupid! Maybe Putin is the smartest of the two of you. If I were him, I would say: Donald, you can have 10% or 30% more nuclear missiles than I have. What difference does that make? We can still destroy each other ten times over! Let’s be the friends we already are! We don’t want to start the cold war over again. Let’s talk about decreasing our weapon arsenal with let’s say 50%. Then we still have enough to annihilate each other. Donald, have you not noticed that we are as capitalistic as you, since the iron curtain fell? You did dealings with some of us Russians or Kazachstan? Who cares? Why is that not allowed?  It’s a free trade world, is it not?



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Een reactie op Putin backs JFK conspiracy theory that claims president was murdered by US agents

  1. Vanochtend in een landelijke krant een mooi verhaal, nou nee helemaal niet mooi, doch het laat maar eens zien hoe het hier in Nederland gaat. (ik ga er vanuit dat een ieder het gelezen heeft)
    Vrouw uit Hoorn 28 jaar oud -nou niet meteen aan de Paashaas van Hoorn denken- wordt ernstig mishandeld verkracht door een Somaliër oktober 2016.
    Wil aangifte doen, krijgt te horen dat dat pas over 2 maanden kan, a.g.v wetgeving waar het voetvolk van de politie dagelijks tegen aanlopen.
    Deze vrouw heeft zelf gerechercheerd en de dader opgespoord met behulp van haar eigen IPfone en is inmiddels noodgedwongen opgepakt.

    Waar het mij om gaat is de moeite die men in ons land incl. de EU heeft om hun eigen fouten toe te geven ook al is alles helder.

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