I killed JFK

SYNOPSIS—Coinciding with John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday, this SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY event, focusing on the world’s greatest unsolved murder case, entitled I Killed JFK, features two interviews with the only living person to have ever confessed to killing President John F. Kennedy from the now infamous “Grassy Knoll” in Dallas, Texas. This extraordinary night, also features never before seen, recently found, rare footage and in-depth testimony from 20 different respected experts and historians.

Additionally, as an added bonus, immediately following the documentary, this special evening continues, featuring an EXCLUSIVE PANEL DISCUSSION, filmed this month, with some of the most respected JFK assassination experts in the world including Judyth Vary Baker (Oswald’s lover and author of the best selling book Me and Lee), Gordon Ferrie (US government, intelligence, and national security expert), Barr McClellan (Best selling author of the book Blood, Money, and Power), Zack Shelton (Retired FBI Special Agent), and Jim Marrs (1963 Dallas Journalist and author of the New York Times best seller Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy which was a basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK).

This amazing documentary (and panel discussion immediately following) that has been 4 years in the making, will present an alarming compilation of indisputable evidence previously unavailable to the worldwide public. I Killed JFK will also feature a multitude of interviews with eye-witnesses, crime experts, law enforcement officials, national security experts, and FBI agents who will discuss the viability of the confession of the alleged killer, as well as, all of the people and organizations responsible for JFK’s assassination.

Dan Diamond and Shelly Maxwell of KAOS Connect added, “We have been riveted by this documentary since the moment we first saw it and are thrilled that our alliance with Screenvision Media gives us the opportunity to present this startling confession and analysis in select theatres nationwide, giving audiences the chance to judge all the evidence for themselves.”

Don’t miss it! – Wednesday May 31st – One Night Only



Over Wim Dankbaar

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Een reactie op I killed JFK

  1. Drentse Fryske zegt:

    Mooi ! ‘counting down from 27e…only four day’s to go’ 😉 Maar ik vroeg me af, waarom ‘only one night’, heeft dat te maken met license of evt budgettaire redenen ? Zijn hier nog sponsoren bij betrokken naar je weet Wim ? Het leek me namelijk zo dat je met meérdere avonden ook meer cq een breder publiek kunt bereiken… Ben benieuwd wat deze docu teweeg gaat brengen, binnen Amerika en daarbuiten. Good luck for the 31e !


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