Open letter from Wim to Donald on the JFK assassination.

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump, I could post many more rants of you against the fake and chained media. No need, because you made your point. Donald, did you know we should address our head of state with “Your Royal Highness”? How should I address you, the most powerful man in the world? Can I address you as Donald? Is that not great? That I can address you as Dear Donald? Does that not make you a President for the people instead of an elite in his ivory tower? Donald, If you go on a tour like JFK, you will step outside and shake the people’s hands, won’t you? You have no fear, have you? You will take the bubble top off!  And you will release the files on JFK , will you? Show me, Donald, that you are really an independent President, afraid for nobody!

Do you remember my email the night before you got elected?

—–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–
Van: Wim Dankbaar []
Verzonden: dinsdag 8 november 2016 02:57
Aan: ‘Charles Kushner’; hhicks; jkushner;
Onderwerp: RE: Read: RE: Dear fellow fans of Donald Trump

I like you Donald. I like your rants against the corporate media. They are sooo corrupt and infested by CIA. Remember: David Atlee Phillips said to James Files: I can kill more people with my typewriter than you running around with your shotgun, trying to shoot everybody in the world.

That is why I am surprised they let you come to a neck to neck race with Hillary, because she is the candidate of the establishment. You’re right, the FBI is rigged too. I wish their headquarters would get rid of the name Hoover on it. I wish the same for the Lyndon B. Johnson freeway around Dallas.

James Files also said this: I killed more than 40 people for he CIA in South America in one day’s work, including women and children. Why are you so concerned about John F. Kennedy? He deserved it! (His words, not mine)

I also like your preference for female beauty. The locker room talk was just any boy’s talk. I know you are a gentleman to women, why would you not, if you can get any beauty in the world? Even to Hillary! Ha, you did not want a date with her, she should stay with coke sniffing Bill, even after Monica sucked his dick. How generous of you, Donald! Well, I would not want a date with Hillary either, but that’s just because we have the same taste.

You don’t know half about the Clintons. I hope for tomorrow, I hope.


Well, Donald, my hope for that tomorrow came trough. Against all the odds, I was with and before you. Talking about fake news, Donald, when I google for “JFK assassination”, I only find that you have to decide on whether to release the thousands  of JFK files that are still deep-sixed by your government and the CIA. How crazy is that, Donald? Is that not fake news? Is that not a  disgrace? Your government is sitting on a pile of never released files on the murder of the most popular and independent President ever, and now you have to decide to release those files?

Hey Donald, tell me: If you are assassinated tomorrow, would you want your government to  keep the files on the investigation of your assassination secret for 70 years? When all the culprits are dead? In the name of national security? What security if Oswald was the lone nut they say he was? Is that democracy? Or is that pure bullshit! You think there is anything in those files that will reveal the truth about the assassination of your predecessor? You don’t think they have purged it all? Like the military records of James Files? You’re not naïve, are you? Why have you not already ordered to release those files? Donald, if you are so knowledgeable about fake news, why don’t you have a sitdown with James Files while he is still alive? He is free now too. You can hear the true story from the horse’s mouth. Do you dare, Donald? The FBI said he is full of shit. Why don’t you check it with him personally? Is that not more in your alley than to bullshit around the release of the JFK files that should NEVER have been secret?  There can only be two outcomes, Donald, from a personal tète a tète with Jimmy. Either you condone the version of the FBI, or you say: Hey, I have talked to the man who shot JFK from the grassy knoll. Holy cow!  I believe him!

Donald, I don’t like you at all points. I am against your stance against gay marriage and global warming, but I do believe you came in the saddle as the most independent President since John F. Kennedy.

Van: Wim Dankbaar []
Verzonden: zaterdag 6 mei 2017 17:31
Aan: ‘Barry Katz’
Onderwerp: RE: Press

Why don’t you give Donald Trump a pre-screening? He is crazy and independent enough to like it and speak about it. If he wants to prove the fake lying  media, he can now ask why they ignored this story for 23 years.
Van: Wim Dankbaar []
Verzonden: zondag 30 april 2017 16:28
Aan:; hhicks; Charles Kushner; jkushner
Onderwerp: RE: US history

Dear friends of Donald Trump, the first independent President since John F. Kennedy (or actually Donald Trump is more independent, because JFK won the election through the mob due to a deal his father made with mob boss Sam Giancana)

Jared and Ivanka, Are you going to see my movie in a theatre near you? Take a break from your busy schedules, a romantic evening, absorb the information, so you can brief Donald the next day about what you saw.

Best regards,


From Bruce Brychek, the best living friend of James Files.



11:40 a.m.

Dear Mr. Willem Dankbaar:

Wim – Best Regards from J and B.

As always, I hope that this Email finds you, family, and friends doing the

best possible, and constantly improving.

Please give My Very Best Regards to Heleena.


Best Regards.




Dear JFKMS Forum Members and Readers:

05.31.2017 – Mr. Willem Dankbaar will be Premiering I SHOT JFK for the General Public in many Commercial Theaters World Wide. Both J and B, and their Advisory Board and Attorneys, Wish Wim the Absolute, Very Best both with this, and all of his continuing endeavors.

Wim has been a sincere, steadfast force for the History of “…Truth, Justice, Democracy, and the American Way…”  for the Honesty of U.S. Events of Before, During, and After 11.22.1963 when the Removal of JFK occurred.

Messrs. Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, Robert Groden, and Willem Dankbaar, in our opinions, have sought their Absolute Best to reveal, seek, unwind, and write about Real Authoritative Sources AS THEY RELATED TO THE 11.22.1963 REMOVAL OF JFK.

Many – Most of the rest are Glorified Arm Chair Researcher’s who had ZERO Involvement, and Read and Wrote about from other books by others that also had ZERO ACTUAL Involvement. While we feel that the Deepest, Darkest Truths have been barely touched upon Anywhere, by Anybody, Wim has attacked, attempted, and worked to continually develop the Truth of some of the Most Challenging Issues in American Society as it has affected both America and the World in any ongoing basis.  TRULY SEEKING TO UNDERSTAND THE PAST, EXPLAINS BEST THE PRESENT – AND CERTAINLY INDICATES AT LEAST THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE.

Mr. Willem Dankbaar has followed an Unbridled Path to Reveal and Uncover as much of the Real Truth as he can on a Seemingly Unending Circuitous Maze of absolute conceit, confusion, cover-ups, disinformation, lies, misinformation, plans, schemes, and Virtually ZERO Assistance from U.S. Governmental Agents and Agencies in the U.S. – SAVE ONE – MR. ZECHARIAH SHELTON.

Mr. Zechariah Shelton, a Retired F.B.I. Agent, knew J decades ago.  Z has become a Long Time, Sincere Friend and Supporter of both J and B.  Z deserves Magnanimous Attention, Consideration, Respect, and Understanding for ALL THAT HE HAS UNFLINCHINGLY ACCOMPLISHED.


As always, I strongly recommend that you first read, research, and study material completely yourself about a Subject Matter, and then formulate your own Opinions and Theories.

Any additional analyses, interviews, investigations, readings, research, studies, thoughts, or writings on any aspect of this Subject Matter?

Bear in mind that we are trying to attract and educate a Whole New Generation of JFK Researchers who may not be as well versed as you.





Over Wim Dankbaar

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4 reacties op Open letter from Wim to Donald on the JFK assassination.

  1. HRK zegt:

    Wim, daar waar het gaat om de Vaatstra moord sta ik helemaal achter je, maar een man met jouw intelligentie gelooft toch niet dat Donald Trump echt zo onafhankelijk is als hij beweerde? Donald Trump is een deepstate puppet, net als Hillary, Bill, Obama etc.

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