Chauncey Holt: RIP

Van: Wim Dankbaar []
Verzonden: zondag 29 januari 2017 16:45
Aan: Kellyanne Conway; Hope Hicks; Charles Kushner; Jared Kushner
Onderwerp: US history


When you and Melanie have some time to spare before going to sleep, don’t watch a Netflix series. Try this instead:

You will learn something! 🙂


Van: Wim Dankbaar []
Verzonden: zondag 29 januari 2017 18:14
Aan: kellyann, hope hicks; Charles Kushner ; Jared Kushner
Onderwerp: Donald Kendall


Is Donald Kendall a friend of yours? He is a most influential man on American politics. Both domestic and abroad. A great friend of Nixon, Bush senior, J. Edgar Hoover and Clint Murchison. He is a great advocate of the American way of life. Remember Allende of Chili? “America first” has always been his slogan too. I recommend a meeting with him. He can advise you how to avoid being assassinated and other policies.

You know why? Because he was part of the plan to kill JFK. See attached letter of his dear friend Phil Twombly. But he is 94 now. Maybe he is willing to share some memories and thoughts with you? Before he goes?





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