Will Donald Trump be assassinated?

First Interview with James Files 1994:

1:03:58 :

Q: What kind of guy was David Atlee Phillips?
A: David Atlee Phillips was a cool character…very good natured…I guess I put him through a lot of paces…I couldn’t understand his way of thinking in the beginning…but he used to tell me at that time that he could kill more people with a typewriter than I could kill with a machine gun running around trying to shoot everybody in the world. I couldn’t believe that…I couldn’t understand it. As time went by and me knowing David Phillips…and starting to listen after he grabbed me and shook me around a couple of times…he got me to pay attention to what he was saying and I got to thinking…I realized the man was right…that there is more to things then running around with a gun….there’s your psychological warfare…and what you can do with a piece of paper…..writing a newspaper article confusing people in different countries…even here, I mean…it’s just….people believe what they read more or less….especially when it comes down to the newspaper….now that they hear it on TV…they really get into it.

Jared and Trump friends,

Quite interesting this feud between Donald and the intelligence community. Why does Donald not say: Bring it on folks! Show me these tapes!

It was the CIA that killed John F. Kennedy and his brother. Lee Harvey Oswald was on loan by the CIA under cover of ONI. David Atlee Phillips was his controller, as much as he was the controller of James Files. And he was an expert in what Donald now calls “fake news”. Plain and simple, the JFK assassination was a Coup d’ Etat! JFK wanted to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them in the wind. It was them or he!

See this quote:

That is why I want Donald Trump to talk to James Files. I KNOW that afterwards he will say: Now I know who killed JFK! It will make him safer too!

Why does CNN never do a story like attached? There’s a story they could actually prove! I know why Donald Trump won! Because the American people is sick of state controlled  media, lies and corruption! Here was a man that said what everyone thinks! Every American with an IQ above 80 also knows that JFK was killed by the CIA, the mob, and Texas big oil. So why does he not say that too?  Is he afraid he will be laughed at? Well, I can assure you, he will not be laughed away. He will be the most popular president ever!



Over Wim Dankbaar

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3 reacties op Will Donald Trump be assassinated?

  1. Morpheus zegt:

    Merkwaardig moment in video-opname uit 1994: Op 30:10 vraagt interviewer Robert G. Vernon over wie James Files allemaal zag op en rond Daley Plaza ” .Anybody else there you recognized? You told me at time the Black hole (of world) home league”. Onmiddellijk vraagt hij om te stoppen. De toevoeging van de vragensteller ontbreekt ook in de transcriptie. Enig idee waarom James Files hierop geen antwoord geeft en aan welke personen (Eugene Brading/James Braden?) of organisatie refereert de vragensteller?

  2. Wim Dankbaar zegt:

    Hello, Wim – I felt compelled to reach out to you after viewing “The Grassy Knoll.” I have seen many, many, films on the subject (basically anything I can) and must commend you on the extraordinary efforts you took to delve deeper than most and, by far, find more credible witnesses (those with government backgrounds, in particular). Simply a terrific job! If you are ever in New York, I would love to buy dinner. Thank you for bringing more information to light – hopefully, one day, the truth will be officially disclosed and the “one-shooter” nonsense will stop.

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