Message from Wim to Donald Trump

—–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–

Van: Wim Dankbaar []

Verzonden: dinsdag 8 november 2016 02:57

Aan: ‘Charles Kushner’; Hope Hicks; Jared Kushner; Kellyann Conway

Onderwerp: RE: Read: RE: Dear fellow fans of Donald Trump

I like you Donald. I like your rants against the corporate media. They are sooo corrupt and infested by CIA. Remember: David Atlee Phillips said to James Files: I can kill more people with my typewriter than you running around with your shotgun, trying to shoot everybody in the world.

That is why I am surprised they let you come to a neck to neck race with Hillary, because she is the candidate of the establishment. You’re right, the FBI is rigged too. I wish their headquarters would get rid of the name Hoover on it. I wish the same for he Lyndon B. Johnson freeway around Dallas.

James Files also said this: I killed more than 40 people for he CIA in South America in one day’s work, including women and children. Why are you so concerned about John F. Kennedy? He deserved it! (His words, not mine)

You don’t know half about the Clintons. I hope for tomorrow, I hope.


Now Donald, If you are really independent and owned by nobody, if you are really against the establisment and the media, why don’t you prove it to me, the American people and the rest of the world? The biggest lie ever told to the American people by the establishment and the media, is the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I want you to put the Warren Report where it belongs: In the paper bin or in the fairy tale/fiction section of the library, in between Huckleberry Finn and Gulliver’s  Travels. Give James Files immunity and put him on trial! Don’t wait too long. He is 75 and a free man now. He will produce the ledger of his boss Charles Nicoletti, the other shooter from the Daltex building. He was tortured to near death for that by the FBI. But he never gave it. He will now!

And don’t get assassinated yourself!


PS: Donald, Jimmy can also tell you who killed Rose Cheramie, Richard Cain, David Ferrie and Jimmy Hoffa. On the last one, the FBI spent stupid taxpayer’s money over the years in goose hunts. They will never find his body because it was burned in the Hamtramck waste incinirator. The first three, he all did himself. On orders! Just like JFK.

  • Cut to change tapes –

( None of us are aware the camera is running again, we’re still thinking the tape is being changed)

W – We missed the torture so far.

J – Right!

W – The torture is important. And maybe a character impression of Lee Harvey Oswald?

J – O, thank you! Yeah, we’ll get that.

W – You wanna talk about Marilyn Monroe here?

JF – No! No, that’s irrelevant there.

J – Just to inject me, was it the Kennedy’s or the mob that hit Marilyn?

JF – The mob hit her, but they had done, they did it on the request of the Kennedys.

J – Yah, okay.

W – (looking at camera man) Okay, are you ready?

G – I’m rolling!

J – Okay, the lead into this: Ah, do you have any proof of what you told us in regard to the Kennedy Assassination?

JF – When it gets down to this part about where a lot of people ask a lot of different questions about things, the one thing that I could verify, right now, which cannot be made public,  is the ledger. Diary, ledger, whichever you prefer to call it. Focus on papers and things that Charles Nicoletti gave to me before he was killed. Things got pretty active here. Ah, Sam Giancana was the first one to be killed and that was in uh…’75 and I’m not sure, maybe September,  it was ’75, go there. He was killed, and the night he was killed, Johnny Roselli was in town. Because I saw Johnny Roselli at the airport. And when Johnny Roselli came in – we didn’t talk or anything – I was there to pick somebody else up that had come in on that flight, just by coincidence. And I’m picking up a party that I had done a lot of work for, collecting money and things. But anyway, I see Johnny and we nodded at each other, he had another man with him. When they left, we were right behind them. They got in their vehicle alongside, we got ours, we took off, we went down the road. We went down River Road  proceeding South. Niki (inaudible) said the only place Johnny could be going is going over to see Sam.  On fifth avenue and River Road  in Belmont there, they had a place called the Blue Horizon. Johnny pulled in there momentarily and the guy with him went out. Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t going to Sam’s house, because Sam didn’t like a lot of people coming to his house and if he didn’t know them, they were not going to get in anyway. And Johnny went on. I went my way, Johnny Roselli went his. Johnny Roselli …….The next morning, I woke up: Sam Giancana had been executed, gangland style. When he was killed, bells rang off to me, Johnny Roselli had to be the one to do it. Because he was there, I know he went to Sam’s house that night. The following year Johnny Roselli was killed. When Johnny Roselli was killed, the party I figure was the same guy that he dropped off ….. There was two people killed down there in Tampa, St. Peter in that area. They got rid of them at the same time. One was Johnny Roselli. The other one, another party unknown, whoever it was, I don’t remember the name of him now, but evidently it was a friend of his that he traveled to Chicago with. I figured he knew something and somebody took him out too,  because they knew that Johnny Roselli,  what he had done, okay?  This guy, he might have told this guy, this guy knew, so they got rid of him.

And when it comes down to it, the crime family did not have Sam Giancana killed. I don’t know who killed him except for Johnny Roselli, but I believe that the government ordered it. A contract killing on Sam Giancana. I believe the government is the one that killed Johnny Roselli, to shut him up so he couldn’t talk.

J – All of this was at about the time of the House Select Committee on Assassinations?

JF – All of it, yes. But anybody that knew Sam Giancana, would have known that Sam Giancana would never have talked. He would have gone to jail. He would have kept his mouth shut. He would NOT talk. The following year, Johnny Roselli, he got killed, and they silenced him. And then, in April, it was April 19th or  … no march, march 29. This is the night that Charles Nicoletti was killed. And he was supposed to go testify before some committee. And he was killed at the Golden Horns, right there in Melrose Park, there on North Avenue and Mannheim Road, the Golden Horns restaurant. And I thought at first that maybe someone in the family had hit him, because we knew there was trouble, and right before his dead, he had given me this package and told me : this is my life insurance. He said: If I need someone to have it, you can always get to it. He said: And if anything happens to me, you might need it some day. So what he gave me was … I took it and I went out, got me some cheesecloth and I wrapped up the little package and put it in a little box. I went out, dug a hole and I buried it. Put it away and covered it all up. So … about a week, a week and a half later, you know, Chuck was killed. After he was killed, right after that, maybe another week or 10 days later……  I had two places on Lake Street there in Melrose Park. One was a restaurant called the Coffee Cup, it’s no longer there, it has been closed down , they put a parking lot there for the Westlake hospital. And right down below it, going East on the following block down, it must have been the 1100 block, I had a club there, a social club. And what that was, we did bookmaking there, we had cardgames there, we had a couple of pooltables in there. And that’s where a lot of the guys came and hang out there. We didn’t have any booze there and we didn’t have any women there. What we did: You wanted to gamble, you come in and you gamble and you come and you hang out to be with the guys. And when people came around, come to the club there to gamble and play, I didn’t charge them for nothing. I wanted something I call it for resting out.

Well, it’s about 11 o’ clock, 11:30, I call up to the restaurant and I told my grillman, a guy called Gorilla, and I said: Fix me up a couple of dozen hamburgers, fries, a dozen of black coffees and get it ready! He said: Hey boss, let me bring it down to the club!  I say: Stay where you are, you don’t belong here, stay up there! Because Gorilla, he loved to come down there and hanging out and gamble and everything else. And I had him working behind the grill. I said: When you get it fixed, give me a buzz! When it’s ready to be picked up!

He said: Okay boss! He always called me boss. He got it ready, called back to the club: Hey boss, it’s ready! Wanna pick it up? I’ll run it down if you want to stay there!  No, don’t worry! I’ll come and get it! So put it in a box!

He had a cardboard box and he put it in. It was ready to go, like always, we had done this many times. Time after time after time, there was nothing unusual about it, you know. Well, I walk out of the club. It’s a nice night out, you know. So I walk down at the corner and a car is coming down off the side street onto Lake Street. When it comes up, it’s like them rocking for a Hollywood stop, it comes up the stopsign and stop , hits the brakes and kind of rocks back. I step back on to the curb so I don’t get run over. I’m thinking nothing about it, this is not shocking at all. And they said Hello, somebody sticks something out of the window and I got sprayed in the face. And I hit the ground, not even remembering falling down.

When I came to, I was strapped up, tied up, blindfolded. And uh ….. I went through a pretty severe torture test. And all this here has been verified also. What they wanted, they wanted the ledger ……… They never got it. When they got through with me, my legs were still taped together and my arms and wrists were still  taped  behind my back. They threw me out of a car, up there in Elmhurst. People found me, they called the cops up. Police came out there, some of them recognized me. Everybody in town had known that I had gone missing. Everybody figured I was dead.

J – When they threw you out of the car, do you think they thought you were dead?

JF – Oh, they thought I was dead, definitely! Otherwise they had never left me alive. That’s why I have always blamed the FBI for it. Because the family or the CIA, they would have  put a couple of holes in the back of  my head and four or five inside the mouth through the palate, gangland execution style. These people, they didn’t know that. When I lost consciousness and couldn’t be brought back, evidently they figured I was dead. They didn’t bother to untape or nothing, I was still naked, they threw me out of the car, in the nude, ankles still taped, hands behind my back, everything still taped up. And so …. the Elmhurst police, they knew who I was. They picked me up, they took me in  their place, wanted to put me in the hospital, they took me over to the emergency room as a matter of fact, and  they made a couple of phonecalls and notified my wife. My wife had a heart attack. As soon as she answered the phone: “This is Elmhurst Police. Mrs. Files, we have found your husband”, she didn’t knew I wasn’t dead, you know. So she broke down, she got all hysterical. Her mother was there and they got a hold of Gorilla and they all  came out there  to get me.  They took me home, but they wanted to put me in the hospital. I said: “No, I’m not going to the hospital. Take me home!” I couldn’t even talk, I’m writing notes: I wanna go home! I wanna go home! I’m scrapping it out on paper. My throat, I had screamed so much, I had no voice left.

So Gorilla, he is sitting in the house with me, and if I had to go to the bathroom, he picked me up to carry me to the bathroom. And he is sitting there, I got a Remington model 870, on the side of it stamped “law enforcement only”, folding stock, 8 rounds in it. I had a gun (inaudible) each end of the block. Some of the (inaudible) police said: Man, you need (inaudible), we’ll cover you, we’ll park our cars there! I said: No, I got my own guys here, don’t worry about it! Just tell ‘m that nobody mess with them. We got you covered. You guys are okay, don’t worry about it!

So over the next few days, like four days, until I could talk again, Gorilla stayed right there in the house with me, he didn’t even go home.

And they never got the ledger. That’s still missing. Not missing, I know where it is. And let me clarify one thing: Nobody in the world knows where that is but me! It’s right here! (pointing to head). Nobody else can ever take them to it.

J – Still your insurance policy?

JF – It still is. And if I die, all those secrets in that book go to my grave with me.

J – And what’s all in that package? It a little box, isn’t it?

JF – It’s a little box. A little package inside cheesecloth, inside a metal box.

J – What’s in there?

JF – What is in there? Inside this ledger what they wanted … I ‘ve got a few other things in there, but what they wanted is this ledger, because it’s got just about everything in there , basically every murder that was carried out in the Chicago-land area. It has got dates, it has got names, figures of money, different things, reasons why, ….. people who ordered it.

J – Anything in there about the JFK hit?

JF – You’ve got a couple of little lines in there. It has got JFK down, it has got the date on it. Basically that’s it.

J – Anything else in there that concerns the assassination?

JF – No, just that. Just the date, the name and everything, but it’s all in Chuck’s own handwriting.

W – Okay, what he originally gave you, was it only the diary? The ledger?

JF – No, what he gave me, he gave me…. what was in the package, I disposed of a lot of it, like Secret Service identification, I didn’t need that, I disposed of (inaudible) map, the last minute change, that was irrelevant, I burned all that stuff, I got rid of that, the only thing that I kept, was the ledger. The ledger retains basically to the contract around town, local people, people that was paid, people that was hit, the dates, when it happened and sometimes the reason why.

J – And why would the FBI care about all that?

JF – Oh, they would have loved that, because they could have put a lot of people in jail.

J – and they could clear a lot of cases?

JF- Oh, they could have cleared a lot of cases. They could close the door on a lot of murdercases. I am going to say probably maybe sixty, sixty contract killings in Chicago over the years there.

W- Why did you burn the motorcade route?

JF – I didn’t need it. It wasn’t important to me. What’s that good for? That was only an admission to part of a murder.

J – Evidence?

JF – Charles Nicoletti is dead. At this point the only thing that I am going to hold is the ledger. Like he said, the ledger is everything. Diary, ledger, whatever you ‘re gonna call it, but everything else I disposed of. I had no need for it.


JF – I have no idea. But when I was trying to get a birth certificate for my own records, they could not locate one at first. And the logger in Alabama went to do everything, went to the capital and when he got through, he found it 3 months later. I had a birth certificate in there, that says “deceased at birth”.

J – Now can the mob do something like that or is that the government?

JF- That is only the government!  The mob knows a lot of things, they’ve got ways to get things done, but when it comes to this kind of stuff, that’s out of their category. I wanna tell that when it comes to the government and underhanded work , the mob, they are kindergarten. They are kindergarten! I might upset a lot of people in the family saying that, but they are kindergarten when it comes to working with the government. They are the goldfish in the shark’s pond.

Below: James Files in 1962 with Gary Marlow, the man who killed officer J.D. Tippit.

Below: James Files was Gary Marlow’s best man at his wedding in 1966.



Over Wim Dankbaar

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  2. Wim Dankbaar zegt:

    Ik was laatst bij een vriend die ik jaren niet heb gezien. Hij vertelde mij een mop die ik ooit aan hem verteld had. Ik was hem helemaal kwijt. Maar hij zei dat ik hem zo goed kon vertellen. Nou daar gaat ie dan:

    Het is kerstavond. Een man in Parijs ziet het leven niet meer zitten. Hij is zijn baan kwijt geraakt, zijn vrouw en alles. Rampspoed alom. Hij besluit een eind aan zijn leven te maken en beklimt de Eifeltoren. Net als hij met één been over de railing staat om zichzelf ter aarde te storten, wordt hij op zijn rug getikt. Wie staat daar? De kerstman! In hoogst eigen persoon. Zeg Jongeman, wat ga jij doen? Ja Kerstman, ik ben het leven moe , ik ga er een eind aan maken! Niks daarvan!, zegt de kerstman. Ik ben er voor mensen zoals jij. Luister, ik heb hier twee sleutels. Deze is van een Porsche 9-11, die ik je cadeau geef. Die staat beneden op jou te wachten En deze is van een apartement aan de Champs Elysee. Daar ligt een ongelooflijk lekker wijf op jou te wachten die jou helemaal wil uitwonen. Jij gaat nu naar beneden, stapt in die Porsche en rijdt naar dat appartement. Dan ben je al je ellende vergeten! Akkoord? Nou, zegt de man, dat wil ik wel. Hoe kan ik u bedanken, kerstman? Welnu, zegt de kerstman, een kleine wederdienst zou ik je wel willen vragen. Ik ben ook maar een man alleen. Zou je me willen pijpen? Nou, zegt de man, dat doe ik graag voor al het goeds dat u mij geeft. Dus de man gaat aan de slag. Als de kerstman aan zijn gerief is gekomen, vraagt de man: Kunt u mij nu de sleutels geven? De kerstman vraagt: Hoe oud ben jij eigenlijk? Veertig, zegt de man. De kerstman zegt: En jij gelooft nog steeds in de kerstman?

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