The farce around the prosecution of Joris Demmink (2)

Let me introduce Mr. Hüseyin Baybaşin (photo left). He is former Kurdish leader and a fugitive from Turkey. Now a little known man who should be world famous. Why? Well, because he is the only man in Holland with a life sentence, based on falsified evidence. He has been incarcerated since 1998. A life sentence is very rare in The Netherlands. For example, the convicted man for the 2002 murder of our future prime minister, Pim Fortuyn, did not even get life, but 18 years. He is out on the street again on early parole. Baybaşin was convicted for ordering a murder. The only evidence was wiretaps. Independent researchers have unanimously concluded that these wiretaps were not only falsely interpreted but also manipulated with cut and paste work. Let me give just one example. At some point  Baybaşin is heard saying in english : “You have to make him call.” This was translated as “You have to make him cold.” This is a dutch expression for killing someone. But the expression does not even exist in english. Hence the prosecution didn’t master the language or had other intentions in mind. What does Mr. Baybaşin himself have to say?

Statement from Mr. Baybasin

Joris Demmink made an agreement with Turkish officials to cover up his case in Turkey, where he was caught having sex with an 11 year old boy. His agreement was to find me and give me to Turkey. He did so, and when he couldn’t give me back to Turkey according to the Dutch law, he agreed with the Turkish officials to keep me silent. He kept me in EBI isolation and similar regimes for seven years. He is misusing his official power not allowing police officers, prosecutors and judges to do their job according to Dutch law. In the same way he has been misusing his power and forcing the prison directors to torture and pressure me and not to be able to defend myself. He personally came to the prison in Alphen a/d Rijn in 2007 to intimidate me and make me take the charges I presented against him back. He used to do such things to cover up the crimes he has been committing. I refused to do what he wanted me to do. He is not just a paedophile; he is a sick-minded dangerous criminal with a high level of official power. This is a shocking issue. For me it is sickening me.

We will now explore the probabillity of truth of Mr. Baybasin’s  statements. Mr. Demmink’s 2007 visit to the prison has undeniably occured. Strange not? Why would the top official of our justice system pay a personal visit to a prisoner unless he has personal involvement in the conviction himself?

In June of 2013 Baybasin gets another strange visit from two agents of the Immigration Service. He is offered a deal on behalf of the Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten. If Baybasin agrees, his case is to be transfered to Turkey, where he is promised to be released soon. In other words a tempting offer to escape his life sentence. The order later turned out to have come from the judicial district of Breda, headed by Mr. Hugo Hillenaar, a personal friend of Mr. Demmink, who was the main prosecutor in Baybasin’s case. Again Baybasin (courageously) refused the offer. He wants justice to take its course and be vindicated of all charges in the country that convicted him.

Again, there was very little media coverage of this telling event. Telling, because an offer to free Mr. Baybasin without the interference of a court is not only illegal, but in fact an admission that Mr. Baybasin was unjustly convicted. The offer came from the very parties that prosecuted him with the manipulated wiretaps, with the blessing of minister Opstelten. It is also an admission that the course of justice, along with the verdict of judges can be determined by the top officials of our Justice Department. How else can they promise Baybasin freedom in Turkey? It is further an admission of the cosy but dubious cooperation between the Dutch and Turkish legal departments. Finally it is an admission that there is something rotten to hide in the closet of Mr. Demmink and Mr. Opstelten, who are by the way also personal friends, dating back to their student time. Is it any wonder that Mr. Opstelten has publicly stated that Mr. Demmink is innocent and will never be convicted of the charges brought against him? Mind you, he made these statements while the legal investigation of Mr. Demmink recently ordered by the court, is still ongoing. What happened to the proper custom to not interfere in an ongoing investigation, especially not by the top official of the Justice Department?

No member of Parliament dares to ask these questions, with the exception of Mr. Louis Bontes who has raised the issue in official questions to the minister.

Although various ministers have always protected Mr. Demmink, downplaying and denying the charges, they could not prevent that last year a court ordered an investigation into the sexual abuse charges coming from the Turkish boys. This is especially thanks to the relentless efforts of Mr. Baybasin’s attorney, Mrs. Adèle van der Plas, who is also representing the Turkish victims.

The Justice Department has announced to need at least 18 months for the investigation, which seems a delay and postpone tactic. After all, what is so complex about this investigation by a department that has repeatedly said they already investigated their boss numerous times? Previously the excuse was that the filings of the Turkish boys were too inconclusive and vague to even warrant hearing the boys. In the following clip you can see one of them identifying Mr. Demmink as the man who raped him.

Recently the Justice Department came up with a new excuse. The investigation has reached a dead end. Why? Because the Turkish government refuses to cooperate with the investigation under the premise that the charges dating back to 1996-1998 have expired according to Turkish law. They also refuse to give permission to hear the Turkish victims. Not surprisingly, our Justice Department accepts this. Very strange, because what prevents them for paying a ticket for the boys and hear them here in Holland? Can the Turkish government really obstruct hearing witnesses that are free to go wherever they want? Does this attitude not give a clue about the willingness to really investigate Mr. Demmink, who headed their department for 10 years?

Is it any surprise that the Turkish government does not want to help the investigation? Is it any surprise that the Dutch government willingly accepts this roadblock as an uncircumventable fact? Let us assume that the above statement of Mr Baybasin is true. Then the answer is: Of course not! Why would the Turkish government want to expose the fact that they blackmailed a high Dutch official with outright criminal acts committed on their soil, in order to obtain a life sentence for a Kurdish leader, a critic and enemy of their state? Why would they want such criminal conduct on their part to become known and proven? And why would the Dutch government want to expose the fact that their Justice Department was led by a criminal who repeatedly raped boys of minority age and compromised himself into a blackmailing position to shield these crimes from public scrutiny? Why would the Dutch government want to prove four consecutive Ministers of Justice wrong in protecting Mr. Demmink? One of them, Mr. Donner, who appointed Mr. Demmink, is now the underking of The Netherlands, vice president of the Raad van State, the direct advisor to the king and government in state law matters. The interests to keep these embarrassing facts hidden are humongous for both countries.  Of course Mr. Demmink is well aware of his immunity and protection from serious prosecution. It has sprinkled him with the arrogance of power. Sources close to him have confirmed that he used to say: Ik ben de wet! (I am the law).

The Justice Department was also ordered by the court to investigate the alibi of Mr. Demmink. His “alibi” is that he never visited Turkey since 1986. In other words, he could not have committed the rapes he is accused of.  In part 3 we will see how ridiculously untrue this claim is, as well as how easy it is to prove it a lie for the Dutch authorities, if they really would want to.

To be continued in part 3 …


Over Wim Dankbaar

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8 reacties op The farce around the prosecution of Joris Demmink (2)

  1. yvonne zegt:

    Binnenkort een nieuw boek van Rein Gerritsen,

    En een voorproef hier op, gesprek van Myra met Rein Gerritsen, de demmink zaak gaat over veel meer dan misbruik, en ook hij is al met de dood bedreigd!

  2. Dub Doctors zegt:

    geef niet op deze rotte appels uit ons aller sociaal correcte fruitmand te halen =D

  3. Wim Dankbaar zegt:

    Dat is Baybasin gevraagd, maar hij kent geen Koerdische leider die Mustafa heet.

    • theyknew zegt:

      Het zou dus ook nog zo kunnen zijn dat de vader van Feik helemaal géén hoge Koerdische leider was maar op andere gronden naar Nederland is gehaald?

      Dit even terzijde. Baybasin wordt in een videoserie over “Gladio” tussen James Corbett en Sibel Edmonds genoemd. Misschien overbodig te vermelden dat het hier om NAVO drugtransporten ging. We kennen de link Demmink —> NAVO en als Baybasin iets weet over NAVO drugtransporten gaat de link misschien nog wel verder Demmink —> NAVO —> Baybasin —> van Traa? Wie zal het zeggen?

  4. Akky van der Veer zegt:


  5. DeGrijzeDuif zegt:

    Als je denkt dat ze zaak van Marianne Vaatstra (in principe ook een pedofilie zaak), dan zou je eens in pedofilie in het algemeen moeten duiken. Misselijk makend en hart verscheurend. Een wijdverspreid probleem met enorme impact, wat nog geen fractie van de aandacht krijgt welke het op zn minst verdient.

    Voor mensen die zich er eens in willen verdiepen raad ik een rapport van de nationaal rapporteur aan. Op goede grond – de aanpak van seksueel geweld tegen kinderen.

    Op mijn blog staan veel meer berichten over dit onderwerp. En ik had er nog veel meer willen schrijven, maar helaas ontbreekt het me aan tijd…

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