The farce around the prosecution of Joris Demmink (1)

I write this article in english with a view to foreign media who might want to pick up on it. Specifically The New York Times and investigative reporter Diana Schemo, who are said to work on an extensive background article on the Demmink scandal.

Let me first give the reader who is not familiar with the case a short introductory rundown: Mr. Demmink (photo right) has been the Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice for 10 years, from 2002 to 2012. He is since retired. This is the highest position in our Justice Department, only second to the Minister of Justice. In practice it is a more powerful job than the minister, simply because a minister is elected for four years. It’s a temporary job subject to elections. The Secretary General however, is appointed by the Dutch state for as long as he is desired or deemed suitable for the job. Americans may compare the two positions with Attorney General and FBI Director. J. Edgar Hoover was the director of the FBI for 35 years until he died. When JFK was killed, his brother Robert, the Attorney General and formally Hoover’s boss, was just another lawyer, stricken with grief and powerless to make a fist against the Warren Commission, installed by Lyndon Johnson and his friend Hoover, both avid Kennedy haters, especially of Bobby.

Before becoming the top dog of our Justice Department, Mr. Demmink was – from 1992 to 2002- the Director General of International Affairs and Immigration, one of five subdivisions of the Dutch Justice Department.  Troughout this period (1992 to today) Mr. Demmink has been accused of sexual abuse of young boys of minority age. Among other countries in Turkey, where three boys, now adults, have filed charges against Mr. Demmink for being raped by him against their will, while they were under 18 years old. According to the filings, all these rapes happened during the mid 90’s.

Mr. Demmink has made no secret about his homosexuality, this has been common knowledge throughout his career. And why not? Homosexuality is not forbidden in our country, thank God. But it is also a public secret that Mr. Demmink particularly fancies young boys. He has even said that he doesn’t always ask their age. For example, Mr. Demmink had to acknowledge to have had a sexual relationship with Libor Čtvrtlík, a porn actor from the Czech republic, half Demmink’s age. But Libor was in his ealrly twenties, not of minority age. Libor’s master work is a homosexual porn movie titled in German: “Das Fickende Klassenzimmer” (look it up on Google).  This translates in english as “The Fucking Schoolclass”. Now let’s for argument’s sake imagine that the Attorney General of the United States would admit to such a fact? Is that possible without an outcry from the public and media? Well, it’s no sweat in The Netherlands. Our mainstream media are completely silent about this and related affairs around Mr. Demmink. They are much less silent in the United States, where a congressional committee, led by congressmen Chris Smith, is investigating the charges against Mr. Demmink:

There was even a protest march in New York to arrest Demmink:

During his period as boss of the Justice Department, Mr Demmink has spent four ministers of Justice: Mr. Korthals, Mr. Donner, Mr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Mr. Opstelten. All of them have been quick on their feet to deny and downplay any allegations of sexual misconduct of Mr. Demmink as soon as they arose. Mr. Demmink’s predecessor, Harry Borghouts, a personal friend, also seizes every opportunity to squash the charges. The common defense line is basicallly: We have investigated this thoroughly, but not found a shred of evidence. Mr. Donner, who approved the appointment of Mr . Demmink,  said: “There is not even smoke , so there can’t be a fire.” To recognise the  phenomenon, Americans only need to think back of the Warren Commission.

So far the summary lecture. Now let us have a look at Mr. Demmink’s defense to deny the charges of three different Turkish boys that filed charges of being raped by Mr. Demmink in Turkey in 1996 to 1998.  His defense is basically that he has not set foot on Turkish soil since 1986. In part 2 we shall see what an intelligence insulting, bold faced lie this is, with a 99.99999% certainty. Our Justice Department is buying the lie. So far. I will also explain why. As well as how it would be a piece of cake for our Justice Department to prove it a lie, and why it refuses to do so. It has to do with a secret blackmail between the Turkish government and Mr. Demmink, dating back to the 90’s. Because of this there is an innocent man jailed in our country with a lifelong sentence. For doing nothing, sentenced by evidence falsified by Mr. Demmink. On request of the Turks. A man that nobody ever heard of. I shall make it crystal clear why these situations continue to be possible in our neat little country.

Stay tuned, to be continued in part 2……






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4 reacties op The farce around the prosecution of Joris Demmink (1)

  1. yvonne zegt:

    Morgen heeft Nederland de discutabele eer om een politieke gevangene al 7000 dagen beroofd te hebben van zijn vrijheid, zijn kinderen, zijn vermogen. De man is alles afgenomen. Inclusief zijn uitzicht op een restje menswaardig bestaan 1.

    Wat hij nog wel heeft (en pas sinds kort) is uitzicht op een beetje groen. Maar ook dat zal niet lang meer duren als het aan Fred Teeven ligt 2. En Fred krijgt bijval van onderbuiktypes. Er zijn mensen die menen dat je gevangenen onmenselijk moet behandelen. Je hoort ze op te sluiten in een soort van Guantánamo Bay. Op waterboard i.p.v. water en brood 3.

    • veryworried zegt:

      En er zijn ook mensen die vinden dat zg. Syrie-gangers (jonge, misleide mannen) maar beter doodgeschoten kunnen worden in de oorlog waarin ze terechtkomen ipv terugkeren naar Nederland. En dan bedoel ik de uitspraak van Rutte, die volledig voorbijgaat aan het feit dat de oorzaak van deze keuze van deze jongens misschien ligt in de positie die zij hebben hier in Nederland. Geen kansen op werk, geen respect in de samenleving, kortom geen perspectief. En deze jonge mensen hebben ouders hier in Nederland die volkomen wanhopig zijn. En dan doet onze minister-president een dergelijke uitspraak. Wat kunnen we nou met zo’n man die zijn onderbuikgevoelens zo de vrije loop geeft?
      In ieder geval niet VVD stemmen, zou ik zeggen. NIET VVD STEMMEN!

      • cobra zegt:

        nou denk dat 80 % het met rutte eens is over deze uitspraak
        zelf vind ik het de beste uitspraak van rutte in de laatste 4 jaar
        oog om oog tand om tand

  2. cobra zegt:

    Nou er zitten er genoeg die ze wat mij betreft op een soort Guantanamo bay en water en brood mogen zetten

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