JFK Press Release

Newsmax TV to Air World Premiere of ‘I Killed JFK’

Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 03:26 PM

Marking the 51st anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, Newsmax TV will air the explosive, world premiere one-hour documentary “I Killed JFK” on Thursday Nov. 20, at 9 p.m. ET.

The documentary adds to the diverse programming featured on Newsmax TV, the new news, information and lifestyle channel that is currently ramping up to a formal roll-out in 2015.

Produced by Barry Katz Entertainment, “I Killed JFK” features never-before seen footage of the confessed killer of President Kennedy. The film presents compelling forensic and eyewitness evidence previously unavailable to the public. The documentary also includes interviews with the alleged assassin as well as two former FBI agents who found the assassin’s confessions credible.

“Until now, no one has ever confessed to the murder of JFK, and most people still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer. After the world sees this special, I am confident that the greatest mystery of our generation will finally be solved,” said Executive Producer Barry Katz.

“As we ramp up Newsmax TV for our official launch, we’re offering a range of provocative and original programming that interests a large and under-served audience, including the generation raised in the aftermath of that tragic day in Dallas,” Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy said. “They’ll see a movie that adds to the scholarship and the debate surrounding the president’s assassination.”

“We are heartened by Newsmax TV’s decision to bring this important and revealing program to the American public. We all deserve to know the truth behind what was truly one of the saddest moments in our country’s history,” added Ernest Cartwright, co-executive producer for the project.
The Thursday evening premiere of “I Killed JFK” at 9 p.m. ET will be followed by repeat broadcasts that will continue through the date of the Kennedy assassination anniversary and weekend.

Newsmax TV is America’s fast growing news and information channel, now carried in more than 35 million U.S. satellite and cable homes on DirectTV Ch. 349 and Dish Network Ch. 223. Newsmax TV also is available online at newsmaxtv.com, via OTT devices and as a free app on iPhone (iOS), Android and other smartphones.


Note from Wim Dankbaar:

James Files, the confessed grassy knoll assassin of John F. Kennedy, was first interviewed in 1994. This first interview was done by Bob Vernon. James was interviewed a second (and final) time on november 19, 2003 by Wim Dankbaar and Jim Marrs. That is also an on camera interview, unedited of 3 hours. The two interviews are entirely consistent. The only difference is that James is a lot more relaxed, detailed and outspoken in the 2003 interview. As you will probably notice, he is more reluctant and a little nervous in the first interview, most likely because he reveals his part in the assassination for the first time. He is also hesitant to divulge the participation of the CIA. Interestingly he compares the mafia to the CIA as “the goldfish in the shark’s pond.” Files has undergone a voice stress analysis test that he passed, but the meter was at maximum when he talks about his CIA boss David Atlee Phillips. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, Files is the ONLY living person who has ever admitted to being one of the gunmen in the JFK murder. The assassination of JFK was nothing less than a coup d ‘ etat by his own US government, exactly as the CIA carried them out in other countries and banana republics, like Guatemala, Congo, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua, Iran, Cuba (failed), Chili and so forth. Your greatest clue that James Files is telling the truth for over 20 years now, is not so much your own judgement that he is, but the mere fact that you have never heard of him and never seen his confession in the national mainstream media, who are all censored and state controlled, indirectly or directly governed by the powers that removed JFK from office. The only information you will get there, is that Lee Harvey Oswald did it all by himself, even though 90 % of Americans now know it’s a lie.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire any shot on november 22nd , 1963, exactly as James Files asserts, and exactly as Oswald asserted himself:

Lineup for Press Conference; Jack Ruby Present

When newsmen asked Oswald about his black eye, he answered, “A cop hit me.” When asked about the earlier arraignment, Oswald said “Well, I was questioned by Judge Johnston. However, I protested at that time that I was not allowed legal representation during that very short and sweet hearing. I really don’t know what the situation is about. Nobody has told me anything except that I am accused of murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that, and I do request someone to come forward to give me legal assistance.” When asked, “Did you kill the President?” Oswald replied, “No. I have not been charged with that. In fact, nobody has said that to me yet. The first thing I heard about it was when the newspaper reporters in the hall asked me that question. . . . I did not do it. I did not do it. . . . I did not shoot anyone. They are taking me in because I lived in the Soviet Union!  I am just a patsy! ”

Oswald and James Files shared the same CIA controller: David Atlee Phillips, who masterfully set up Lee as the patsy, while using multiple assassins as James Files to accomplish the hit on JFK. James Files also revealed the real killer – not Oswald – of policeman J.D. Tippit.

More information at www.JFKmurdersolved.com

James Files May 2008:

My name is James Files and I’d like to make a brief statement to be posted on this website to clear up a few things and to get the facts straight.

I was involved in The JFK Assassination, and the FBI has known about my involvement since 1964. It was the FBI that gave Joe West the information about me and my involvement in the Kennedy Assassination. Why they did this, I do not know.

Joe West made contact with me and then come to visit me and we became friends over a period of time. However, Joe West died before his agenda was completed. Joe West developed heart problems, had surgery, was recovering and was doing very well. However, he died shortly there after. I was informed by a by a reliable source from back East., that Joe’s medication had been tampered with and I was assured that Joe West had been murdered in order for his court case to die, where he was doing all in his power to have John F. Kennedy’s body exhumed.

When Joe West informed me that he was already in court trying to get JFK’s body exhumed, I explained to Joe West that he should enter new evidence in order to have a chance at getting the body exhumed. I explained to Joe West that the round that struck Kennedy in the head was a “Mercury Round” and that the trace of the “Mercury” would still be present, as Mercury takes forever to go away. So, there would still be a trace of mercury on the skull.

When Joe West died, I thought that the whole investigation would die with Joe’s Passing. However, this is where Robert Vernon enters the picture. Bob Vernon wants to complete Joe’s work to help his widow out. I did not intend to give an interview. It took Bob Vernon a couple of years to get me to agree to it. One of the biggest mistakes in my life that I have ever made. Had I not given this interview, I would have been a free man years ago. My first video, “Confession Of An Assassin,” released through “MPI” was to be my final interview.

I do not trust people to honor their word on anything at all.
There is One man in The Free world that I trust and this man has always kept his word, for he is a man of much honor. He is also my longest living friend and knows more about me than any other living human being. His name is Bruce P. Brychek. This man has never, not one time has broken his word to me about anything.


Over Wim Dankbaar

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26 reacties op JFK Press Release

  1. van Tours zegt:

    Ik ben benieuwd naar de reacties uit de VS na de uitzending komende donderdag.

  2. oogje zegt:

    Vanavond dossier eenvandaag nederland 2 2125 joris demmink kijken

  3. Wim Dankbaar zegt:

    Aardige comments 🙂

    Jonathan Getzschman‎ Wim Dankbaar
    4 uur • Bewerkt •
    I just finished the LIVE American television broadcast of “I Killed JFK.” Wim Dankbaar, you deserve an award for bringing this footage of James Files to American television. That was the most factual testimony and evidence compiled in one film I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you for bothering.

    Jonathan Getzschman Newsmax TV gets credit too.
    4 uur • Bewerkt • Vind ik leuk

    Wim, The presentation of I Shot JFK was masterfully edited, and extremely compelling to all of the true facts that have ever been viewed above board. This was surely a summit of knowledge that will be considered as fact, as the beat goes on… Congrats Wim, you scored a huge victory tonight, well deserved my friend…(Lansky)…

  4. Wim Dankbaar zegt:


    Je kunt de special hier live bekijken, volgende is om 16:00 uur Nederlandse tijd.

    Zondag om middernacht en 8:00 PM = 6 uur ’s ochtends en 2 uur ’s nachts Nederlandse tijd.

    • Paula Ponzi zegt:

      Ik heb het uitzendschema gevonden, nu nog even omrekenen naar lokale tijd hier in den vreemde. Ik zie dat het een half uur duurt: kom jij ook nog in beeld, Wim? Hoe ben jij hier eigenlijk bij betrokken geraakt, wat is jouw aandeel hierin, sorry als ik naar de bekende weg vraag of als het ongepast is om dit te vragen, het is mij allemaal (nog) niet duidelijk.

      • Wim Dankbaar zegt:

        Het duurt een uur. Ik kom niet in beeld, behalve mijn naam bij de aftiteling als executive producer, Het is allemaal gesneden van mijn materiaal, vergaard over de afgelopen 11 jaar.

        You can take it to the bank that 99% of the viewers will find the James Files confession credible, once they see it. So rather if the confession is new, the approach should be: Why took it 20 years to show it on American television? Why is the american people not allowed by the media to form its own opinion on the assassination of their president? Why was this confession suppressed for so long?

        Let’s just assume that James Files is an obvious clown that is clearly making up a story. Then his confession would have been all over the news 20 years ago.


        • Paula Ponzi zegt:

          Dat is mooi, Wim, ik zag later ook dat het een uur duurt (foutje). Gisteren zat ik er, met behulp van een time-converter (18 uur tijdsverschil met waar ik woon), helemaal klaar voor, maar toen kwam er weer iets tussen aan mijn kant. Jammer dat het niet on-demand is, maar ik ga het vandaag nogmaals proberen.

  5. meret zegt:

    Zojuist de dokumentaire gezien. Lijkt me zo helder als glas. Ben het met hansjohn eens, maak ook een dokumentaire over Marianne van een uur of anderhalf uur. Met alleen de feiten waar jij zeker van weet dat je ze hard kan maken met twee onafhankelijk van elkaar verklarende getuigen of dokumenten. Hiermee kan je een deel van de schade die is ontstaan door de onjuistheden in het boek teniet doen en je naam rehabiliteren. Je hebt veel video en geluidsfragmenten die overtuigen. Probeer ook van de drie kluisverklaarders beeld of geluidsmateriaal te krijgen. Desnoods tegen een onkostenvergoeding voor de verklaarders.

  6. hansjohn zegt:

    Ik heb n.a.v. dit topic nog eens stukjes uit de Peter R de Vries afleveringen bekeken: wat Zack …? FBI in de tweede aflevering zegt, geldt net zo voor de ‘zaak’ Vaatstra. Daar moet Peter r nog maar eens goed naar kijken en luisteren.

  7. cobra zegt:

    peter r de vries de papegaai van het OM

  8. hansjohn zegt:

    (Delen van) deze documentaire zijn toch ook ooit uitgezonden door Peter R de Vries?

  9. hansjohn zegt:


    Moet wel even weer helemaal omschakelen; sinds ik Peter R van de “Vaatstrakant” heb leren kennen, kijk ik anders naar ‘m . 😐

  10. hansjohn zegt:

    (Nederlandse) docu helemaal bekeken!
    Diverse uitspraken van Peter R gehoord, die net zo van toepassing zijn voor ‘de Vaatstra zaak’.

    De wikipediapagina nog even bijwerken? http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Shot_JFK

  11. Paula Ponzi zegt:

    Waanzinnig mooie docu (heb ook de NL’se versie gekeken). Stel je voor dat je nu net zo’n mooie docu maakt over de Vaatstra-zaak, wat zal uitgerekend PRdV daar de P in hebben.

    Over de JFK-docu, een klein vraagteken waarmee ik achterblijf: heeft helemaal niemand James Files gezien dan, toen die daar zat en schoot met zijn geweer, achter dat hekje.

  12. Wim Dankbaar zegt:

    Onder meer Lee Bowers, de man in de railroad tower heeft een man beschreven die voldoet aan het signalement van Files:



  13. Christian Riem zegt:

    Lyndon was een zeer dominante man. Op 21.11.63 werd hem de vraag gesteld hoelang hij zich de pesterijen van de Kennedy’s nog zou laten welgevallen.

    Hij antwoordde toen, en daar zijn getuigenissen van, ‘ach, na morgen is het voorbij’.

    Files’getuigenis lijkt mij waar. Temeer omdat hij een redelijke verklaring voor de moord op Tippet had. De huls en de knoll wisten we al.

    Maar Johnson, waar blijft die? Zijn latere politiek leek mij een compensatie-uiting van een slecht geweten, zoals Lou de Jong dat was omdat door zijn toedoen een joodse buurman zijn rechtmatige taxi naar Ijmuiden niet kon nemen (Lou pakte hem af) en die later vergast is.

    Johnson moordenaar. Jaha, na vandaag mag het.

    Jouw beurt, Wim.

  14. Christian Riem zegt:

    Johnson was onderdeel van het complot. Hij versprak zich de dag voor de moord. Meerdere getuigen hebben dit gehoord.

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