The Three Tramps


The first picture of the “three tramps”. Note that Holt’s face  is not visible. He made an effort not to be photographed, but could not avoid the camera on all photos. Note also the relaxed attitude of the police officers. The three men are clearly not under arrest, but rather escorted to the sheriff’s station, as if they are collegue undercover  agents, exactly as Holt said.

Note the shadows in a diagonal 45 degree angle with the north-south line. At the time of the assassination these shadows were almost in line with the north south line. This means that approximately 2 hours have passed since the assassination, exactly as Holt said. It is irrefutable proof that these men are not the three tramps, Abrams, Doyle and Gedney, who all said they were arrested within minutes after the shooting.

A close up shows that the ear is an exact match for Chauncey Holt.

Note how Holt makes a strange face. He said he did this to make himself less recognizable. He looks distressed and worn out from the car trip from Tucson, Arizona.

Note that the men are all clean shaven and clothed. They are clearly not tramps.


Note that Holt manages again to hide behind Charles Harrelson. The crowds have gone, indicating it is well after the assassination.

Note the distinctive gait of Holt with his feet directed outward. He developed this walk as a rope dancer in the circus.


Note the shadows again, the lack of people, as well as the new cars parked on Houston Street where the motorcade had passed at 12:35 PM. The time of the photo is about 14:30 PM, well  after the assassination. Imagine the time would have been right after the assassination, with the crowds still present. There would have been many more pictures taken of this remarkable event, three mysterious guys being marched by the police right after the murder of the president.

 The last photograph taken. Again, Holt is obstructed from view behind Harrelson.

Below are pictures of the motorcade on Main Street, only minutes before the assassination. Click on the photos to enlarge. Note how the shadows are alsmost 90 degrees with Main Street, and thus almost parallel with Houston Street.

At the time of the tramps photos the shadows have moved a good 30 degrees. From almost straight with Houston street  to 45 degrees with Houston street.  90 degrees is 6 hours,  30 degrees is 2 hours .






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