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International Press Release

5000 euro reward offered in Demmink connected murder case

Murder victim Marianne Vaatstra

Dutch investigative publicist Wim Dankbaar has offered a 5000 euro reward on his weblog for what looks to be on the surface a rather simple task: Getting answers on 6 questions he has asked the Dutch public prosecution office.

Justice boss Joris Demmink

The questions are related to the unsolved 1999 murder case of 16 year old Marianne Vaatstra. Her body was found in a grassland in the north of Holland. She had been tied up, raped (anally and vaginally), strangled and her throat was slit with a knife.  The only trace of the culprits was a sperm seamen sample left on her brutally slain body. The case is one of the most publicized murder cases of The Netherlands. It is big in the news right now, since the Dutch justice department has recently approved a grand DNA investigation in which 8000 males are called upon to give their DNA.

A farce?

According to Dankbaar this expensive investigation is all a big farce to brainwash the public with seemingly good intentions to solve the case, meanwhile covering up the truth of what really happened. Dankbaar states without reservations that Marianne was abducted, gang raped and murdered by Kurdish asylum applicants from a nearby asylum center, her body dumped in a meadow after the deed. Reading through his 6 questions the rest of his claims become apparent in a shocking Ludlum-like scenario: Three of the provably befriended asylum seekers were secretly brought out of sight of the investigation by top officials in the justice department itself within days after the murder, while the justice department was assuring the public that there were no indications to suspect asylum seekers.

Dankbaar is disgusted, along with Marianne’s mother,  with the recently changed scenario that the justice department has presented as the most likely one:  Sixteen year old Marianne supposedly had a secret rendez-vous in the middle of nowhere and the night with a secret lover, deceiving her own boy friend whom she had kissed goodbye minutes before, to have voluntary sex in a meadow, ending in her raged double rape and murder. The justice department claims it must have been a local resident that she knew, but has not been found until this very day, despite interviewing Marianne’s friends, siblings and parents: “This scenario is insulting anyone’s intelligence, the victim herself and her parents”, says a furious Dankbaar.  “Moreover, they are leaving out that Marianne had her period. This scenario is illustrative for the fact they are lying to cover up what they know since day one!”

Dankbaar’s truth

In Dankbaar’s scenario, supported by ample evidence,  one of the culprits, Iraqi Kurdish Ali Hassan, most likely the owner of the sperm trace, was secretly expelled and flown out off the country  to Norway. The other two were secretly parked in local detention centers until the storm had blown over, meaning until the justice department had convincingly deceived the public by “excluding” the asylum seekers as the culprits. Part of this scheme was arresting a namesake of Ali Hassan in Istanbul, Turkey, take his DNA and tell the public it did not match the sperm trace. It has become quite clear however,  that this man was not the Ali Hassan sought  after, the man that had disappeared without a trace since the murder. When shown on television by a commercial broadcaster who interviewed the man in Turkey after his arrest, no employee from the asylum center recognized him as the “escaped” Ali Hassan they knew. It was clearly a different man they had never seen. Their declarations to the police are kept hidden to this very day. The other two asylum seekers were later given a residence permit and regularly housed in The Netherlands, as recently confirmed by the minister of Justice, answering questions from a member of parliament.

Dankbaar further states that the only top official who had the power, means and motive to arrange and direct this cover-up, is the current secretary-general of the Justice department, Mr. Joris Demmink, who has been accused of sexual child abuse and other crimes for over a decade. At the time of the murder, as Mr. Demmink’s public CV shows, he was the Director General of International Affairs and Immigration, as such the top boss heading up the asylum centers and immigration services, enabling him to order extraditions and detentions of immigrants,  if he deemed it necessary under secrecy.

Dankbaar can only speculate about Demmink’s exact motive for this alleged crime,  if true indeed of incredible and extraordinary proportions. He suspects that the murderers, or people associated with them, had compromising inside knowledge about Demmink’s misdeeds, destroying his career if exposed, enabling them to pressure Demmink into a swift and secret cover-up of the true facts. Dankbaar elaborates: “For example, it was common knowledge among personel of the asylum center  that one of them, Feik Mustafa, who had threathened Marianne two weeks before her death making a gesture as if slitting her throat, had been seriously sexually abused in his homeland. It’s not a far stretch to entertain the thought he was one of Demmink’s toyboys. The motive isn’t that important at this stage, what matters is that Demmink’s obstruction of justice was done and can be proven.”

Dankbaar cites further evidence from the circumstance that all the facts he uncovered, some of which the justice department was recently forced to admit, have never been made known to the public and are still suppressed today. “Moreover, I can freely and publicly accuse Mr. Demmink of this crime without opposition or even a reaction”. Indeed, this has been exactly what Dankbaar has done in an open letter to Mr. Demmink, that has been on the Internet for more than two years. Any reader can express support for the letter in a poll, with a 95% favorable result so far.

The danger of the Demmink conspiracy

“The danger to our society of Mr. Demmink heading our justice department, stretches much farther than his addiction to rape minority age boys”, says Dankbaar. “He abuses his power to obstruct the course of  justice,  to the extent of protecting disgusting rapists and murderers  and convicting innocent people for life,  just because he needs to protect his own crimes. What we know of that, is the tip of the iceberg. The conspiracy to protect Mr. Demmink, lies in the fact that it’s not just his own ass on the line. The careers and reputations of at least 4 ministers  of justice are at stake, some of them appointed by and advisors to the Queen. They have always denied the allegations against Mr. Demmink and refused to seriously investigate the preponderance of the available evidence. In fact, the credibility of our entire justice system is at risk.”

Dankbaar finds it a saddening state of affairs that his relevant questions, also asked on behalf of Marianne’s  mother,  are ignored by the justice department and simply not answered. Recently his findings were given some exposure by two Dutch newspapers,  to which a spokeswoman of the justice department was quick to respond without elaborating: “It is all sheer nonsense!”

Dankbaar’s comment: “They are scared shitless that it gets more exposure from other media. This is the only reaction they can give, without explanation. Especially Demmink and his pals are peeing their pants. With growing  interest from abroad into this scandal they worry they can’t keep covering it up forever.  They are especially worried they have to explain away the evidence I have uncovered. Because it can’t be done! Is it not sad that I now have to offer a reward to induce the media to get answers? So far I have not been able to find  a reporter or TV maker that even dares to ask these questions. It’s a sad advertisement for our so called free and independent media. They appear to be either afraid for the justice department or controlled by them. They don’t  don’t even try to explain why they don’t do it, there is just silence. Meanwhile they whine that no stone should be left unturned to solve this case. I wonder if there are still fellow publicists out there who have the moral and guts to free themselves of this hypocrisy.”

JFK investigation

Dankbaar, originally a co-founder/director  of IT firm, says conspiracies are of all times and places: “Take the doping scandal around Lance Armstrong for example and realize how many people knew about it”.  He does not care if people call him a conspiracy theorist. “That comes with the package. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t  enter the kitchen. I have no theories, all I have is facts!” Interestingly, Dankbaar’s main preoccupation has been his own investigation into the murder of president  John F. Kennedy, whose assassination a majority of Americans now believe was a conspiracy, involving the mafia, Cuban exiles and rogue elements of the CIA, covered up by President Johnson’s Warren Commission and his friend FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who denied the existence of Organized Crime because “Chairman of the Mob” Meyer Lansky   had pictures of him giving his deputy director Clyde Tolson a blow job. Joris Demmink’s nickname, given by Dankbaar, is “The J. Edgar Hoover of The Netherlands”.

He has produced his findings on his website as well as in several documentaries. The most startling piece of evidence is Dankbaar’s interview with inmate James E. Files who confessed in ultimate detail how he was the grassy knoll gunman who fired the fatal shot into the president’s right temple. Dankbaar says this story is likewise kept hidden and suppressed from the public by government agencies and their well paid media assets: “Breaking through this wall of government lies and supression is an immense and maybe impossible task. ”


Over Wim Dankbaar

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