Kamervragen Hero Brinkman + New facebook group about the murder of Marianne Vaatstra:


These questions show a multitude of astonishing facts with undeniable conclusions. Some of them in random order:

– Feik Mustafa tried to hide his role in the murder by threatening witnesses who informed the police about him.

– By doing so, Feik Mustafa has essentially admitted his involvement in the murder.

– Feik Mustafa can count on protection by our justice system, keeping silent all incriminating facts and secretly relocating him to another  asylum center.

-The only person who could have ordered and authorized his relocation, was Mr. Joris Demmink as the director of immigration affairs, responsibe for dutch asylum centers.

– The justice system fooled the public by deliberately arresting another suspect, falsely claiming that it was Feik’s friend Ali Hassan, in order to get both of them off the hook.

New facebook group about the murder of Marianne Vaatstra:


Let me start with this recent article.




As I will show Mr. Demmink is intimately connected to the cover-up of the case, responsible for secretly smuggling away the rapists/murderers of Marianne Vaatstra.

David, Bob, Phil, Bruce, Ken, Joe,

David asked what the objective is. So I will try to explain.

Part of the objective is to make foreign media aware of the scandal playing here in The Netherlands. It’s really an insane situation. The top guy of our justice department since 2002 , Mr. Joris Demmink, is a known and proven pedophile. But he can’t be legally convicted, because his department fights off all charges against him. Most of these charges are complaints from just a small part of his former victims, now adults, then young boys of minority age. There have been at least 4 charges filed against him, for example 3 from Turkish men that he sexually abused in the 1990’s during his many trips to Turkey as a representative of our government. However, with the power structure in place to protect Demmink, none of these detailed filings lead to indictments or prosecution. His subordinates do not even dare say that the accusations are not true, they just say that the evidence is not strong enough to justify an investigation, let alone prosecution. Some of the more honest law enforcers admit that “their hands are tied”.

Demmink himself has denied, through his attorney, that he has been in Turkey after 1988. Can you believe it? Despite the preponderance of the evidence to the contrary, I guess the public still wants to accept that the Director of International and Immigration affairs, which Demmink was up to 2002 when he became the Secretary General, never visited the country that provides us the vast majority of immigrants. We even accept that when you ask, under the law of public governance, for the travel itinerary of Demmink during the nineties, it is refused with the illegal excuse of privacy sensitive information.


It’s actually somewhat comparable with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who was blackmailed by his friends in the mob to deny organized crime, because they had compromising pictures of him giving a blow job to his second in command Clyde Tolson. On the other hand Hoover assembled compromising files on anyone who threatened his position, including John Kennedy, and was powerful enough to successfully cover up the coup d état of his assassination with Lyndon Johnson and the rest of their elite friends on the Warren Commission, appointed by them.
The next problem is that our national media do not report a single word on this outrage, thereby essentially assisting the current situation. They never tell you why they refuse to take up their responsibility, so we can only assume that they find the potato too hot to handle or are fearful of whatever retaliation by the justice department with the monopoly to prosecute people, even with fake charges if they deem it necessary.

I am certain it would be very different if it would concern a top guy of another department. If you think about it, is really absurd. If IMF boss Strauss Kahn is accused of sexually assaulting one single room maid, he is arrested by an army of police, transported to prison in a motorcade with yelling sirens, and headlines fill the front pages all over the world. But if our top justice guy is accused by multiple victims of raping them at minority age, everybody remains silent. Meanwhile our government is preaching about the need to fight and forbid pedophiles and increase their sentences. I am still waiting for somebody to explain to me how you can do that if the responsible department is headed by an accused pedophile. Hypocrisy and fear rule in The Netherlands, making justice the victim. It is really no wonder that The Netherlands is the world trade center of international child abuse.

The Strauss Kahn case proves that it is not necessary to legally prove guilt to make a scandal. Just like many other similar scandals in the United States or the UK. Only the accusation is more than sufficient. Yet in Holland we don’t seem to care that the boss of the organization that holds others accountable for their misdeeds, is under prolonged virtual indictment himself. Some MP’s and journalists use the flawed excuse that Mr. Demmink has never been convicted, which is supposedly why they keep their mouths shut. But they are conveniently neglecting the fact that Mr. Demmink heads the department that should bring him to trial. Likewise they are neglecting the fact that Mr. Demmink may not have been convicted of the charges brought against him, but he is certainly accused of them!
I ask you: Which self-respecting MP allows that the head of Justice of the government they represent or are supposed to control, is being connected to child abuse, repeatedly and for over a decade?

Apparently and unfortunately, a lot of them do. Which is why Mr. Demmink has remained rather anonymous, despite being the most powerful man of our Ministery of Justice, effectively more powerful than the minister himself, who is elected for a maximum of only 4 years. In other words, ministers come and go, Mr. Demmink stays, now for over 10 years, as his position is an appointed one, not an elected one.

Back to the objective, I would like you and others to make foreign media aware of the above information with the proposal to learn more. That is also why I encourage using the english language for those who master it. Because I have grown convinced that the only way to tackle this absurd situation, and break the wall of silence and suppression, is to spread this information and/or interest foreign media to ring the bell and put the spotlights on it. Our own national media and even parliament, forsake their task.
In a later article I will show that the corruption in the higher echelons of justice does not remain confined to Mr. Demmink’s disgusting habit, but leads to many other atrocities and injustices because of his blackmailable position. Innocent people are convicted and locked away for life for example, with provably falsified evidence, just because the truth would lead to exposure of Demmink’s crimes. The Baybasin case is a good example of that. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%BCseyin_Bayba%C5%9Fin

But the main case for publishing and proving Demmink’s guilt, whether in a courtroom or not, is his role in the cover up of the infamous murder of Marianne Vaatstra, wherein he personally and secretly smuggled her two rapist murderers out of the sight of justice, to live free and happily ever after. Just because they had something on him that cannot bear the light of day. Can you imagine a greater scandal? Can you actually believe it? Don’t worry, I can and will show that he did just that. Stay tuned and meanwhile ask yourself why I can say and have been saying this publicly, without being opposed by Mr. Demmink and his confederates, neither by a simple denial neither by charges for libel and slander. The answer is: Because they know it’s the truth, provable when push comes to shove. They just hope I can’t get a bigger audience, which is thus exactly what I will attempt.


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