Lee Harvey Oswald and Frank Sturgis

This is a fragment of an old Italian documentary from 1969, titled “I due Kennedy”, or “The Two Kennedy’s”. The director was Gianni Bisiach and it never aired  in the United States. The makers never realized that they have actually included a fragment obtained from a stock footage library, depicting Lee Harvey Oswald and CIA agent Frank Sturgis.

I discovered the fragment in 2003 with Jim Marrs, on a old VHS tape. I recognized Frank Sturgis at once, but it was  Jim Marrs who saw that the other man was Lee Harvey Oswald. So we showed the fragment to his girl friend Judyth Vary Baker, who confirmed him immediately with excitement and without hesitation.

Recently I found that Two Kennedy’s is also uploaded on Youtube. It provides the Sturgis/Oswald fragment in better quality, thus also a more positive identification. The time is 1:04:50:


The viewer needs to understand the clip is actually two clips, two moments apart, separated by a cut in the film. The first segment is a clip of the whole group, likely all members of Operation 40.

The woman is Marita Lorenz. Her boyfriend was Frank Sturgis (of Watergate fame) at the time.

Lee Oswald is the man behind the man with the gun. He is facing the man with the cap (I believe this is Lee’s friend David Ferrie).

Lee has his jacket on , he looks toward the camera, you can see a little more than half of his face. He then turns his head and bows down to pick something up.

This is the later clip, filmed moments after the first:

Lee is the man on the left. He has taken his jacket off and is listening to Frank Sturgis (with pistol)

Needless to say, these few seconds film blow the official  story away. Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone nut with no connections to anyone.

Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the CIA and associated with known CIA assets like Franks Sturgis, one of the later burglars in Watergate.

To see the still frames of this film click here.

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  2. Laura CULLEN zegt:

    There is another, unidentified, person in the film and the individual photos (very easily seen, not identified, even appears deliberately positioned to obscure ID). Who is person & why no ID??


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