Was Geithner drunk when he said this?

I could not believe my eyes, when I just saw this coming on the wires:

Geithner: US not lecturing Europe on debt

Associated Press, 09.16.11, 06:30 AM EDT

WROCLAW, Poland (AP) — U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has told eurozone finance officials the U.S. is not trying to lecture them on their debt crisis.

Geithner said that “we still have our challenges in the United States” and that “our politics are terrible… maybe worse than they are in many parts of Europe.”

The U.S. finance chief said that given the challenges the U.S. faces, “we’re not in a particularly strong position to provide advice to all of you.”

He’s attending his first-ever eurozone meeting as officials try to find ways to keep Europe’s debt crisis from hurting the broader economy.

Is this really a true press release by the Associated Press? May we really accept that the chief financial advisor comes to Europe to calm down the markets, with billions of dollar injections, to avoid financial panic, to regain trust in the system …….. only to basically confess to his European  collegues that he doesn’t know it anymore? That the US is in an even bigger mess? If so, was he drunk? Did he lose his mind? Did he have a blackout in honesty?

Well, it is certainly on the wires:


But why is it no breaking news? I am truly flabbergasted.

If Berlusconi says something about the ass of Merkel, it’s all over the news, but if the US finance boss says that american politics and finance are a mess worse than Europe, nobody reacts…

I do not understand. Do you?

Why did no one make headlines like these?

Geithner:  US is a bigger mess than Europe

EU summit: Geithner admits he doesn’t have a solution

Treasury Secretary blunders at Poland summit.

Normally this would trigger the very panic that the US wants to prevent, for which purpose they sent Geithner over.

Sometimes I think:  “Maybe I am the one that’s crazy”.  But after some reflection, I see how the “Presstitutes” operate.

The thing is: We are headed for a crash, an economic meltdown worse than the one we saw two years ago.

Now they even start slinging mud at each other. On sunday the Greek finance minister was biting the hand that’s feeding him in this statement:

“It is very crucial that Greece protects itself against such a tense background. We should not be the scapegoat or the easy excuse that will be used by European and international institutions in order to hide their own lack of competence to manage the crisis and give a definitive and complete answer to the attacks against euro, the world’s strongest currency.”

It also just hit me why Warren Buffett proposed a tax increase on millionaires and billionaires. And why Obama took Buffett’s proposal over. Both men have much more to lose with a financial meltdown that they both see coming. They KNOW there is no way out of this debt hole. If I can see it, they can see it. So every measure to reassure the markets that it might work out after all, is proposed. The only problem is that the GOP needs to approve them through Congress. Why would they do that if they don’t want Obama to win the next elections?


Over Wim Dankbaar

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