Please make a movie!

I received this email, which I think is worthwhile for publication, with permission.

From: Filiberto Urias

Sent: zaterdag 28 mei 2011 0:55

To: Wim Dankbaar

Subject: Please make a movie!

Dear Wim:

I have gone through all of the material you sent me as well as most of the info on your website, and I believe your meticulous organization and documentation far surpass the “beyond a reasonable doubt” level of guilt used in courts for the rest of us. I believe your work will be recorded as one of the most important in history! However, due to media censorship, I believe it is extremely important to find another way to efficiently reveal these truths to the American people. Napoleon Bonaparte is reported to have said, “It is not necessary to censor the news. It is sufficient to delay it until it no longer matters.” I hope we have not already reached the point where the absolute coup of the American presidency “no longer matters.” The point that I have not seen made or emphasized is that the most critical issue of our time is NOT whether a US president was overthrown and a puppet installed in his place back in the 1960’s.

The point is that if this occurred (as all the evidence indicates that it did), then this control over all subsequent puppets allowed to reach the US presidency CONTINUES TO THIS DAY! And this actually explains a lot of things. For your own information, the specific details of precisely how ALL US presidents as well as those of many other countries continue to be controlled as well as how they receive their orders from a secret “elite” is documented by survivors of mind control in books such as, “TRANCE Formation of America,” “A Nation Betrayed,” and “Thanks For the Memories.” Another main point that needs to be emphasized is whether agents of government, media, and other interests attempting to debunk conspiracy “theories” – which end up being proven to be conspiracy “facts,” such as the US government’s assassination of JFK – should be identified and discredited. Doing so would allow the real investigations of other suspected government assassinations, drug trafficcing, false flag operations, and other criminal actions to surface? Some of the most famous examples include RFK, MLK, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, JFK Jr., OKC Bombing, Flight 800, Paul Wellstone, the USS Liberty, 911, etc., but there are a lot more!

We will never be free until we can convince perpetrators within our government that they will be held accountable for their crimes! One of the things that most struck me as I was going through your material is that this would make one hell of a great movie!! I know that the same idea must have already occurred to you and many others. I also believe that you have already done much more than can be expected from a single individual. Therefore, I am merely adding my voice to the chorus of others in the wish that this idea of making a movie begins to grow in someone with the means and the opportunity to make this a reality. It is unfortunate that movies are about the only thing people still pay attention to, which makes this the most effective way of educating the public about this, as opposed to through a documentary. One way to do this would be through a work of fiction with a general title such as, “The Last Day of Democracy.”

It could mainly follow the life of James Files including how it crossed paths with mafia bosses and his CIA handler. Cinematic techniques could be used similar to that used in “Schindler’s List,” in which the black-and-white movie shows the progression of a typical unknown victim through a concentration camp by highlighting her dress by having it be the only one in color. Similarly, rather than simply specifying at the beginning of the movie, “This movie is based on actual events,” it could be added that, “Actual, provable events are specified in color. Additional information on these events is provided in the ‘Extras’ section of this DVD.” The assassination portion of the movie could be filmed in Dealey Plaza, and it could follow through to the coverup, some of the related assassinations, and Files’ eventual confession. I have no doubt that this will eventually be done. However, it is my sincere wish that this will be done while it still matters – and while the possibility still exists of obtaining cooperation from Files himself.

Wishing you the very best,

– Phil Urias


Over Wim Dankbaar

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Een reactie op Please make a movie!

  1. Mo zegt:

    Hoi Wim,

    Lijkt me dat deze mail wel goed staat op het prikbord bij bijvoorbeeld filmacademies?

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