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by Berny on March 29, 2011
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Plutonium found in soil at the Fukushima nuclear complex heightened alarm on
Tuesday over Japan‘s battle to contain the
world’s worst atomic crisis in 25 years, as pressure mounted on the prime
minister to widen an evacuation zone around the plant.

Some opposition lawmakers blasted Naoto Kan in parliament for his handling of
the disaster and for not widening the exclusion zone. Kan said he was seeking
advice on such a step, which would force 130,000 people to move in addition to
70,000 already displaced.

The drama at the six-reactor facility has compounded Japan’s agony after an
earthquake and tsunami on March 11 left more than 28,000 people dead or missing
in the devastated northeast.

In a gesture of support, France said it had sent two nuclear experts to Japan
to help contain the accident and French President Nicolas Sarkozy will visit on
Thursday for a meeting with Kan. 20 Million People at super high risk folks and they send TWO people under the toxic loud – you see no one wishes to GO because they KNOW.

France is the world’s most nuclear-dependent country, producing 75 percent of
its power needs from 58 nuclear reactors, and selling state-owned Areva’s
reactors around the world. Sarkozy will be the first foreign leader to visit
since the earthquake.

In the latest blow to hopes authorities were gradually getting the plant
under control, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co said plutonium was found at
low-risk levels in soil samples at the facility.
( It is never low risk. Plutonium in the soil will whip up in wind to the air – it got int he soil from the air – and in the air  one breath is all you need to be high risk. Again they lie ).

A by-product of atomic reactions and also used in nuclear bombs, plutonium is
highly carcinogenic and one of the most dangerous substances on the planet,
experts say.

They believe some of the plutonium may have come from spent fuel rods at
Fukushima or damage to reactor No. 3, the only one to use plutonium in its fuel
( How? Only if the containment wall was and is breached -and on more than one core reactor – we have no play book for this but seal the plant ).

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said while the plutonium levels
were not harmful to human health, the discovery could mean the reactor’s
containment mechanism had been breached.

Folks – any plutonium is harmful to human health – this is silly really.

“Plutonium is a substance that’s emitted when the temperature is high, and
it’s also heavy and so does not leak out easily,” agency deputy director
Hidehiko Nishiyama told a news conference.
SO it leaks out when the rods melt down into an unstoppable melt down pool of slag. They know if that has happened they just are not reporting it yet. They are planning on how to tell us and to keep the blame on the health aspects to 20 million Japanese under poliical control to preclude panic. To avoid having all ships and planes stop traveling into nation.

“So if plutonium has emerged from the reactor, that tells us something about
the damage to the fuel. And if it has breached the original containment system,
it underlines the gravity and seriousness of this accident.”
How serious is this? You just can not imagine. How serious.

Sakae Muto, a Tokyo Electric vice-president, said the traces of
plutonium-238, 239 and 240 were in keeping with levels found in Japan in the
past due to particles in the atmosphere from nuclear testing abroad.

“I apologize for making people worried,” Muto said.

Worry people. They should worry. They ARE worrying. All 20 million. They are reading my blog in record numbers to get the TRUTH. Everyone is emailing their Japanese friends and family to read my blog. The people require only the truth – their fear – is OF their nation lying to them – they are more afraid of their nation in shame then they are the issues they have to manage from the event – what is killing them and their babies are the lies and politics as ususal.

With towns on the northeast coast reduced to apocalyptic landscapes of mud
and debris following the quake and tsunami, more than a quarter of a million
people are homeless. The event may be the world’s costliest natural disaster,
with estimates of damage topping $300 billion.


Workers at Fukushima may have to struggle for weeks or months under extremely
dangerous conditions to re-start cooling systems vital to control the reactors
and avert total meltdown.

On Monday, highly contaminated water was found in concrete tunnels extending
beyond one reactor, while at the weekend radiation hit 100,000 times over normal
in water inside another.

That poses a major dilemma for Tokyo Electric, which wants to douse the
reactors to cool them, but not worsen the spread of radiation.
The reactors have melted down – those in melt down – are past cooling issues…..the others will have to be sealed for when you seal one you have to seal them all. Due to proximity. Many will die in this process if the worst continues.

Japan‘s nuclear safety agency
said fuel rods in the plant’s reactors 1, 2 and 3 were damaged and there was a
high possibility of some leakage from their containment vessels.
This means – the rods have melted into slag pools which are now reaction sustained – and the release from the plutonium melt down has occured through damaged breach to the containment wall – which when known required:

1. A mass evacuation of Japan itself with global support

2. A no ship or fly zone inside the kill zone save for – life donated heroic volunteers from throughout the world

3. Execution of a plan to bury the plants

4. World payment to the families of the effected hero’s

5. Mercy life graduations for those hero’s sacrificing to reduce their pain at the end – which comes quick

The leadership of shame is moving instead into debates while tens of millions remain in harms way…..hoping for the best and denying the worst is already here – politically this crises will shape the world for 1000 years – not because of what took place – but because of how the LEADERSHIP OF SHAME managed what took place.

The crisis, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986, has
contaminated vegetables and milk from the area, as well as the surrounding sea.
U.S. experts said groundwater, reservoirs and the sea all faced “significant

A Tokyo Electric official told a briefing he could not rule out the
possibility that radioactive water could still be entering the sea, though there
was no continuous flow.

Tokyo Electric has sought help from French companies including Electricite de
France SA and Areva SA.

French Ecology Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said on Tuesday that
experts from Areva and nuclear research body CEA had been sent to Japan “to
share our experience on pumping and the treatment of radioactive

As well as seeking help from France, Japan is also consulting the United

The government has declined to outline any specific plan for its nuclear
energy policy but said renewable energy would play an important role in




Experts have said the lack of information and some inconsistent data made it
hard to understand what was happening at Fukushima, which appears to have moved
from a core-meltdown phase to one in which management of released radioactivity
is paramount.
No one is “managing” the release of radioactivity. The truth is:

1. The worst case includes melt down of the active rods, and potential cooling pond rods now exposed to air above the core with breach of the containment vessel.

2. The worse case is here now.

3. We deny the worst case is here.

4. We have no plan.

5. We debate and blame game inside politics as usual.

We the people have to read and act – which is why I told Japanese families – GO ON VACATION and get OUT OF JAPAN while you still can – error on the side of caution for you and your family. They have no plan. They are lying to you. What more do you require. Even with the spin on press – do you not read between the lines in this report and see the way to read your own tea leaves? Saving lives is all this blog cares about. Today. Until this crises ends.

Another pressing concern has been the well-being of people living near the
plant. More than 70,000 people have been evacuated from within 20 km (12 miles)
of the facility. Greenpeace has found serious radiation in food an water 60 miles from the plant and spreading – the govenrment confirmed but did not report it.

But opposition MP Yosuke Isozaki blasted Kan for not ordering people living
between 20 km and 30 km (12-19 miles) from the plant to also leave.
Do you all see the distance of Greenpeace at 60 miles and their green light to live inside 20 miles?

“Is there anything as irresponsible as this?” Isozaki asked. ( The government of SHAME is indentified by its own people )

The 130,000 people living inside the wider zone have been encouraged — but
not ordered — to leave. ( they should have been ordered to leave as a precaution – period ). SHAME ON THE LEADERSHIP.

Environmental group Greenpeace has urged an extension of the 20-km evacuation
zone while the United States has recommended its citizens who live within 80 km
(50 miles) of the plant to leave or shelter indoors. We recommend the entire nation be evacuated based on wind and air problems – to error on caution. Remember we told you from day one here – what action to take. WE repeat that action as our first action plan – now seems prophetic.
Kan, leading Japan during its worst crisis
since World War Two, was already deeply unpopular and under pressure to resign
when the crisis began. They should put him in prison now – a huge uprising of the people is a good idea right now –

He repeatedly defended his decision to fly over the stricken nuclear site a
day after the quake, saying it had been important to see it for himself. His top
spokesman on Monday denied the visit had delayed operations to cool the
reactors, as some media had reported.
A FLY OVER ? With a warm meal? You have to  be kidding.

The crisis has also put enormous pressure on Tokyo Electric, criticised for
safety lapses and a slow disaster response. Its boss, Masataka Shimizu, has
barely been seen. Why is the small local town utility in charge of this crises all this time later? Why is the mitiliary and the best engineers in nation not totally in charge? To set up blame politically? Won’t work. Again the boss needs to be put in prison.

Keeep in mind the LEADERS OF SHAME have held back assuming responsibility or placing their military in charge – even today it is the tiny local power firm that is in charge of the entire crises – is it not given the life risk to 20 million lovely men women and children – worthy – of bringing in the adults now and telling the children ( the power company ) to go to their room.

I think it is time. Now.

Berny Dohrmann –


Over Wim Dankbaar

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14 reacties op Borrowed from

  1. wdankbaar zegt:


    Recent bericht:

    A new emission of smoke has been registered above the first reactor of Japan’s crippled Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant.
    The information comes from the plant’s operator, TEPCO.
    The plant’s workers were able to contain the smoking.
    At Wednesday’s press conference in Tokyo, Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet Yukio Edano recommended shutting all six of the plant’s reactors down after emergency work is completed.

    Weer de suggestie dat er iets te “completen” valt. Ik wil het ook graag geloven, maar ik vrees dat het waarschijnlijker is dat ze aanstonds allemaal staan te roken.

  2. wdankbaar zegt:

    Het meest gestoorde bericht is dat de centrales niet meer in gebruik zullen worden genomen. Men bedoelt dus: als we de zaak onder controle krijgen, nemen we ze niet meer in gebruik. Hiermede wordt de aandacht afgeleid van het feit dat ze d…e controle totaal hebben verloren en tegelijkertijd gesuggereerd dat het nog wel gaat lukken. En dat is wat we willen weten: Komt de zaak nog onder controle? Wie intereseert het nu wat of die centrales ooit nog in gebruik worden genomen? Het is de arts die niet durft te zeggen dat de patient terminaal is. Maar tegelijkertijd zegt: Als je beter bent, dan heb ik het juiste medicijn. Maar eerst beter worden! En het bizarre is dat de wereld het voor zoete koek slikt. Wellicht omdat er geen andere keus is en we de realiteit niet willen zien? Dan maar de arts geloven?

    Ze weten niet waar het radioactieve zeewater vandaan komt. Nou, dat weet een kind. Uit een gesmolten reactor, die steeds meer staat te lekken. Hieruit blijkt dus al dat ze de controle helemaal kwijt zijn. Het is hetzelfde als rook uit een huis zien komen, en dan zeggen: we weten niet of er brand is. Want waar rook is, hoeft geen vuur te zijn. En het enge is: Ik weet ook niet hoe dit te stoppen is, en ik ken ook niemand anders die het wel weet.

  3. Fleur zegt:

    Volgens de laatste berichten is er geen technicus meer te vinden die nog werkzaamheden aan de centrales wil doen.
    Of dit klopt zullen wij binnenkort wel merken aan de komende “nieuwsuitzendingen” van het journaal.
    Ik lees n.m nergens wat voor acties er nu nog gaande zijn bij de centrales….

  4. Fleur zegt:

    En de waanzin om weer miljoenen te besteden aan een intern conflict in Libië.
    Dat oorlogsgeld moet naar Japan!!

  5. wdankbaar zegt:

    Rook boven Fukushima II OSAKA – Uit een Japanse kerncentrale die ‘familie’ is van de verwoeste centrale Fukushima I, is woensdag rook opgestegen, berichtte de exploitant, de elektriciteitsmaatschappij Tepco. De rook kwam uit een gebouw van de kerncentrale Fukushima II, ruim 10 kilometer van de door een aardbeving en een tsunami uitgeschakelde centrale Fukushima I.

    Door de natuurrampen op 11 maart vielen de koeling en noodkoeling van Fukushima I uit, wat tot ontploffingen en vermoedelijk meltdowns leidde. De kerncentrale is praktisch opgegeven.

    Wat tot de rookontwikkeling bij Fukushima II leidde, is nog niet bekend. De plaatselijke brandweer heeft laten weten dat het geen vuur was. Er was alleen iets merkwaardigs aan de hand met de installaties, aldus een betrokkene.


    Tuurlijk! Rook zonder vuur! De Telegraaf schrijft het gewoon op! Slaap, kindje, slaap, ……..

  6. Rudolf Paul zegt:

    Op NuJij:

    Japan heeft de strijd om controle over kerncentrale verloren.

  7. Fleur zegt:


    De kernstaven worden niet (meer) gekoeld, men is gestopt met het zinloze sproeien met zeewater. De temperatuur van de staven lopen daardoor gevaarlijk op en zijn gedeeltelijk aan het smelten. De rookontwikkeling in Fukushima 11 duidt hierop. Vraag is of de boel zou kunnen ontploffen.
    Er is niemand meer aanwezig in dat dodelijke gebied. Ik vermoed dat er meer doden zijn gevallen dan openbaar wordt gemaakt.. Het laatste niews is n.m dat er morgen robots worden ingezet en ook hier is de vraag of dit het tijdelijke (!) gewenste resultaat zal opleveren.
    Zo ja, dan worden er wederom mensen ingezet die hun zelfmoordwerkzaamheden moéten voortzetten….!

  8. Fleur zegt:

    Deze situatie is voor de Japanse bevolking hartverscheurend. Mensen worden nu volledig aan hun lot overgelaten!!

  9. Fleur zegt:

    De enige oplossing die er nu nog over is, is de Japanse luchtmacht inschakelen om zand en beton op de centrales te droppen.
    Of er voldoende zand is in Japan weet ik niet, wel heb ik gelezen dat het zeker een maand duurt voordat Japan de juiste hoeveelheid beton in voorraad zou hebben.
    Het beton moet n.m van elders komen.
    Een maand dus waarop de centrales door kunnen gaan met hun dodelijke uitstoot..!

  10. wdankbaar zegt:

    De teneur is: We slaan de handen ineen om gezamenlijk de kernnramp te bestrijden. Voornamelijk “to discuss how to solve the crisis”. Maar NIEMAND kan zeggen hoe! En ondertussen loopt het alleen maar meer uit de klauw.

  11. Ruud Harmsen zegt:

    > Folks – any plutonium is harmful to human health – this is silly really.

    Plutonium is inderdaad erg rottig spul, erg gevaarlijk en ongezond. Maar hoe en wat precies, dat hangt heel erg van de situatie af. Zoals zo vaak zijn die zaken weer behoorlijk ingewikkeld. Lees dit eens:

    637 woorden technisch Engels, van een flink lastig niveau. Maar wel zeer belangrijk en te weten en begrijpen wil je enigszins een mening kunnen vormen.

    Ook de volgende hoofdstukken, Criticality potential en Flammability zijn zeer belangwekkend. had ik zelf nog niet gelezen, maar lijkt me ook heel relevant.

  12. Voyager zegt:

    En dan te bedenken dat Simon Roosendaal, van NRC, bij Pauw en Witteman vertelt dat het aantal Chernobyl doden en slachtoffers toch wel mee viel en we vooral op nucleaire energie moeten blijven inzetten. Wat een verstand. Als je bedenkt dat we sinds jaren bang worden gemaakt met verhalen over terroristen, die met een zogenaamde vuile bom, een wereldstad onbewoonbaar zouden kunnen maken. Maak dan de borst maar nat, want dan is de Fukushima ramp er een veelvoud van.


  13. wdankbaar zegt:

    Dit is illustratief hoe men erover denkt:

    After hearing that, Hessle decided to focus his worries on catching fish instead of breathing iodine-131. His fellow fisherman, Ivan Hogan, wasn’t concerned at all.

    “Well if they’re not dropping dead over in Japan, why should I be concerned thousands of miles away from me?” Hogan asked.

    Diederik Samson meldde gisteren op facebook dat het zeewater nu 60 miljoen (!) keer de normale achtergrond was.

    Diederik Samsom
    Zeewaterbesmetting rond centrale is nu rond 250.000 Bq/l. Zestig miljoen maal achtergrondniveau. Onbekend hoe ver besmetting zich uitstrekt

    Weet iemand hoe lang een mens daar in kan zwemmen? En vissen?

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