Emailing prosecuters of Luis Posada

From: Wim Dankbaar []
Sent: maandag 7 maart 2011 12:07
To: ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Posada Carriles

 Dear Mr. Teresinski,

 Did you know that Luis Posada was on Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed?

 If you want to make him lie under oath, you should ask him this question. He will answer something like this: 

The Miami Herald, where Alfonso Chardy and Oscar Corral are covering the story, wrote: Although he wouldn’t answer questions about allegations he participated in several terrorist acts, he readily rejected rumors that he was in Dallas on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. 

“Let me answer that,” he told his attorney. “I was pumping gas dressed as a lieutenant of the American Army in Fort Benning [Georgia] when that happened,” he said. “How was I going to be in Dallas? What’s going on is that they blame me for everything.” 


Under oath this answer amounts to perjury.


Wim Dankbaar

PS: The explosives for the airline bombing came from the Falcondo Mining Company in Bonao, Dominican Republic.

You could also ask him if he knew David Atlee Phillips personally. If he denies, that’s another lie. Mr. Phillips was the  CIA mastermind of the JFK assassination, the coup in Chile, as well as the 1976 assassination of Orlando Letelier (along with Mr. William Buckley) and probably also directed the Cuban airline bombing.


Back to the other point that I want to clear up. Bob Vernon had all of my papers, including the original manuscript and my notes for “To Kill A Country,” and he gave them to at that time, “warden Godinez” who is now the D.D. for the D.O.C. And in writing, I had it plainly stated the Orlando Letelier was killed by a bomb, that had the explosives transported by me, to Buckley, and Michael Townley put the bomb in his car, a Chevy Nova, if my memory is correct and the car exploded in front of the Chilean Embassy on Sheridan Circle, better known as Embassy Row. The explosives came from the Falcondo Mining Co. and they were 60 per-cent strength dynamite, that is referred to as “engineering explosives.” The man that I shot was sitting in the back seat of the limo when I pulled my .45 and shot the S.O.B. and yes, I ticked off a lot of people. But he was Russian, he was not a Chilean. Bob had all of the paperwork on all of this. Bob knows what I had down in writing and I even had the route that he, Orlando Letelier, took to work that morning. Ronnie Moffit and Michael Moffit were in the car with him. She was killed, but Michael survived it. Please tell them to get their facts straight. I know what I said.

I will never believe that the US government will seriously prosecute Luis and/or Orlando Bosch. This judge Kathleen Cardone is in the pockets of the powers that be.

They will postpone and delay prosecution untill 82 year old Luis is dead. Mark my words!

Mistrial motion leads to new delay in Posada perjury trial

What a sham!



Over Wim Dankbaar

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2 reacties op Emailing prosecuters of Luis Posada

  1. WakuWaku zegt:

    Mmm, wat is t doel van dit artikel/mailtje zonder toelichting m.b.t. misstanden in de rechterlijke en bestuurlijke macht ?

    Je gaat toch niet dezelfde kant op als Kat 🙂 [die intussen steeds meer de weg lijkt kwijt te zijn …] ?

  2. wdankbaar zegt:

    De toelichting staat in de email.

    En twee artikels terug. Dat het hier een misstand in de rechterlijke en bestuurlijke macht betreft, behoeft nog betoog?

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